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Greenhouse work on a dreary day.

Roger the Dodger


As  it's so wet and dreary here today, I'm spending the morning in the greenhouse getting my collection of tender plants ready for the coming months. These plants are more commonly found in Spain and Portugal....or any of the Mediterranean countries. They are quite happy in the UK during late spring, summer and early autumn, but must come inside for the winter months into a minimum temp of 10°C. The plants here are the very large flowered Hibiscus, and the Shrub Verbena. The Hibiscus are all grown from cuttings,as they rarely produce viable seed, and were all purchased in the UK. They are meant to be enjoyed for a few weeks, then binned, but I have kept these going for more than 2 years now, and they are getting quite big. The Verbenas were bought as seed, and I have several stock bushes that I take cuttings from every year. They root very easily, and it doesn't take long to increase my stock.

All the plants are slowly having their water reduced and all dead leaves and flowers are removed to get them ready for their winter snooze.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-chinensis) in various colours. These are the flowers that Hawaiian girls wear in their hair.

Shrub Verbena (Lantana camara) cuttings about 6 weeks old.

...and the stock plants...


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