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  2. I'm sure that we all share the experience that the thunderbolt doesn't always happen when you open that watch box for the first time. Irrespective of style, brand and value, sometimes it happens and disappointly sometimes it does not. Today is one of the times it has and I am very happy indeed. I was not in the market for a Seamaster for very long. The key reason being, i've been on a waitlist for a Rolex sub and look at lots of pre-owned examples and the more time that passes, the less I want one. I have some excellent dive watches from a number of brands including a couple from Tudor which are great and this has created the effect that a sub wouldn't add that much. It's was at this point that I started to take a greater interest in Seamasters after admiring from afar for much longer. Arguably equal in many regards except you could go and buy one this afternoon as because of this, they price is relatively reasonable. A forum member placed one in the classified a few weeks back which caught my attention and since then i've been tracking pre-owned examples here and there. I saw one come up with a trusted seller and it caught me in my tracks - a 2016 model so previous generation but it motivated me to try some on. I went to my local Omega AD on Saturday, tried on everything and left with the clear recognition that this is a superstar of a watch with tremendous presence. It took a while to get me out the shop. I then did the research between the models to satisfy that the previous gen would hit the right buttons and pulled the trigger. The postman obliged by delivering this a short while ago. Despite being 5 years old, the condition is superb as i've come to expect from this seller (Kensington Gate Watches) and they are an example that in many cases the trader is more important that the price tag. It's a 41mm dial but only 47 and change lug to lug so the comfort and feel is excellent. Another watch making my Tudor BB GMT look like a bus. The overall quality and finishing of the dial is top notch. The numbering on the date wheel is raised which plays with the light. Whilst it contains a co-axial movement which I understand is an adapted ETA base, i'm not known for being a movement guy - If it works well and stays reliable, i'm happy. I'm not usually a bracelet guy either but i like the detail and comfort of this one. Really nice quality brushing Solid caseback on this model and nicely domed so it sits into the wrist Omega were still pushing out there red 'sneeze and it falls apart' boxes with usual tags and cards. I think the bigger wooden boxes came later. A smaller watch box will get no complaints from me. The top of my bookcases (where the others live) is out of control. So now I finally get the big deal with the watch and really feel like i've added to the collection today. Although I don't believe this model appeared in a film, i've obviously had the James Bond tune stuck in my head since I put it on....
  3. I don't think divers change anything while under water, but I'm not a diver at all. Tried it a couple times with my cousin who's a dive instructor and didn't find any value in it. Yes!
  4. This one for me. Sits nice, due to the case shape. Very tactile as well.
  5. Sounds like the threads might be damaged as you suggest, it probably needs a new crown and new threaded tube (the tube fits into the case). I think Barbos watches are no more or at least not being sold in Europe and it is unlikely you will find a matching crown. Given the low value of the watch you are probably better off putting the repair money towards something new,
  6. There's a well worn precedent for this. For only £4500 you could have a new Fender Strat that looks like someone's thrown paint stripper over it. https://www.peachguitars.com/guitars/electric-guitars/fender-custom-shop-60-strat-heavy-relic-rosewood-olympic-white.htm?opt=15103&gclid=CjwKCAjwgISIBhBfEiwALE19SQB0yVHvesgn3m6l6sok_E0z1AMtCJy2NGG2SIw7k_USDWNbYpzukRoCK8oQAvD_BwE
  7. I am a bit of a Seiko fanboy but I don't like limited editions ... Pogue this ain't ... https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/watches/article/seiko-sports-5-custom-watch-beatmaker-2021-limited-edition/amp Still at least it ain't a Timex
  8. So in a moment of Machness, I am wearing this auto on my right wrist ... And my new quartz arrival on my left: I know quartz watches are seldom destined to hit the markers, but this is doing a pretty good job all around the dial. Hope these are lightning proof!
  9. Camden watches. Overpriced verging on fashion watches but I just like 'em. You can get them on eBay for more realistic prices too.
  10. Probably this Bulova Precisionist for me: Always makes me laugh whenever I wear it, with the bonkers bezel locking lever that looks like a bicycle bell Water resistant to 1000 feet though, which is very useful and means I don't need to take it off to do the washing up.....
  11. £2000 for a watch described as having a "deployment" clasp? Their website was looking kinda slick right up until then.
  12. New I today .. cheers Richy loving it .. very posh imho
  13. I'd guess that this was left unspecified because the precise fit of a watch strap is personal to every individual so specifying exactly where the holes should be serves no real purpose. Manufacturers could therefore punch the holes within a reasonable range based on the picture and wearers, if they found the strap to be too loose or too tight, could punch a suitable hole through the fabric to suit their own requirements.
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  15. I have one also. Although they get a lot of bad press I love it..
  16. Some long journeys would also need an overnight stop to recharge. A journey from Reading (where I live) to Scotland (approx 440 miles), easily do-able in a normal car, would require an overnight stop in an average 200 mile range EV. The 620 mile range Tesla would do it, but they cost a heck of a lot.
  17. Imagine buying one and then trying to flip it in a couple of years as "mint condition".
  18. I had a junk email sent to my ancient address today from a Company called Code41 inviting me to subscribe to their email and offering me entry to a free draw for one of their watches. As I enjoy participating in free draws I subscribed using an ancient email address and was immediately linked to their web page which I must admit looked quite impressive. They are developing a new breed of watches which appear to be quite unique but also rather pricey. I’d be interested to know if anyone else had heard of them or had dealings with them? I did do a search but it didn’t show any results if anyone wishes to view their site the link is https://code41watches.com/fr?_hsmi=84582046&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--5cQq5JISmM3nGZ9vZb4VYxnYa6XzdR57y3x6iBJf_fl3Om_gmVgHh0R_NljGa7bVflmbArL9fsMOD4UtJOvg-5Pe7l6NAY-5g8WlexZp89z6cffQ look forward to hearing your views
  19. I think that's a little unfair. They've been riding the crest of a revival wave for a while now and have been planting the ball in the back of the net quite consistently with their various retro offerings. They even lowered the price of their Marlin re-issue since its initial release. And let's face it, pretty much all watches are overpriced! This one, for example, I thought was pretty much on the money. But now, it seems, just as they're about to lift the trophy, they've reached that "England Penalty Shoot-out" stage of the game and have inevitably missed by a mile... several miles actually The "madeworn" model fails on pretty much every level.
  20. It's Larsson and Jennings ffs, but its mechanical, and just wears and fits so well. I like the unusual back too It's a silly little thing that cost "not alot" but I love it. A close second in the same category if a different vein is my Hoffman Diver 40. As basic and bland a diver as you could wish for from a brand that no one has heard of and will no doubt be defunct before my youngest starts nursery school, but again it just works for me. Each of these cost me around £100, and smiles per £ have outperformed almost every other watch I own or have owned. Great thread!
  21. This.. It's unimpressive, not expensive and too small but I pick it out and enjoy wearing it quite regularly and can't figure out why.
  22. I could never adjust the strap down far enough!
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