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  2. its like something me dad would take seriously is this and id get done for laughing at him. just get your nomos out mate sorted. well ive read it and in the words of the likely lads
  3. I got very lost in Germany once, I'm never going back there again so the chances of meeting a German bit of fluff are slim to none.
  4. Tons of choice at £500 so take your time, look around and then again before jumping on a watch you really like. I do like the suggestions given here above by members and my favourite of these is the somewhat "left-field" idea of a Certina - nice one @it'salivejim.
  5. The appeal of the modern iteration of the Rolex Datejust to the female audience is abysmal. This surprised us, because the Datejust is a very popular ladies watch. Every now and then, you can even spot the men’s version on a lady’s wrist. The Datejust, similar to the Panerai Luminor are prime examples of the boyfriend look, and yet the design received a mere 45% approval rating and only 48%, less than half of our respondents, would appreciate it if their date wears the watch. so they dont want there date to out shine them? As a watch for a date, it seems that the Big Bang doesn’t live up to its name and perhaps even reduced to a faint crackle instead. titter titter @BondandBigM a big bang wont get you a big bang...sorry...still reading
  6. Glad I spent my boring Sunday putting a new movement in this Rodent Explorer Not too flash?
  7. but they still prefer a mans nomos... very true thanks i needed helping out there. they should be ok with area 51 @BondandBigM rolex or no rolex then eh? any how back to reading...
  8. They are buying watches that will not make their partners too attractive to other women, obvs.
  9. i think i know now why i didnt understand the choices, it seems they are from a womens perspective how on earth are we supposed to understand that? Im still reading.... i get it, if i want to pull a german bird i wear a Junghans Max Bill still reading.... funny There is a certain appeal with Rolex for men that does not translate for every woman. thats @BondandBigM stuffed then as far as german birds go. bond you are to flashy mate Rolex timepieces can be perceived as too flashy Regarding consent for dates were on dodgy ground now is that what men who wear Panerai are like? isnt it just another take a pop at a submariner job? The Rolex Submariner is perhaps the most famous dive watch there is. In this poll, one would expect a higher placement for this timeless classic or at the very least, it would gain mostly approval from the ladies. To the contrary of our belief, only 53% of our respondents like this iconic timepiece and just as many participants wish that their friend or date would wear the watch to a get-together. That is enough for a middle placement in our ranking, just ahead of another great classic in the world of watches. im being cynical now sorry did you say this was a German survey? The Speedmaster Professional does significantly better than the Rolex Submariner in the question whether you would like to see the watch on the wrist of a date: with 60% consent, it ranks higher in approval for dates than it does regarding the design appeal.
  10. Think actually it was me that missed your link rather than Nigel. Had a read and it would appear that the models used were preselected by the magazine rather than by those ladies (only 100), surveyed. Explains a lot. Cheers
  11. nomos lol and no grand seiko i'll give it a go give me a few minutes gosh it looks dry
  12. Good lord -- I didn't realise reading was such an effort
  13. lol yeh im going to have a read and see if i can weigh it up, ill bill the op for my time if its wasted. its Sunday raining and im bored. So might as well give it a shot then next year when she say what do you want for christmas, he says just a few pairs of socks dear.
  14. Yep, I mean Nomos top of the list Junghans third. I doubt most men never mind women have even heard of either. And of all the Nomos watches not the larger cased Zurich but a 35mm Bauhaus knock off watch. Methinks someone is looking to shift some stock from the store rooms. Both above Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Tag Keep dreaming. As for the Christmas present can you imagine it? ”Well dear, you know you have been asking me for a Rolex or one of those Omega diver thingies or one of those big weird looking Breitling watches with all the sub dials nobody used and the thing around the edge nobody understands?” (rolls eyes) ”You mean a Navitimer?” ”Yeah that’s it (rolls eyes and half listens) ”Well I got you this” (Hands over present to excited chubby middle aged paws of husband who excitedly unwraps Christmas gift dreaming of showing off to his mates down the pub and in his sole destroying office job he hates) Wrapping paper off and there is a Junghans max bill, Nomos or a Reverso. Tears of disappointment mixed with guilt fill up as he thanks her then slumps off to the kitchen for a drink thinking “Christ, it’s only half ten”
  15. i'll have a look and get back to you then.
  16. That's twice I've agreed with you.
  17. For themselves, 36mm Explorers also became very much in demand with Japanese female fashionistas around the same time. Must admit though, looks way much better on this wrist than it does on mine.
  18. If you'd read the article (by following the link), you would know the answers to at least some of the questions, Nigel.
  19. Tudor bracelets are about the best there are in my humble opinion....
  20. im like that, i decide to sell list them and then change my mind and end up paying the fees for nothing. Ive got a ploy now, if im not sure i bump the price up until im sure i want to sell that way it stays listed no fees and no one will pay the price, so you get to keep it, then if i decide i can drop the price, problem is this time ive not been able to make my mind up at all so the prices have been up and down like a yoyo lol
  21. Today
  22. I tried to put one on the bay last night, but the listing tool wasn't working properly (they had server issues today too) and anyway, this morning I changed my mind ha ha ha
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