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    • This post seems like mental retardation to me. No is the obvious answer. Rolex could never be stealthy anything to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together. But that begs the questions why would you want stealthy and if that's what you want then why on earth buy a watch that screams "I'm rich"? Also, why would you care if your watch does that? Look, there's nothing special about Rolex. Zero. Sorry but that's reality. There are thousands of watch brands that could match them for quality. I know that's not a popular opinion, but it's fact regardless. So you gotta ask yourself what you want? Do you want quality or do you want brand name flash? There's no exclusivity here. You can have your cake and eat it too. I could name you dozens of brands right now. So ask yourself and determine. You want stealth? That's different things to different people. If you're rich you tend to hand around other rich people, because it's where you live and where you go. A product of your surroundings in a way. So they too have Rolex, and off course they will recognize it. But they won't care. Why would they? It's par for the course. Or you're a fraud with a fake trying to figure out if you can actually pull off the fake you just bought and how to position it. I'm guessing that's the case. But I have no faith in people and assume the worst about you all at all times.
    • Still keeping good time since March, not lost a minute yet.
    • Tudor is great, if you're getting in-house movements. Otherwise you're getting basically a Tag, which is an extremely overpriced Hamilton with better finishing and less diversity. Resale not a positive here, but not bad.   Grand Seiko will never get much love from me, because all Seiko watches are always disappointing, and I've spent $4500 on a Seiko before so I'm not just talking out of my a$$ here. Seiko is the least impressive brand in the watch world.  In all honesty, I really hate Seiko actually. The only thing I like Seiko isn't really Seiko at all, it's the popularity of their cheap junk and the availability of aftermarket parts to make it into something actually worth owning, unlike what it started at... A worthless Seiko!
    • The Omega is best option there. Not as pretentious as the Rolex or Hublot, with more brand recognition than the IWC or Bremont and equal to superior quality to them all/each. Plus damn decent resale value. So yeah, pretty much Omega at all times over all other things. That's my motto.
    • Gigantic no for me. Not a fan of this or it's Rolex counterpart it's mimicking.
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