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Why have I bought a crapped up watch??



Before I continue, I must make a confession. I am not a watch maker nor am I skilled in any form of watch making wizardry. I like to take things apart, clean them up and make them presentable. Some of you like the "Wabi"  look and some of you like the restore the hell out of it. I am somewhere inbetween. I am more of a "modder".

I have, from an eBay buyer I have bought from before several times in the past, a Seiko 4205 mid size watch. The bezel wont rotate, but I think that is just crud under the ring and the crystal is a little worse for wear when under the microscope. No, really a microscope, but I will write about that in a bit.

This will not be a quick restore, more of a as and when I can get time to do it. When updates are ready, they will appear here.


Thanks for the interest and hopefully it will not be too long until the next post.






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