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      Post your photographs and discussions on photographing watches and photography in general.

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      If you want to post off topic subjects not covered in other sub-forums this is the place. For more serious or risque topics or to let off steam please use the Free Talk sub-forum

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    • Should be on a snake skin strap.
    • This one does it all by itself.  
    • Morning, Today it’ll be this sorely abused 1940s Mentor made by Bader & Hafner of Holderbank, Switzerland. It runs on the workhorse Baumgartner 800 which came with various jewel counts, this one claiming 15 and with some token blue-ing to the click spring and screw heads. Fancy biscuits, indeed. Incidentally, the Mentor brand was the subject of an “Honour’s Topics” in 2017, as seen here: https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/111816-mentor-watches-a-history-uncovered/&tab=comments#comment-1177699 Regards.
    • Ah! Excellent site! From what I was able to learn serial number 27842 is dated 1855. So my serial number 27189 was probably made previous to that year. So them being less than 1000 apart can I assume it is probably 1850-1855 production? Also the description of two movements in that serial range are: “Liverpool runner, 17 jewel; exposed set-up; table” and “17 jewel; table or Massey”   Is my movement similar tho those descriptions?   So also according to that site the original Joseph Johnson lived 1780-1827. Only 47 when he passed but I guess a little of him is in every one of those watches! He had a son also named Joseph Johnson who lived 1808-1836. Only 28! There is a third Joseph Johnson that is listed as the grandson of the original Joseph He lived 1821-1862 41 years old. Reminds us how good we have things now. Three hard working family gentlemen and none of the lived to 50. So if my era is the 1850’s then it probably would have been the third generation Joseph Johnson. As you noted it was likely exported from Liverpool as a bare movement. That would explain the Seymour Hoyt case from Brooklyn. He worked in 1817-1865 as a silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker in New York. As far as I have been told the watch was my Great, great grandfathers he lived 1862-1920 in New York. However the engraving on the back doesn’t seem to match his initials, AZ. So is possible it may go back another generation? Was it common for people to buy watches second hand with someone else’s initials engraved? Him being born at least 7 years after the movement being made raises a unique set of questions that may never be answered.    Thank you very much for finding that page, it answers a lot of my questions. 
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