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  2. Agree about the software changes, Roy moving on, etc, etc. For me personally, I find it very hard to purchase watches under 4 or 5 figures! How things have changed!
  3. A lot fewer threads since Rodger got kicked out. For me it's been the journey from buying something every time I had some spare cash to collecting only specific makes and also buying more expensive but ultimately more satisfying watches. The guys on the forum have definitely taught me lots and have also sold me some cracking watches at mates rates on the sales section. Er, the other Rodger obviously.
  4. For me, obviously there have been the joining and departure of new and old friends, several software updates with their accompanying teething problems, lots of different watches and some really informative and knowledgeable threads posted. These days, since retirement, I tend to be more active in the 'off topic' section, and although I don't buy watches anymore, those that I have kept provide me with fond memories of my time here.
  5. I see the New Years Honours have been handed out...welcome to all members of the club, new and old.

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