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  2. Hi everyone, I have in my possession an Im Hof alarm clock. I have searched the internet and can’t find very much info about the brand and can’t find a matching picture. I’ve attached photos
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  4. I don't take apart movements so not so bad for me.
  5. Still at the depot? Going dark earlier than usual? Your birthday? I gave got it !!!! Its Tuesday in Japan
  6. I will be ordering sweet pea seeds for sowing next month soon.Autumn sown plants,pinched out and planted next April will give a super display in summer.Another sowing in February will follow and continue their flowering later in the summer.
  7. I have a router base that uses the same principle as the first jig to automatically centre the router over the wood for milling a mortice.
  8. You buy a lot of diver watches, I don't mind the Direnzo. I could make you another watch box, just for one watch, but might not be cheap.
  9. Isopropyl will dissolve shellac if left to long so pallet jewels and impulse jewels can come loose. I found out the hard way
  10. That price seems incredibly low, even with CNC manufacturing processes, I wonder if they are making them in very large numbers, and/or, getting them made in China. Quite a lot of people are doing that these days. The watch isn't my cup of tea but wish all those buying well.
  11. I bought this so I could wear it instead of my Monaco as a casual wearing watch Obviously inspired by the vintage motor racing era
  12. I have no idea how much Hamilton, Certina or Tissot watches cost. Just regurgitating what I had read about Hublot. I am not sure what I will get next. The price of the Audemar I previously posted being sold by Watch club has dropped to £9850. Very nice but its too dressy for me. Probably go for the watch I keep looking at, in steel and gold with a blue dial, which is a safer choice. Another watch that seems to get a bad press because of its image and premium price.Thankfully I am in no rush.
  13. I use Isopropyl Alcohol mostly, it generally does most things without leaving a residue or staining. I do have an Ultrasonic and have a special cleaner for that.
  14. While the weather was somewhat inclement over the last few days, I used the time to make a couple of centre finding jigs/devices. They are basically just cut, drilled and screwed together so I won't go into the construction details as it's really basic. The only thing I will say is that all the holes have to be drilled very accurately, or the devices won't work properly. The first is a small one, made of oak, a strip of 3mm aluminium, two bolts and some small bearings. It will draw a centre line down the middle of any piece of wood that will fit between the bearings. The jig is placed on the wood with the bearings on either side and twisted until they contact the sides. When moved along the wood, it will draw a line exactly in the centre. The second one is based on the priciples of a parallelogram, and is for use on larger pieces of timber. It's made from 15mm square aluminium tube and 19mm aluminium strip. Again, it is placed over the wood and the sides squeezed until they contact either side. When slid along, it draws the centre line. It can also be used to mark out a mortice (or tenon) by scribing along the outer edges of the central bar. By using different width central bars (this one is 6mm), different sized mor*tices can be marked out. Drawing a centre line. Marking out a mortice.
  15. Yes. I like that one too. One of the criticisms of the big bang is the number of "limited editions". Downside of buying something very different is the risk of going off it and then having to sell a watch with a limited market. I did just that with a yellow dial Breitling which I went off quite quickly.
  16. I haven't seen many of this make. This one was my dear old dad's. I really must try and find some info about it.
  17. Just arrived and is a mechanical hand wound. Very nice and excellent quality. Will try and get a picture once I locate a mesh in my strap box. Richy
  18. Thank you! The new ones that I bought last year 'Walberton's Rose Moon' are just having a last 'Hurrah' before the autumn sets in. These two plants have done really well this year, being covered in blooms from August until now. There are just a few more buds to come. This particular variety is a cross, H.syriacus x paramutabilis. It has the hardiness of H. syriacus combined with the huge 5-6" flowers of H. paramutabilis, and resemble the exotic flowers of H. rosa chinensis, the tropical hibiscus which isn't hardy here. My two plants have doubled in size since last year, and with some careful winter pruning to remove crossing branches and those growing inwards should hopefully become well shaped bushes next year. The Morning Glories are also putting on a final show before the cold weather sets in.
  19. 2099, on a watch forum somewhere; "I have this "Kingsbury" watch left to me by my great uncle , can you tell me anything about it, and how much is it worth ?" "Yes, it was part of the second generation of an over abundance of mechanical watches to disappear without trace as a result of the quartz renaissance of 2022."
  20. Oh dear, perhaps you had better get the Hublot. That would at least show strength of character Are you calling Hamilton, Certina and Tissot cheap?
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