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  2. New LE with special woodland scenes sapphire
  3. You should. The shop is tiny, Gilbert is lovely and Iceland is very expensive to eat and drink but interesting too
  4. That colour of that strap on that watch dosnt look too bad tbh, but with Nato`s what i dont like and would never get used to is the bit tucked into the keepers, sometimes its fairly discreet but often its stuck up/bunched up and can look ridiculous, to me personally the only way a Nato style strap would look ok is if it was fitted/tailored to a particular watch.
  5. How do you reverse them ? I find these very interesting to see the change on them nice looking watch buddy
  6. This is mine when new will take a picture later has started to go dim now naturally
  7. I have always liked 12 hour bezels, prefer them to the standard dive watch bezel, I find them useful for travel
  8. All day outside labouring for the brickies building my garage extension wearing the g shock of course which is now covered in pug , now time for a beer and a sit down ...... Bit of a orange theme going on here so thought I would join in , new strap for the Sinn arrived this week
  9. Minus Steinhart, Unimatic, and Baltic for me. Nothing eterna really does it for me but it's a great brand with rich history. Don't like the sound of the name Squale so have never bothered. If you're going to buy a watch from one of these I would stick with the rest not listed above. Especially from Meistersinger! Those single handers are so cool!
  10. I'm still not convinced, does it no favours, especially a diver looks much better on a steel bracelet But hey ho that's just me and each to their own
  11. Today
  12. Can't help with the watch, other than I also concluded it was most likely a 70s or 80s model, with the domed glass and the guarded crown suggests quality and maybe too slim for an automatic. But I was tickled to find that I'm not the only technical illustrator here - what a small world.
  13. I kind of agree with that, with one exception, which does look and feel right, but it has to be the genuine strap.
  14. Similar to @sabailand thoughts, they are one of those things that no matter how much you pay for them they still look like something off the Wednesday market and just make a decent watch look cheap. Years ago I bought a reasonably expensive one thinking I'd save my LV bracelet and it just looked naff
  15. Sometimes a watch on a shiny bracelet needs to be de-blinged ... Especially if one is dressed down in one's blazer.
  16. So am I, that's one of the reasons I wear a watch on my right wrist. I had more near misses with the hook on the top side than any other strap, ever.
  17. OK will give that a go, although as well as Mr 5 Thumbs I am also left-handed
  18. ah but that would mean posting after the time the hands cross the date window, to be true to the "what are you wearing" theme.
  19. My last swaps for the day!..... STOWA MARINE, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels & RLT17, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels
  20. Try putting one on with the hook on the "6" end of the watch. I find it much easier that way.
  21. Not really Nato as such, but I recently acquired a few Marine & Paratrooper fabric straps (from CNS in Sweden) - I think they look really good & are comfortable to wear (much more so than a Nato imho) - My only complaint is they are a bit fiddly to put on (but I am "The Man With Five Thumbs"!) - I have a couple of the softer "Seat Belt" Nato straps & again they are less like having a cheese grater strapped to your wrist than an old school Nato ...
  22. My Doxa, the orange just doesn't go with anything I wear and it's just too damn large for my taste these days.
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