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day 87 - still no ships on the horizen, low on fresh water

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working locally today - not much over 100 miles there and back.

late call out - some inspired troubleshooting on my part concluded that the system was fine the monitor was buggered :laugh: .    nicked another monitor from a nearby pc and Bob's yer mother's brother.  its a good temp fix until i sort something out :thumbsup:

speedbird today - nice to see i have honed my skill from setting watches exactly an hour fast to exactly a minute fast.  fine as it happens as it runs about -5s/d.

way down the southwest tomorrow - babysitting an engineer for a day before he goes for assessment next week, either a boring day or a bloomin' nightmare :(

still no training - but the paperwork is almost done, as is the laundry and some ironing - life on the edge :tumbleweed:

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