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Laughing gravy Laughing gravy 05/11/19 First time dealing with David and it was a pleasure. Prompt payment and great comms. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Roger the Dodger Roger the Dodger
Nigelp Nigelp 01/11/19 Very impressed with Nigel has a seller , great communication , fast shipping and a beautiful vintage Seiko SL that keeps great time . Thank you Nigel for a very smooth and enjoyable transaction , I wouldn't hesitate to deal with you again , thanks . Tazmo61 Tazmo61
Tazmo61 Tazmo61 31/10/19 Bernie is a credit to the forum and im pleased my SL has gone to such an enthusiastic member of the forum. Nigelp Nigelp
TONY M TONY M 29/10/19 First time dealing with Tony and wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Very prompt payment and excellent communication. Thanks for a trouble free transaction! Roger the Dodger Roger the Dodger
ziggy1024 ziggy1024 18/10/19 Excellent buyer , a pleasure to do business with andyclient andyclient
greasemonk greasemonk 12/10/19 top of the range buyer no issues at all a very prompt payer. PC-Magician PC-Magician
PC-Magician PC-Magician 12/10/19 had a very pleasant deal,lovely chap,great watch.. greasemonk greasemonk
Watch_Me Watch_Me 27/09/19 Fair business, good communication, no stress either way. Jet Jetski Jet Jetski
Jet Jetski Jet Jetski 27/09/19 Great transaction with Jet Jetski! Everything was perfect (fast communication, super fast delivery, perfect description of the watch). A perfect buyer experience Watch_Me Watch_Me
Rotundus Rotundus 18/09/19 Just completed a trouble free transaction with this popular forum member perfect in every way thank you H taffyman taffyman
mcb2007 mcb2007 16/09/19 Incredible, lovely Swiss dress watch thrown in with what is already an incredibly good deal, simply gobsmacked! Allthingsmustpass Allthingsmustpass
Allthingsmustpass Allthingsmustpass 16/09/19 Nice smooth transaction with,Mark . mcb2007 mcb2007
WRENCH WRENCH 16/09/19 Just received a superb Timex, in record time too. Very very pleased. Allthingsmustpass Allthingsmustpass
Rotundus Rotundus 14/09/19 Lovely watch and fast delivery,perfect transaction,thank you. Bonzodog Bonzodog
andyclient andyclient 13/09/19 just completed a transaction with the above gent .Perfect as always thank you taffyman taffyman
Tazmo61 Tazmo61 12/09/19 A credit to the forum sales corner, top buyer bridgeman bridgeman
bridgeman bridgeman 12/09/19 A great pleasure to deal with , Chris . I highly recommend him . Tazmo61 Tazmo61
taffyman taffyman 12/09/19 An absolute pleasure to deal with as always andyclient andyclient
bridgeman bridgeman 05/09/19 Very nice dealing with Chris. Highly recommended. jmm1 jmm1
jmm1 jmm1 05/09/19 Smooth as silk, both the watch and the deal top class forum member bridgeman bridgeman
Tazmo61 Tazmo61 31/08/19 Very nice dealing with Bernie. jmm1 jmm1
jmm1 jmm1 31/08/19 Great communication and a fantastic in new condition watch , I would recommend this seller to other members . Tazmo61 Tazmo61
Faze Faze 28/08/19 Sold a Seiko Monster to Faze and yet again with this gentleman no issues at all a credit to the forum. Thank you. PC-Magician PC-Magician
PC-Magician PC-Magician 28/08/19 Another great deal, answered a request for a Monster and all went smoothly as always Faze Faze
mitadoc mitadoc 25/08/19 Smooth transaction, thank you! jizzle jizzle
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