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  2. that looks like someone ate it before you :-(
  3. God wears a Rolex, so if you want to join him get one.
  4. I'm going down the Mekong river.
  5. Knocked together a bit of a hotchpotch currie tonight, will be served up with some nice sticky Jasmine rice.
  6. very kind of you, thanks what have you got ??? 1/ personally I couldn't give a monkeys - just make sure I am dead before you dispose of the body. 2/ re watches - no kids so see 1/ above
  7. The 2010 on Jag XJ is growing on me, i prefer it to the S mercs and the 7 BM now. this 5.0 v8 portfolio is much classier than the s class benz. still pricey though on the trader for 16 grand so kept its price better than the merc w221. obviously being a Jag it puts the germans to shame inside.
  8. My wife (being the morbid cow she is) asked me what watch I would like to be buried in if I were to die tomorrow. She also asked me who I would leave my collection to. The fact I want to be cremated is neither here nor there I suppose. My entire collection isn't worth a fortune, so it would have to be to someone who genuinely likes well made watches, but has no interest in selling them for a vast amount. In short, someone like me, and there aren't many of those around. So what watch would I wear to be buried in? Being the sad sod I am, I will now lose endless nights sleep pondering on this. What about you ???????????????????????????????
  9. Not an opinion, I've had the back off 2 - it's a Ronda. Great movement for the sort of money these are going at (or more) anyway. The bigger ones I've got are a GB00470-01 (white) & a GS00470-04 (black)- lower spec models than the one you've just got by the sound of it. Yours sounds a good 'un again. ..edit.. just Googled your model - Legacy range eh - really like that one, got the same shield shaped hour markers as my legacy auto. Very nice indeed!
  10. Blimey, even your wrist looks like mine
  11. Today
  12. looks a bit thin I would definitely go for the origin, if it was 30% cheaper - I can get a Tissot COSC for £299.00 (not a red 12, obvs)
  13. I like the idea of a single-hander but I'd only want one which had a specific single-hand movement; otherwise it's just missing a hand!
  14. I've had my 'scales of time' watches up for a while, albeit with a different chrono now and again, with complications running from split seconds up to a year, but I always thought a watch with 'day of the week' pointer was forcing the issue a bit, since there would only be seven stations round the perimeter, but then I had a retrograde brainwave. There are nicer ones, and if sellers had not replied tardily I may have had a nicer one, but this does the trick. Sapphire crystal, stainless steel case, Ronda 6203.B movement with big date (which I like) all for a ton. If I am being honest, it did come on a rather snazzy NATO, but I swapped it for a spare leather band. I doubt I shall wear it. I like it though. Seen here with his friends:
  15. Mixed opinions on this, the info I have is an ETA 251.272 movement, but to be honest either movements are extremely good. Today I received my Rotary Les Originals GB90169-02, with the Ronda movement. It has the flat sapphire, and is 43mm. The bezel appears to be a grey ceramic, and the bracelet with the deployant clasp is superb.
  16. Hirsch pure is good its caoutchouc or some such which i believe is natural rubber whatever that is, but theyre good to be fair it seems hard to beat Hirsch, though Fluco are pretty good, but no hirsch are lovely.
  17. Apologies if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it. Strange story, but it Just goes to show you can't trust anyone these days. It's from Today's Times and it has a paywall, so as it's a short article, here it is: Monica Pirovano: Woman took €8,000 Rolex ‘to give it back to its owner’ A still from security camera footage which appears to show Monica Pirovano taking the items from the tray A wealthy company director has been accused of stealing a Rolex watch and a Tiffany bracelet from an airport security tray after it went through a scanner at Turin airport.Monica Pirovano, 55, was caught on CCTV reaching into the tray and taking the €8,000 watch and the bracelet. The owner of the items had walked away, believing that her husband had picked them up for her. After realising they were missing she contacted the police, who studied security camera footage. Ms Pirovano, who runs a steel company in the north Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, appears to notice the watch and the €1,000 bracelet in the tray next to her own bag. She takes them and appears to put on the watch before walking away. Police officers were able to identify her and visit her at home, where she agreed to hand over the items. “I saw that the woman had forgotten them and I took them to give back to her but could not find her in the airport,” she told La Repubblica. “I never wanted to steal those things.” She claimed that the watch she was wearing was her own. “That watch is mine. It’s a Cartier and not a Rolex,” she said. “I already have a Rolex and I have no reason to want another. And if I did, I would buy it. I now hope to clear this up this unpleasant situation with a magistrate.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/monica-pirovano-woman-took-8-000-rolex-to-give-it-back-to-its-owner-79rl6rskk
  18. “Jimmy was the best racing driver I ever raced against without fear of contradiction.” “Fantastic. So smooth, so clean, never went off the road.”
  19. First the book by Donald de clark is the bible of watch repair. In General, If the watch mentions a caliber, you can visit ranfft.com. or you can follow directions to ID the movement by shape of the set mech. You can post a thread for help to identify it, Show pic of the movement. You may come to need another part, so movement identification is of paramount importance. Good luck
  20. ah there you go, thanks , I knew J.s said something about J.c deano
  21. Close - He said that Jim Clark was the best driver he had ever raced against.
  22. jim clark, or J.C to his friends and MR clark to me
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