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  1. Watches

    1. Watch Discussion Forum

      For all things watches and watch related not covered by the specialist sections of The Watch Forum

    2. Technical Questions & General Help

      Watchmaking, watch repairs, servicing, modifications and other hints and tips.

      General watch related questions etc.

    3. British Horological Institute

      This is the official British Horological Institute forum section.
      Posts and Questions will be answered by the BHI.

    4. Electric & Electronic Watches

      Watches with early electric & electronic movements such as Hamilton, Bulova Accutron, Wittnauer, LIP etc.

    5. Japanese Watches

      Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Casio.

    6. Russian & Chinese Watches

      Poljot, Vostok, Raketa, Volmax, Sea-Gull, Shanghai, Alpha etc.

    7. Vintage Watches

      All brands of watches made before 1980; British & American watches are especially welcome. Sponsored by :  https://www.birthyearwatches.com

    8. Military Watches

      Forum about military style watches.

    9. Kickstarter - Indiegogo - Crowdfunding

      Forum dedicated to start up watch companies such as the ones that use Kickstarter, Indiegogo or a different crowd funding site.

      All topics require validation before they are displayed. 

      Please note this is not for free advertising but a place to discuss new and interesting products.

    10. The Clock & Pocket Watch Forum

      Antique, vintage & modern clocks and pocket watches

    11. Members Owners Clubs

      A topic per brand for you to add your examples to. If you can't find a brand, please start a new topic - the title of new topics should begin with the brand name.

    12. Watch Straps, Bracelets & Accessories

      Advice and reviews for straps, bracelets and other watch furniture.

  2. Off Topic Discussions

    1. Introduce Yourself

      New to the forum? Introduce yourself to the other members.

    2. QOTW - Question of the week

      Question Of  The Week. One Member can post a new question of the week every Monday.
      First one to post sets the question. Keep it interesting

    3. Non-Watch Interests & Hobbies

      A place to discuss non-watch related interests such as cars, bikes, sport, computing, movies, TV and hobbies.

    4. Non-Watch Projects

      Members can post their non watch related & DIY projects.

    5. Photography

      Post your photographs and discussions on photographing watches and photography in general.

    6. Open Forum

      If you want to post off topic subjects not covered in other sub-forums this is the place. For more serious or risque topics or to let off steam please use the Free Talk sub-forum

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      Report a bug, suggest an enhancement and get advice on forum features.


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    • I guess Watches of Switzerland go with Calibre!
    • I like hearing these comparisons from so far away!. My German cousin is an electronics engineer. He also went to Chicago on business a few times and loved it. I have only been there briefly between flights a few times. I didnt like the way the entire airport seemed like it was run by CNN! Everything was CNN. Every shop, every TV in every bar and restaurant, etc. Their logo was everywhere. (Seig, HEIL!)   
    • Sort of similar here, commonly known as housing associations, some are better than others, ours is probably not typical of a lot of them we were just lucky to get one here. They are "not for profit" organisations so rents are very reasonable.  I worked off and on in America, our North American headquarters was in Chicago, so travelled around a bit over your way.     
    • Good morning all    Командирские (Boctok),Сделано в СССР kaл. 2414a  17 КАМНЯ, около 1980s (Commander [Vostok], (Made in USSR, cal. 2414a  17 Jewels, circa 1980s)    
    • Folks whose priorities for automobiles outweigh their priorities for domestics, I guess.  What they save in housing they spend on cars. "The Projects" in the U.S., although similarly close together or even integrated, would be much grubbier and run-down than in your photo. If someone had a BMW or Mercedes there we'd surmise they must have some illicit business on the side to afford it. Those buildings and streets don't look too bad there. Maybe the people there are not well-to-do but everything looks clean and well-kept.  Interesting point to make is that while British projects are apparently "social" , government regulated dwellings,  American ones are usually corporate with quite a diverse set of standards depending what area you live in. In some places that can be pretty bad. And our gated communities are just a high end, fancy version of the same idea. What I could never understand is why someone would pay so much money to live in adjoined housing with shared partitions, or for a house which looks just like the one next to it and you can hardly spit out the window without hitting something that belongs to your neighbor.
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