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  2. I don't want a triumph again I'd already decided I wasn't buying anymore John Smedley polo shirts, made in Britain or not.
  3. I thought this would have done it, "J.S.Bloor donated £400,000 to the Conservative & Unionist Party in the 2017 General Election."
  4. Not a knighthood though. Personally a gong off the Monarchy doesn't impress me but if Dyson is suitable, John Bloor should be.
  5. Like Joe Bamford ? Branson and Dyson got rewarded easily enough didn't they ?
  6. I can't understand why John Bloor has never been knighted ??
  7. Great start, John...they all look really good! I like the colour match with the fleece. You'll soon be moving on to some of the more complicated weaves, like the 'sanctified'. If you haven't already done so, check out the Youtube videos/tutorials by Tim on 'Weavers of Eternity' and Mark on 'The Paracord Guild'. For more decorative knotwork, check out Mikko Snellman's site, 'Ropeworks'. (https://www.snellman.ax/)
  8. Possibly the way to go would be electric vehicles for local transport, and with the correct investment and forward planning/thinking, a decent public transport system (rail) for long journeys. Just imagine if Dr Beeching hasn't had his way, and the railway system had instead of being cut, been invested in and updated, and now all electric. The "Boris bridge" to Nothern Ireland, would possibly make more sense if it were an electrified rail bridge, operating similar to the channel tunnel system.
  9. Johnson's making his bridges out of the same material he used to make his buses, cardboard
  10. You could just about do London to Newcastle on a full charge if conditions were perfect - warm day when you do not need heater or air conditioning. However, you would most likely break the journey anyway and many service stations have fast charging points so there should be no problems. The real challenge will be to have sufficient charging points for the day when we all drive electric.
  11. Good for your bowels. Always listen to Matron.
  12. I personally know someone who was highly critical of the operation from day one, and got "silenced". The UK motorcycle press, as usual, got in a froth over these ropey things, as per " Hesketh ", and any other cobbled up thing that comes their way. Give Triumph their due though, they have, and continue to make good products.
  13. After seeing @Roger the Dodger paracord bracelets I decided to have a go at making one myself , a few pm's later from Roger with advice sourcing paracord I ordered myself some ( many thanks Roger for the help ) Helpful tutorials from you tube and I made these I plan on making some more bracelets and also a Dog collar for our dog Alfie .
  14. I would surmise a casual "side swipe" would be more like the correct assumption.
  15. Not worn this one for a while, it's the extraordinary iTime Phantom Carbonio for me today:
  16. Free over 60's bus passes for you lucky lads and lasses too Not for us in England though, our free bus passes are as far away as state pension age
  17. A quick change over to these.... PARNIS Militare 51 & 60 Chronographs (Japanese [Miyota] quartz movements)
  18. A long time mate of mine, and confirmed petrol head, has done that very thing. There's a local firm hires out "luxury" cars for £ 50- £60 a day, so he uses them when the need arises. You can get this from Inverness to glasgow, with host, and hot and cold drinks, and it's comfortable.
  19. I suppose they're an easy target for those who like to rattle the keyboard from the anonymity of their own safe surroundings. Sun and Mail readers perhaps??
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