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A new toy today!

Roger the Dodger


After many years of using our faithful Honda 536 mower, the poor old girl has finally come a cropper. Part of the cast aluminium deck where the rear roller attaches has sheared off, making it impossible to use. Over its 19 year tour of duty, it's had a couple of new gearboxes, a few springs and cables and numerous new blades. So we've had to buy a new one. Like the watch world, it seems that there are plenty of 'looky-likeys' in the mower world. The new mower is a 'Cobra', but looks almost identical to the Honda....in fact it uses exactly the same engine as the latest version of the Honda. The controls are identical, so are the wheels and rollers. The Cobra, however, has something that the Honda lacked...a large fan above the blade to create a massive updraught, and so blow the cuttings into the bag. This was always the Honda's downfall...it was hopeless at picking up...especially in the wet.

Time will tell as to whether I like it or not....it was a fair bit cheaper than a new Honda, (though I didn't have any choice, as I don't pay the bills here!) I just hope the build quality is as good.

The old girl won't be thrown away, though. We'll strip her down and get the deck welded and keep her as a reserve. A few pics of the new and old.


And the final two pics are side views of the new and old so compare the similarity.

Watch this space for more updates!:thumbsup:


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