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    It looks like the edge of the case has been spliced together. Is it a repair or original or maybe a trick of the light? Is the other side of the case the same? Looks like it could do with a service as the reg is off the scale.
  3. Gonna bump this as yema still interest me, refreshed by seeing them flash up on my Facebook stream and a recent WRUW thread... Yet I seem to remember seeing recent posts pretty much slating them?
  4. Sunday Night at the London Palladium - (1958) The recordings are being shown by Talking Pics TV on a Sunday evening Tonight includes Pinky and Perky!!
  5. Fill your boots Some classic Disco in this
  6. Well worn manual wind Omega for me tonight.
  7. It looks like an SKX007 with a couple of Yobokies mods.
  8. they can still put the emissions results through on the previous test vehicle etc cant they? etc etc etc anything can be fudged. as above i agree with your first statement mate...who do you know they might be worth a tickle.
  9. Very true and it's getting tougher too. Now they are using bluetooth & digitally recorded emission results so they cannot be fudged. Discussions are now around the same technology for the brake rollers so again not have any manual input. Long gone are the days of the postal MOT.....
  10. FOX403


    Had a look inside tonight looks very clean, think i might take it to someone who is a bit more knowledge and give it a service Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk More pictures Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Not so much these days though, sure you can still find the dodgy ones but according to my fixer upper that isn't as easy as it was a few years ago. Most places do it by the book now.
  12. yep but a lot of people never change the fluids in the boxes or back axles so its a check and the head gaskets on bmw 6's are always a check for white sludge in the rocker. All need a check. as an aside are the 6's still as high on compression as bm's are famed for?
  13. So for the gearbox, people make the common mistake of believing BMW when they say 'Lifetime oil'. This is utter rubbish, the boxes themselves are pretty decent and in most cases 'GM' tiptronic. But when I had a e46 I use get the oil changed and fitted a new filter around 80k mark along with a quick diff oil change it use keep it running sweet. But at £11 per litre of oil not cheap. Head gaskets again mainly down to lack of maintenance, BMW recommending coolant change roughly every 2-3 years Blue antifreeze. Also the 6 cylinder engines were prone to using a little oil so the odd top up would keep things ticking nicely. I never really had any issues with back axel apart the trail arm bushes but then I use to press in the cheap poly bushes which were 100 times better then the rubber o.e ones.
  14. rog you for got the rule about new members being charged a fiver for wasting a modulators time. show him the donate button guv
  15. I just checked the rules and this clause applies... Restrictions on New Members New Members will not be able to send personal messages, see member profiles and some sub-forums and be able to use the for-sale, wanted and trade section until they have 50 posts. ...so just a few more to go!
  16. add to that head gasket, back axle and autobox yep hes a trader int he. ;-)
  17. dont worry its not relative to humans
  18. roger charges 2 quid an hour for his time when dealing with people who waste his modulator time he's a ninja not to be taken lightly.
  19. My mother had a Samsung watch with a Shiojiri V300A on board. I did post a thread on it in the Japanese section, but no one was interested. I've actually had to check that I don't still have it, but I pretty sure it went to a charity shop. I think you were lucky the battery didn't leak.
  20. i've read this post and been trying for a good 10 minutes to see where the button is, and just noticed you said that i'm under 50 posts so probably can't see it..! guess i'll have to wait until 50 lol!
  21. mildly worried that pre 1990 counts as senior!
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