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  2. I thought that's where it was. My dad worked for W.C. Thomson which was Liverpool House. I can remember the shop where you bought the watches pretty well.
  3. Hublot watches are great wrist pieces but vastly over priced for what they are. Both Omega co-axial movements fabulous and no significant different although the smaller movement is an older variant ...
  4. @JonnyOldBoy Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Had a look at the 38mm ( vs 41mm Aqua Terra, is there any significant difference between the two movements (8800 vs 8900)? As for the Hublot, are you saying it is not worth the extra £££ or is it a class above the others, I think I read it uses a bought in movement, is this an issue or is there a name mark up because it is a Hublot? The ATs are around £5k and the Hublot £6.4K (or £5.5 with leather strap) is it worth the difference?
  5. The store was on High Street East at the junction, I think, of Nile Street. It's a long time since I've revisited my home town, despite living only fifteen miles away: my memories are far nicer than the reality, and I've even had to give up going to the Stadium of Light!. If I remember correctly, there was a department store next to Morris's called Liverpool House. Thanks for your interest. I'm hoping to have the watch serviced and overhauled when possible and I'll ask the jeweler to open up the watch in order for me to take photos. May be some time as we go into Tier 3 Covid restrictions
  6. Make sure it's pressed on squarely. Use a crystal press with the right sized dies installed...the bottom one to support the caseback correctly and the top one to bear on the bezel only...not overlap onto the crystal. It's only got to be slightly scue-whiff and it won't turn correctly. As mentioned above, lubricate the tension/click spring and gasket with silicone grease before pressing home. It once took me several attempts to replace a Seiko Sea Urchin bezel correctly, but once seated correctly it turned perfectly.
  7. No brainer from that list in my opinion ... The Omega AT is the better proposition all round. But it does wear a tad "big" so try it on and also compare with the 39mm white faced AT .... 4 and 5 will be "Volvos" [ they will loose 30% of their value the moment you drive them off the forecourt ] 3 I assume you put in to make sure we are all still awake .... 2. means you need to bend over and get a cavity search at a smarmy Rolex AD so ..... it smells options 1 all day long ... :-)
  8. Looks clean enough to me, try changing the gasket and putting a tiny bit of silicon grease on it.
  9. Thank you for the links. I wouldn't have thought about that. A sound piece of advice. I will have a wee look around and see what I can pick up. I am grateful for the reply. M..
  10. Can’t comment on your choices but there is a good chance someone on here can give a second opinion on your Omega It may be worth saving for less than Omega prices
  11. These three are worth watching. It's worth picking up another non runner to practice on first, just in case you end up destroying your Grandfather's one. I've had a few out of charity shops for around £5 - £10, and managed to get them all up and running again.
  12. It has been purloined "Too small for you" ..... ..... "let me try it on ....."
  13. So, my first post so please be gentle. I have owned an Omega Seamaster Polaris (the bi-coloured one with digital/analogue movement) for over 30 years (bought 1990) which has rarely been off my wrist. It is a bit of a triggers broom having has a new back, replacement movement and strap repairs but when I sent it in for a new battery recently I have been informed it needs a full overhaul and is now beyond economical repair. So, I am looking for a new watch, hence joining the forum. Having done a search I’d be grateful if “the forum” could provide some guidance on the pros/cons of the f
  14. Good evening. I have joined the site to learn about servicing my Grandfather's pocket watch. It was left to me when he died in 1986. It is of great sentimental value. I have tried to get it serviced before but I have been told more than once that it is not worth the effort, comments I do understand. It is a 1970 Ingersoll pocket watch, it may not be valuable nor a great pocket watch. However, it means everything to me. It did work 30 years ago but unfortunately it now only works when it is face down. If I turn it around to look at the face, it stops. Over the last few months I have watche
  15. I don't have a list but recently have seen various Seiko dive watches discribed the as MM and BabyMM. Was just wondering what others thought. This is my sbdx017 https://flic.kr/p/2jJtkST Exactly
  16. The bezel on my ten year old yellow Seiko diver (4 O'clock winder) has become stiff. I removed it and cleaned out the expected black gunk from the case and circular spring and _some_ from the indentations in the bezel itself. The circle and springs look fine at an angle of perhaps 30 degrees. On putting the bezel back on it's just as stiff as before... Should I use white spirit to remove the remainder from the indentations? If so is it OK to soak it fro a few minutes? Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/s5Daof6muxpdxHeT9
  17. Get three metal prongs stick them in the plug socket and then touch the bracelet. It will run really well. (R v Munks statutory interpretation the literal rule) It also works if you have metal door handles and want to persuade your wife to leave the matrimonial home.
  18. Looking to buy the snail/cam regulator for this movement. Any idea where I could get one or somebody who can copy? Thanks!
  19. The true Marinemaster watches are SBDX001 SBDX017 Everything else is just a model number
  20. Thanks @Always"watching" I'm also considering this as it's got a big discount! https://www.watchnation.com/product/seiko-divers-200m-automatic-black-dial-stainless-steel-watch-skx007k2/ It's automatic, I like the Hokusai wave on the back. Seiko is a brand I like. It's sturdy and robust with it's 200m resistance. 40mm is probably the max case size I could go for and it has a nice lume too!
  21. I'd like a little bit more information here, dear Rotundus, and perhaps a couple of pics. Are there Seiko watches that are very similar to their Marine Master models but without the name "Marine Master" on the dials?
  22. Dear @blacksmith, good suggestions from WRENCH but nothing wrong with a Tissot either. Good luck with your first purchase, and remember, personal enjoyment and satisfaction is the name of the game here without going bust.
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