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  2. I feel in a reflective mood today, so it is my Grandfather's old watch I am wearing. I recently worked out that he and I each owned the watch for exactly half of its 54 years.
  3. Today it's the somewhat less common CWC G10 that was issued to the Royal Marines in 1995 ... Still going strong and looking great !
  4. I would say good morning but it's peeing down yet again. [emoji21] More water resistance needed so on with the Panerai. [emoji16] I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
  5. Although I have little/no experience of smart watches (I wore someone else's Apple Watch for an afternoon and it annoyed the hell out of me telling me to breathe/stand up/do steps/text messages etc.), I can second the FitBit customer service - it is incredible!
  6. Afternoon gents. This has been on the wrist for a good few days now. I've decided to look for another strap, still linked to motoring / rallying, but with smaller and more holes.
  7. Today
  8. Another day of meetings via VC. Incongruously wearing the Alpinist whilst trapped inside.
  9. Fresard for me - and if anyone can shed light on the make, age etc - feel free to enlighten me.
  10. I would say from my experience* that an Apple Watch (the incorrectly named I watch) has to be the best smart watch. The tag may have the looks, but in terms of ease of use, functions, connect-ability and so much more, Apple have it. The only thing that lets it down is battery life. However, I’m so glad I got rid of mine - not missed being connected at all! When I go for a run - I now map it to see how far I went - more fun! *A pal has the TH connected, I had Apple Watch for 5 years, also had a huawei, Samsung and Fitbit in fits and starts. Would also add that though Apple customer service is first class, Fitbit is even better. My dad has a Fitbit, which after 11 months developed a minor fault. He rang them and the next day a parcel containing a replacement Fitbit arrived for him.
  11. Might be useful to know what sort of watch you are thinking of -- otherwise recommended ADs could range from Ernest Jones to William & Son.
  12. So for me the new Tag Heuer 2020 Connected is top, for me style, design and multiple faces so a different Tag for every day of the week. Accepting that Samsung and I Watch are better tech but can’t help preferring the Tag.
  13. Vintage Seiko 66-7100 this morning
  14. Morning... 1929 9k ROTHERHAM & Sons.
  15. Mappin and Webb in Fenchurch St or Watches of Switzerland near the Royal Exchange.
  16. Thanks Eezy. I'll get the back off it today and get some pics up. Cheers.
  17. Morning Early morning shopping trip to Asda, and sun is out. Tissot 'Seastar 1000' {Cal: Powermatic 80.111 11 1-2''' [Base ETA C07.111 (ETA 2842-2)]} I'm liking the blue a lot cracking looking strap, but yellow may go really well with that watch and you do seem to have a knack for getting a really good looking watch where the colour yellow is involved.
  18. This is a swiss movement, but in most cases - impossible to determine the manufacturer. Everything is in place, only the hairspring seems to be bent. And, of course, balance staff can be broken.
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