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    • Let's compare apples and apples: eBay charges a 10% margin to the seller and nothing to the buyer.  Chrono splits the charges to both the buyer and the seller which is smaller to each party but a higher aggregate vs eBay.  But my view is So what? It's a more comprehensive service than eBay and why on earth shouldn't they charge for their services?
    • Crikey, that's an instant collection I really like that Omega, looks good on that strap.
    • Late entry as I've been out and about today. Had this guy in step.  Omega Seamaster. 
    • You have clearly never sold on ebay then... whats that cost?   I think 13% when last I checked. Besides... filter the results then order cheapest first.   Unless you are buying something really obscure the first entries are going to be competitive. If you want cheaper then go to their premises and try to make a purchase outside the platform for a discount but if you want safety 5% is the cost to pay. I'll add that the thread on IWC the other day the OP thought £10,500 was a good price and a chrono24 search took £4000 off that before negotiation.    I reject the idea it is more expensive than anywhere else... it has a mix, some cheap and some expensive.   I have certainly had some bargains off there.
    • 5% premium is expensive. They are basically an organised online selling platform. I might be wrong but 5% for an online selling platform is the highest.  Thats not my point though. Sellers are organising themselves and selling watches priced as a "chrono" average and not a "sellers" average. Chrono is being forwarded as "the" place to buy from and some people who do not necessarily scrutinise all available options are drawn in thinking it is some kind of premium watch sales platform when its just 'a' sales platform. Theres a whole lot of sellers price creep happening on the site and that's the main reason I find it expensive.  It has its benefits, I won't deny that but if I'm going to buy something approaching £1000 I'm going to have a good look around before I give money to Chrono.
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