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  2. Its a good advert at the right time of the year and in a sense the sentiment of the advert is basically true, they are a watch that people can afford, most people dont dive to god knows how many fathoms. dont fly to the moon, dont own yachts and haven't won Wimbledon. Good on Sekonda for carrying on making watches that most people can afford.
  3. Home now, couple of links out the bracelet and really could do with one back in and a half link out instead, but collar and pin so just wound out the on the fly adjustment a bit instead. Good bracelet!
  4. I think of them as a bit ordinary and uninspired really. They are cheap quartz and they do a job. I doubt whether you can conduct a really successful (non-political) advertising campaign based on dissing the opposition. Though I suspect that the majority of people who would be taken in by their ad would probably not be looking at the opposition anyway.
  5. Hi All, I am afraid I am a bit of a tech primitive and I just cannot work out how to attach photos of my mystery Komen. There is an " insert image from URL" tab, but my photos are in my gallery and I can't seem to marry the two up. Any advice?
  6. Thanks to you both for your help. As far as buying another clock for its hairspring, I might just as well buy the clock as a replacement, tho I think by the end of bidding that particular clock will sell for about £40-50. or more. I have no idea of the torque of the spare hairsprings purchased as the selection on ebay, or of the torque of the original hairspring although I believe the original frequency is about 160 beats/min I am only an amateur and although I have built and restored several clocks they range from french mantle to longcase and all pendulum regulated. I don't think I have the knowledge or ability to attach a hairspring to a collet, even if I identified the correct hairspring. I just find it hard to believe that there is no source for replacement hairsprings,
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  8. this tonight for real ale night in a pub while we can!! dean
  9. nice sentiment pity they are such crap watches though
  10. Yes Sir, you are back in "mere mortal" territory. Nice looking thing.
  11. Ha ha, not seen that before. Thanks for sharing. If it gets more people wearing watches that's great in my book! Better than a smart watch!
  12. Would be more helpful if I'd attached the correct link... https://monochrome-watches.com/omega-de-ville-tresor-orbis-edition-2020-specs-price/
  13. Ouch -- CHF 17,400 (£14,300) That's more than a little outside the OP's parameters. Do they make it in gunmetal?
  14. Some of you may have seen Sekonda's current TV ad that has a good go at roasting other watch brands. Whilst zooming in on a yellow-dialled Sekonda quartz chronograph next to a couch the deep-voiced voiceover for the 30-second ad goes like this; This is for people with no time No time for over-price watches No time for over-price watches photographed on rented yachts No time for watches that claim to work on the bottom of the ocean that are actually worn whilst sat in the bath No time for watches that work in outer space, unless you are, in fact, an astronaut No time for endorsements by self-satisfied actors, or washed-up ex-tennis-players This is real life amigos Sekonda No time for nonsense I must say I admire their guts for taking aim big brands and whilst being an 'anti-brand' is not exactly a new phenomenon, it's pretty new in horology as far as I am aware, insofar as every brand I can think of, including microbrands, are selling a lifestyle of some sort as part of their brand positioning (I await incoming bombardment of other examples of anti-brands I haven't thought of or forgotten about ). Perhaps this Ronseal/John Smiths approach appeals to me because I like tool watches and find hyperbole and nonsensical endorsements and pretentious associations a real turn-off. I'm assuming that Sekonda did some research that suggested at least some watch buyers are unhappy about sky-rocketing SRPs? What do others think? If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here; https://www.sekonda.com/as-seen-on-tv
  15. Nice work @johnbaz. I'd be hopeless at anything like that but you have done an amazing job with that Yamaha! Before I got this Yamaha I had a really cheap acoustic, some Argos special from back in the day, was horrible to play. The action was all out and was just a pain to play. Didn't sound great either. But yeah the Yamaha although not an expensive guitar plays and sounds really nice. Good enough for what I need anyway! Looks great on the wall also! slowly getting there with playing, it's just lots of practice I need!
  16. Here you go... https://monochrome-watches.com/2021-omega-de-ville-tresor-power-reserve-hands-on-price/
  17. Those are breeze blocks from what I understand and yes you can use a handsaw to cut through pretty easy. The builder had to use the power saw with the stone blade to get through these beauty's. Will most likely still be standing way after I'm gone.
  18. So Omega donate part of the proceeds of ever watch sale to Orbis an international eye charity. This is the 3rd generation of the Orbis de ville….they’ve also made a speedy in the past too!
  19. As it seems to be de rigueur to include Youtubage in this thread . . . . . .
  20. Very nice indeed. Just out of interest did you consider a sea dweller deep sea?
  21. Lume test of the @Briceybonus. Pass I think you will agree.
  22. Nice one, I wondered if they were those Febmast(?) blocks, the ones you can cut with a handsaw.
  23. Concrete blocks just layed horizontal rather vertical for strength.
  24. I like variety in my collection an micro brands offer that in spades at generally affordable prices, but there seems to be a number of micros moving up, probably wouldn’t pay a grand for a micro sub alike even if dive style watches are my thing, for a grand I’d be wanting something more mainstream, As to enjoy Verus cost, I just don’t think there is a difference, I like a watch or dislike regardless of value and I was never afraid to wear an expensive on hols, cos they are for wearing.
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