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  2. A long overdue turn for this Seiko 7005-2000 today.
  3. I hope you've only got one packet of Cheddar open, or are you using the individually wrapped fingers?... ...and for goodness sake make sure you put the lid back on the Branston properly....
  4. To be fair, by the time you're on a watch forum the obsessive bit has probably already started anyway.
  5. The obsessive bit starts when you buy two or more of the same watch in the same colour.....
  6. Meeting with the chief exec today so lifting one from the top end of the shelf:
  7. Yes... however... just as a point of order, just because many other people on this forum think it's perfectly normal to have duplicates in different colours, doesn't mean it's not obsessive (yes I'm guilty too!)
  8. Damn. I found a pair of cords I liked and did just this. I am OLD
  9. Bulova today (old photo) PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  10. As always chaps your opinions and advise greatly received. Food for thought!
  11. Good morning, this old Seiko 5 still has some decent lume...
  12. This one today, having a sort out of watches to sell!!!!! but not this one
  13. Morning everyone, throwback to my first proper watch! Have a great day!
  14. Today
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