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Travelling light.

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I got this book years ago, its a 1975 edition of an original print from 1947 briefly mapping old Scottish drove roads.


Over the years I've worked my way through some if them, and where overnight stays have been necessary I've always used the latest high tech camping gear, but this year it's retro only. Tent is ex Polish army canvas. I've had it up in all weathers and has been 100% waterproof, and goes up in less than 2 minutes. Walking pole in the center, and no guy ropes.



Tried out a "wood gas stove" which is just a posh version of the old travellers "coffee can stove" it works, not as quick as my Kelly kettle, but takes up less room when packed.


These tracks were regularly used in rural areas well into the twentieth century as part of the "Bona Fide traveller" loophole in the licensing laws.



Prior to 1962, hotels were permitted to open on Sundays to supply drinks to bona fide travellers. From 1962, they were allowed to open on Sundays for all customers. However public houses were not included, and remained closed; under the 1976 Licensing (Scotland) Act, public houses could apply for permission to open on Sundays

A bona fide traveller was someone who had travelled three miles, signed the register, and indicated an intention to travel a further three miles. This led to deliberate excursions for a drink by those who would not have considered such a course of action in their home town on a Sunday, in the climate of the times. It led indeed to drinking and driving (then more common at all times) and to merry parties on the last buses home. The further three miles was rarely travelled.

My pals dad used to walk through mountain tracks some fourteen miles round trip for a dram every Sunday.

Back to "today". I can carry enough for two days in my pack and it'll be interesting to see if I can still manage twenty five miles comfortably.

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Wow, old journey 5 miles, new journey 15 miles. 

How many miles have you managed with your pack? And here's me thinking I was brave for driving the Beast to pre-set up motorhome parks...!

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