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  2. My brother is a regular visitor to the Oktoberfest, strangely he never seems to remember much about it.
  3. It's Tuesday and no new question ? Spey Bay, just across the river from where I was born. The long white house at the front of the village of Kingston is where King Charles the second landed on his return from exile. Loads of history in the surrounding area, and places to walk and go, plus a very favourable climate. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garmouth,_Moray
  4. Hi Simon It worked a treat. Many thanks again for your assist. While we are at it would you know the best place to find 1mm wide flat steel wire? I need to fashion a replacement spring to hold the movement inside the case. Many thanks Trevor Seiko https://imgur.com/gallery/GMLbTdu Seiko https://imgur.com/gallery/szbrU8I
  5. Had a phone call from the diabetic nurse today.She said that tests showed that i was now pre diabetic.I was diagnosed with type 2 eighteen months ago.This is good news for me of course.The interesting thing is that although i gave up beer i did not give up alcohol.I switched to dry white wine and whisky.A glass or two of wine and a double most evenings.Probably more during the lock down period.Happy days!!!..........
  6. I’m going with the Brightbling in this one, it’s just about the truest to the requirements, to me a true divers watch should be a straightforward two or three handed tool watch with a bezel for timing without any frills that can take a beating doing what you need to do onshore or on the transport on the way to the job as well as do a job of work underwater. Which begs the question why no Rolex Diver on the list.
  7. Nice job. Great for a small space and making good use of a hand held tool rather than fixed equipment.
  8. No probs if you take it slowly...just press though a 1/16th/1mm at a time and keep lifting out to cool the cutter. If routing a slot (see the circle jig that I'll post next weekend) you need to go very slowly to avoid melting.
  9. Not a perfect match by any stretch of the imagination but it can now be worn! I had to get a bit creative as the lug width was slightly too narrow. Trimmed a little of the width and had to adjust the angle slightly but it will do for now.
  10. Only just seeing this post, (I've followed the sub forum in notifications now to catch future posts.) I like the fact it's portable, can be stashed away and used outside. Even with extraction I've found they can cover the garage in dust in seconds! Any problems with the acrylic melting whilst hole sawing?
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    Afternoon Scrabble

    Shi....n shin
  13. Oktoberfest cancelled? Not here it isn't
  14. Already plenty of Lavender and Bluebells around which is probably what attracted them in the first place. It's like after a hard days pollinating and nectar-gathering they just want to hang around "the pool" drinking with their mates!
  15. Simple, elegant yet unusual. now STRAND, DENMARK BY OBAKU
  16. Slight update on the ITT. Stripped the turntable and topside mechanism today, removed all the old squished dinosaurs and lubricated the moving parts with bike chain low friction lubricant. Meths is my current go to cleaner. I repacked the main bearing with white grease as I couldn't find the bio-grease I'd like to have used. I presume that its found its way into my brother's shed for his bike... So it will need a proper re-pack when I get hold of that. At the same time I'll do the underside as they are greased on many of the sliding surfaces. Measured with an app on my phone,
  17. I remember overhauling the Eimco shovels, several moons ago.
  18. Carrying a Smith's Empire in a rubber shroud and an Eimco rocker-shovel fob
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