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  2. Early 1940s Helbros. Helvetia 3190 waterproof case and rare Helvetia Cal 820 movement.
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  4. Swaps time... PARNIS MM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels & вмф CCCP 700M (Vodolaz Anchor-1, full lume dial), Vostok cal.2409 17 jewels
  5. Very similar in shape mate , the Seiko is looking good
  6. Hope these pics work.Lower arrow is the lever that I don't know what it does or where it goes.Upper arrow is pointing to the lever that is sticking.
  7. Yep those early XJS's were similar to the early 70's Camaro and Firebirds. I had a couple back in the day easier to live with than the Jag. The V12 XJ I had nearly bankrupted me. On the Monaco, I looked at them but I just wasn't sure a square watch suited me and after a bit of indecision and looking at some Speedies I ended up buying a Carrera instead.
  8. I once had a curly perm that made me look like a Scouse footballer, which I had for all of a week.
  9. Or a vintage Longines might be more appropriate I would have been the yahoo cowboy with the whistle in the Camaro thats a good clip is that, the Camero always reminded me of the jag xjs, somehow same but different, is the copper dropping his pants @BlueKnight i should probably have kept the 428 i had in summer
  10. Or a vintage Longines might be more appropriate I would have been the yeeha cowboy with the whistle in the Camaro
  11. that seals it, i'll have to get one now, when it comes i'll put it on the rallye and call it the @BondandBigM big hitter...it sort of goes with the manhattan theme? Its a bit vintage heuer isn't it? got my eye on this in Athens a swap onto my wapro would make it
  12. A lot of automatics this morning, so so here's mine today.....Bob.
  13. When the mullet was di rigeuer, I went into a hairdressers and came out looking like Charlie Nicholas. Went into the first old school barbers, and got a number 1. Been like that ever since. Scots vernacular for cover. A truck tarpaulin is called a hap, so when you're covering something you "hap it up".
  14. Yep at one time I liked the big Cities and could have happily lived in one of the many I've visited. My ex bro in law lives in NY so when we went there he took us around the off the beaten tourist track areas. I'm lazy now, and much as I hate to admit it I can't be bothered with that sort of 100mph lifestyle anymore. Give me a sunbed and a waiter theses days and I'm a happy bunny. Nice watch
  15. This is what I was thinking about when I saw that bloke. Where does 'hap' come from ? There was a quality bloke came down seeing how I got a criss-cross finish on external grinding once and he quickly became known as 'walnut whip' because of the hair piled up on his head Trump style
  16. Is it Cool to be Square?
  17. My mate still has one. Took him out in a sidecar once without a helmet, and he had this tail coming from the sides of his head. We call it a "Hap". Hard call, is it better or worse than that other nostalgic bonce fashion, the mullet ?
  18. Nice that. Never seen one with a coin edge before. Weather is fine up here, under my long coat.
  19. Hi,thank you for taking the time to reply.I'm working on trying to get pics up.There is an upright leaver which is going nowhere at the moment and I don't know where it goes.I've got every thing working now but the music box leaver is sticking at times.
  20. On the wrist and in feel this reminds me of the cone. Looking good back on the westend bracelet...takes some adjusting eh[emoji5] Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  21. Still having my morning coffee. No watch yet.
  22. This has got to be the "mother" of all covers. Doesn't mean it's good either. and some blokes from Australia.
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