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  2. The allies (US and Russia) vastly out produced the Germans even though the tanks one on one were no match. Weren't the T34 really basic inside and lacking any sort of refinement?? Both the Tiger and Panther were over engineered and broke down a lot even though, especially the Tiger, had almost mythical status. Imagine coming up against a Tiger when your own Cromwell or Sherman was hopelessly outgunned and you and your enemy both knew it?? It wasn't till the British shoehorned a 17 pounder tank killing gun into a Sherman turret that they could start taking out the big German cats.
  3. Thanks mrzee. I've been smashing through quite a few Vostoks lately - here's 5 I've serviced this week:
  4. I've been inside a T34 and I can only imagine it as being hell. They are not big. From a design point of view they are very interesting. My pals dad was part of a Sherman crew, and he once told me of the reality of manning them under battle conditions, which was a mixture of terror, adrenaline, vomit, and sh!t.
  5. cheers Simon, I’ll let him know and tell him to email you.
  6. Is there any truth in the story that you used this line so often that it just became second nature. Then one day someone said `your wife is very attractive' and you responded `what this..............' Some say that it took some weeks for you to recover.
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  8. normdiaz

    Mafws Game

    CRIME Choosing real information may endure. SCENE
  9. Just back from a long walk/climb up the side of the glen wearing these ( and suitable clothing before anyone starts ) STEINHART MARINE TIMER SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels & GLYCINE INCURSORE (3804) 200M, SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6497 17 Jewels.
  10. Two or three years ago I acquired a Seiko EL-370 electro mechanical watch for 'spares' . Well it has been ticking away for the last couple of years on a shelf, with the second hand going round but the hands immobile, not even being able to be set as the crown won't turn in the setting position, jammed solid.... Well with isolation boredom setting in I decided to finally try to see what the problem was..... With the hands, dial and day wheel removed we are getting nearer the problem..... Next stage was to remove the date wheel ....... Closer but still cant see the problem.... One level lower and all is revealed.... A few more bits removed and the offending part.... The minute wheel which ........ a) a should be in one piece and not two and b) should have a full set of teeth...... At this moment I can't find a parts list for the 3703 cal. so cannot find the part number for this piece, though I suspect we are talking unicorn droppings for rarity.... I suspect that the only source would be another movement. Does anyone on here have a dead 3703 movement that they would be willing to part with? I do have a complete, but electrically non functional, Seiko 3303 movement that is available for trade....
  11. PRS-29AM for me today. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
  12. Love mine.. would love it more if they binned the text and stuck with the logo only
  13. Another one brought back to life today from the 'broken' box..
  14. I finally popped my g-shock cherry and picked up a blacked out GA2100 and I must say I can see how people can get hooked on these.
  15. I just hopped on the hype train and got a 1 way to the blacked out GA-2100 I must say i'm pleasantly surprised by how well it wears as i only have a 6.6" wrist. Its extremely light and despite what a lot of other people have said i find it surprisingly easy to read.
  16. I'm from up north so would certainly give it a go!
  17. The black bay blue looks lovely. i take my hat of to anyone brave/clever enough to this this kind of thing.
  18. I only have two watches with batteries so just those. It was bad enough changing wall clocks and I’ve only done one of the cars so far.
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