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  2. Morning Corgeut 2010C-SBG (Cal: Sea-gull)
  3. Being retired I’m not up and about as yet ,but it will be this one today. That’s lovely,as I get older a nice clear dial is most important.
  4. I have that EXACT same watch on my wrist right now (to be fair it is on my wrist almost everyday). Fantastic watch.
  5. You will need to use a photo hosting service like Flickr to share photos
  6. Morning... Snow Star. Cal: ETA 2892-A2 (Top), 21 jewel.
  7. A watch that has fallen out of favour over recent times has had a new bracelet to revive it's fortunes.
  8. Today
  9. I'm actually on the ball, for once! Keep warm and we'll. J
  10. I have now received a reply from Bifora, who tell me they are not compatible . What I need to know now, is whether it is possible to buy a 0.24 mm second hand?
  11. Would anyone know if its possible to get the dome shaped crowns (gold) for the above watch? This would be the 1950s version. Thanks
  12. I think Tudor Black Bay 58 offers alot Buck for Buck Why The Original TUDOR Black Bay 58 Reigns Supreme
  13. Morning all, made it through the snow ?! have a good one if you can
  14. Hey, how’s everyone this Sunday evening? I’ve just had an offer for a trade which includes an Omega NTTD Seamaster 300M, I’m not overly familiar with the watch itself but know that the Bond Watches are usually nice although to some perhaps a little gimmicky (I don’t mind some, but do find the overly branded ones a little garish, fortunately I can’t seem to see any franchise branding on the latest release). Does anyone here own the NTTD 300M, if yes, what do you think of it, how does the faux patina look in person, how does the titanium hold up and feel, do you prefer it on the mesh o
  15. Yesterday
  16. And that does not include posts about matching sports apparel, pictures of old cars or statements of intent to discuss topics of moderate interest ... [ which rules out almost all of us ....... ]
  17. Going by the serial number I think it's from September 2001. It's got the C460 movement in it
  18. Hello guys, i bought this TECHNOS 18k watches (tested for gold, its real) with other ones in collection. But, i cant find any info about them, not even model, i really know nothing. Them are 100 percent funtional and complete. Can you help me?
  19. At the moment it' seems like divex followed by vostok and seiko
  20. When you have made 50 meaningful posts on the forum then the sales sections will be open to you. It is against the rules to offer watches for sale in any other section of the forum. Thank you
  21. Hi, thanks, yes it sure is, I was over joyed when I bought it.
  22. Given an inch and taking a mile,this is Bo at 9 months allowed upstairs for the first time.
  23. Really lovely Speedmaster automatic triple date.
  24. I have an Oris big crown pro pilot and as much as I love it I felt let down when I had to send it back to them for a minor repair (rotor was moving when hand winding)it was less than a year old
  25. I would only waste all the money buying watches
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