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star date - tuesday morning brunch time



ok, been a while but i am back.   7 watches in total.  possibly 2 too many.  a cull is on the way, just a matter for time really.  Summer being a rubbish time to try and sell i will hang on until later in the year. 
PB have sent me the email so ... i have downloaded the only album on there i really want to keep (some holiday snaps froma few years ago) and the rest can stay there until the account folds or i get around to killing it. 

somewhat motivation free re next purchase - losing the love of auto - solar and kinetics being more in step with my frequent swapping etc.

working from home a lot these days which is BORING !!!! possibly hence the time spent of the forum going up a bit.

more later - well past the time for my second pot of tea of the day




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