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to blog or not to blog ...

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ok so its been a while ... 

not much going on horologicaly (sp?) speaking ... same 7 fairly cheapies for a while now . might sell a couple in the new year with a view to one or perhaps 2 slightly 'better' watches. or i might not.

winter is coming - no i still haven't watched any of it - i read the first three books that was enough for me.

same house , same job. same 710. same two cats but both now with kidney issues, they have made it to 18 and had a good run so far, so we shall see.

we made loads of plans - they changed. not in a bad way , more of a not quite yet way. that said i am aware life is short so we shall see what i can get up to in 18.

big holiday next year - although so far only the deposit has been paid - mind you i wised up and have gone for the drinks package this time , i mean come on, who was i kidding?

is it just me or is there even less worth watching on TV than usual these days ???

brexit wriggles on - le royaume unis nul points ! really , letting the great unwashed vote , i mean what do they know :laugh:

710 beckons , tea up - ttfn 



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