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  2. I would bring it back to the original finish or close too.
  3. thanks jimm what were you thinking of? Im thinking all is very nice and the case just wants as light a polish as possible? I enjoy that bit and im thinking a light going over with cape cod will be enough or if necessary a little metal polish like meguiars?
  4. agreed everything points to marlin except the lack of waterproof on the dial, big thick seal is in the back...weird.
  5. I would just love to refurb that for you.
  6. Most Stephen King are good i read 13 of his books in 2008...i had a lot of spare time, they always went through a lull in the middle but always gripped me... Sarah Laughs
  7. Ive been after one of these for a while a bit of background from wus....seiko branding dictionary... - KS (King Seiko): (Sub-brand) - A high grade watch that was second to the GS as the most top of the line Seiko during the 1960’s and 70’s. Some of the models featured an unique external adjusting screw so that if it was fast or slow the movement could be adjusted with out removing the movement from the case (was one piece case in the beginning). Later versions of the KS were in the Vanes line which was a funky mode line of the 1970’s And a useful link https://mollewatch.com/blogg/seiko-grand-king-quartz-a-hidden-treasure-from-the-70s/ explaining how during the period when quartz was king...pardon the pun the King Quartz and Grand Quartz replaced the GS and King Seiko automatic in Seikos top line up nb "Everyone wanted the latest and greatest, quartz! With a precision that was way better than any mechanical watch and the coolness with something modern, electronic on the wrist Seiko also discontinued the Grand Seiko (the GS label did not reappear until 1988 as quartz and 10 years later, 1998, as mechanicals with the 9S caliber) and the King Seiko lines around 1973-1974. Instead the GS and KS series were replaced with Grand Quartz and King Quartz." Over to some pics, the case will need a slight polish probably in reality cape cod will revive it enough whilst retaining the lines and genuine appeal of age, its not mint, but the dial case crown and crystal are all very presentable and im sure will look better in the flesh. Importantly it has the all important original crown and case back (that sometimes gets swapped out if the battery compartment seal fails. Some pics. Its the design i wanted with the smooth straight rolex alike angles (pardon me)....Its nicely original and im sure a cape cod will have it sparkling and remove the swirlies (which is part of the fun). Said to be in good working order etc and coming from a seller in Japan with good feed back (these are stupidly priced outside of Japan i think.) I'll get better pics up and impressions when it arrives.
  8. If we're talking Tobe Hooper, "Salem's Lot" was much better than "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in my opinion.
  9. Bit late but this today. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk Bit late but this today. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
  10. Furniture - Brilliant Mind. This group really did deserve major recognition!
  11. Today
  12. at least you both seem to have dodge the bullets.
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