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The Gask Ridge.

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After a pleasant night under canvas, the day is decidedly dreich. Overcast and rain. Today's journey is to the nearest town via the Gask Ridge and an old drovers track. From above Auchterarder to Perth.


The Ridge is around ten miles long, and was fortified around ten years before Hadrian's Wall was built, and is believed to be Rome's earliest fortified frontier. There was a system of towers strategically placed along its length, the foundations are still clear to see.


The road connecting them now forms part of the modern local road system.




Onto the drovers track.



Anyone who's into woodwork and burrs?


Altogether a round trip of about 22 miles, and even in the pouring rain, enjoyable. I'm not using any high tech clothing. Oiled sailcloth cape and wool layers on top, wool still retains its thermal qualities when wet. For the better weather, a ventile shirt does fine. Next time I'm going to use my Kelly Kettle. The wood gas stove is too slow.


More to follow. :)

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You carrying all your kit with you mate and rough camping or are you walking from town to town and traveling home after your walk?

loving the Kelly kettle, but isn't it a bit bulky for carrying?

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Carry enough for two days. I haven't been using the kettle yet as I've been trying this, which is too slow.


I figure on carrying the kettle across the top of my pack. It'll boil a litre of water as quick as a household electric kettle. I've got two, large and small. The large is best because you can get more fire in it, and a good amount of hot water for washing up. The whole cook kit is good as well.


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I've been using a jetboil or sometimes good old fashioned hexi block! But I like the idea of the Kelly, I might need to give one a go.

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