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    • At risk of sounding like a broken record, what's the box like?  So many new Yema owners, being French they'll go on strike soon pushing up residuals 
    • I miss my UK postie, enjoy the watch 
    • It’s undoubtedly a well crafted watch by a highly respected maker, but not my cup of tea I’m afraid. On looks alone I prefer your JLC, and the cost for something you may not wear would put me off a lot.  However, if you like it and can afford the deal then why not. If it was me I’d keep what you have, but it’s not me. Enjoy your choice     
    • I agree to some extent. I wouldn't miss the Rolex... I think the JLC is cool and would keep it but the PP replaces it as a moonphase calendar watch (and is superior in regards to being a bracelet watch) The other alternative would be losing the Vacheron but I can't do that either... I have seen an amazing vacheron dress watch too that isn't much more than my Submariner (not a patrimony but something a little different and really cool) but I feel I have enough gold dress watches on leather straps. This Patek just keeps jumping out at me, but if I sold the Submariner without adding the JLC I'd be a long way short. As to selling the Submariner privately thats the sort of advice I would give other people, you normally do much better like that... having said that if you want to trade a watch a sub is probably the best to trade.   Everyone knows their value and they get flipped quickly with low mark ups.   The JLC is pretty scarce and there seems to be a supply shock... its got its full set, new strap, serviced not long ago... hard to see how an insulting offer could be made but I know thats the game... they always want to nick them cheap.   Somehow I know trading up for this Patek is the right move but part of me just thinks its beyond my pay grade.
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