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  2. I used to work for Ingersoll Rand in the 90's but I was on power tools, the compressors were made in another factory on the side of the road. It was one of those factories where any tools you wanted, torque wrenches, all sorts of measuring equipment, socket sets etc etc you only had to ask. Plus the wages were good which always helps, the factory was walking or running distance away and it had a good pension scheme
  3. Please enjoy, remember the outside world is still there.
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  5. If the pound was stronger that would be better, but it is definitely top end price for a quartz - that said, if you want it, you want it!
  6. Not my taste either , but it’s your money, if you like it then that’s all that matters.
  7. " During the 1920s, Léon Lévy was approached by Ebauches S.A, who wanted Pierce to join the consortium. Léon, however, had a completely different direction in mind for his brand, and he refused the offer, allowing him to stay independent. This independence came at a cost: blacklisted by all the suppliers, Pierce couldn’t borrow or use pieces from the consortium companies, forcing the brand to come up with and develop their own manufacture calibres. As a result, Pierce invented more than 30 different calibres throughout the company’s history, two of them being chronograph movements." downloaded from https://www.europastar.com/time-keeper/1004090615-five-underrated-vintage-chronograph-calibres.html Here's my Cal. 130 monopusher.
  8. Not my cup of tea at all, reminds me of the finish on an 80's American station wagon... However, Citizen make superb movements that last well and are massively accurate. Given that, the guts will be very solid and the watch should be reliable for eons.
  9. Same here. A piece of art - if you just look at the movement itself. Incredible masterpiece. On contrary - a mediocre case design - a fusion between Ebel ( bracelet), Fossil ( case) and Omega ( tachometer scale used for minutes track ). Then we add the very useful 60 min chrono function ( really useful?) + no date, no lime on hour markers but on hands. If you are bored to wait for Daytona which probably everyone has or lust after and you cannot afford RM or PP, or you think PP or VC are too common, A Lange and Sohne is too obvious as choice, then you do not have any other choice ( poor you) other to buy this and brag it has 400+ parts, it is only limited to 100 pcs and so on , so on. Let the brawl begin
  10. I only change my watches as I wear them, but I make a point to wear my display watches in the first week, so they are first to be put right. Some will never get changed, possibly - my 18th birthday watch that I never wear, and my dad's that only comes out once a year really.
  11. That's stockpiling, Mike...only two bottles allowed. I used Record gear all my engineering life. When I worked at BroomWade, the famous compressor manufacturers, I had a 6" Record vice with an anvil behind it on my bench. These days, now retired, a 4" vice will suffice. I still have a selection of Record 'Stilson' wrenches from the tiny 8", through the 12", 18" and 24". I can borrow a 36" from a friend if I really need it.... I'm still contemplating buying either a Clarke drill press, or the more expensive Record Power version. Now I'm retired and it would only be used a couple of times a year, I think the sensible option is the cheaper Clarke drill. The bench was from an online company who specialise in cut timber products. I could have easily sourced and bought the timber from Wickes or Travis Perkins, but I would have had to buy a complete sheet of MDF and standard lengths of 4"x2", plus pay a delivery charge, then cut it all to size with the inevitable wastage. This was supplied cut to size with all screws required, for less than I could source it for. All treated softwood legs and rails as well (not the MDF decks, but I will seal them myself)
  12. The Champagne by the vice to celebrate a job well done?
  13. I do like Record gear, especially the vices but the stilsons are top tackle too. Nice bench too Roger
  14. hi Steven ,welcome to the forum,sorry cant help with the watch itself but the citizen/miyota movement is a well tried and tested quartz unit which is very unlikely to give you any problems..
  15. The new workbench arrived today...superb service in the prevailing circumstances, as only ordered last week. Nicely packaged, and really simple to put together (as long as you have an impact screwdriver) Took half an hour to assemble, but another hour moving stuff around to accommodate, plus fitting the vice, which involved fitting additional strengthening below the top deck. As arrived. Putting together... Fully assembled... 4" Record engineers vice fitted...this involved adding extra strengthening below the 19mm MDF deck...another 19mm of engineering ply. Other stuff to be added as and when...
  16. It uses the Soprod FM13D, which was used in a few pieces.
  17. In reality, that's the same as us...never a cross word in 28 years...life's too short for silly arguments...
  18. 40 years since my teens, and never a cross word.
  19. Thanks, difficult to show how fantastic the dial is, I think the crystal has yellowed a bit. Better shot I think David Boettcher made the strap.
  20. Hello, Can somebody please help me identify the movement inside a Victorinox 241617 without pulling it to bits. Thanks, Steve
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