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    • Still the Baby Dreadnought for me.
    • "A tiny amount of tax" shows you are removed from reality...   First you chose Rolex, then you chose secondhand watches then you limit yourself to "company tax on profits" Try looking at the bigger picture.   Its like a fruit machine that proudly claims "92.5% payout" which is an accurate figure if money wasn't continually cycled through it until it dwindles down to nothing. The same is true of the economy...  getting taxed 40% on your wages and then spending the money on stuff that has 20% VAT on it so that those employed by the company can pay 40% tax and spend their money on stuff with 20% VAT on it after they paid their NI, council tax and extortionate amount of tax on their energy and travel costs.    The cycle repeats, and if somebody does acrew capital in the bank it is degraded by inflation at a rapid rate. Then you lot moral posture that spending a large sum on a watch is somehow not a decent thing to do?   It's just jealousy and miopia. Let others spend their money as they wish, and stop with your moral judgements because you can't look further then the end of your own nose.    I know its fashionable to bash the rich but the excesses of the top 1% generate 40% of the tax receipts and a hell of a lot of employment.   We all benefit from free trade. When you suggest "doing good" what the hell does that look like anyway?   If you don't thing employing others and spreading your money to dozens of others is "doing good" pethaps you think giving to a charity that skims 95% of your money to pay vast sums to their CEO is doing better?    
    • When things go wrong, remember that everything will fall into place. garbage service Kingston upon Thames Do something for yourself. towing service Canary Wharf
    • @yokel my recent experience with bricks and mortar shops was fairly varied (noting I was looking to spend north of £5k). Indifference in one that couldn’t be bothered to get in models even though I’d given them a couple of weeks notice of the watches I wanted to see (big chain so should not have been an issue), ones that obviously did not want to sell me the watch I was interested and pushed other models presumably as they had bigger margins, ones that did not show me watches because “that’s a ladies watch” being a 38mm diver not the full fat 43mm, one that every third sentence was “are you going to make a choice today and buy” (shiny suit category but a big chain) and finally the extremely helpful spending time understand what I was looking for and showing me watches that met the brief and without a hard sell (let the product do the talking).  So, as previously said, I typically put on my rhino skin overcoat, do the trying on and window shopping and if really interested haggle having got internet or competitor prices already researched, this goes for watches, cars, Hifi and other higher priced items whether new or used. For my latest watch I bought from a seller that does internet discounts but also has a shop, easy transaction, several follow up calls and hopefully planning on picking it up in person so I can have the bracelet sized. Hybrid model I guess, Fingers crossed. 
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