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Service day.

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As I live off grid and the daylight hours are failing, reducing the reliance on solar power for the next few months, it's time to give the old diesel generator a service. So that's my job today. I made the genny 29 years ago out of a 1968 Lister LR 1 engine driving a 12 volt alternator, charging a battery bank, which in turn supplies the house with 240V a.c. via a step up D.C. to A.C. inverter, and 12 V D.C. with the huge jumps in technology over the past few years and the increase in L.E.D. lighting and usb powered equipment, it means my reliance on 240 volts is now almost nil, and instead of having a huge battery bank, I can now rely on two 120 amp leisure batteries working independently and charged via a split charge relay. When wind and solar charging is not available, I only have to run the genny for 5-6 hours every 3 or 4 days. It runs on recycled cooking oil, and burns about 5 litres every 18 hours of running. So that's pretty economical. I've just got a new digital radio that runs off a usb plug, and I've got some usb powered lights on test just now to see what the power drain is like over the period of a week.

Pic for reference.


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Those old Lister engines bring back memories! We used to have Lister platform trucks at BroomWade Compair....a single cylinder engine mounted over a single front wheel. If you got pushing the decompression lever wrong while turning the starting handle, the engine could recoil and nearly take your arm off. We've still got a cement mixer here on the estate with a Lister engine in it!

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