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My watches, basically.

My watches, basically.
Jet Jetski
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Jet Jetski
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My Gagarin watch - this is a 17 Jewel hacking movement, mid-late 50's - similar in style and function to Gagarin's museum watch (but no screw case), looks a dead ringer for Tereshkova's. Obviously the dial and crystal are new, and free from the effects and perils of Radium lume (which include Radon gas production).  Interesting to me that the 'art nouveau' style hands are actually a later design than the sword hands of the original 15 jewel movements, even though the sword type look more modern.  Winds and sets terrifically. Text below from my Russian watches post.

Sturmanskie: I bought it because it has a hacking 17 jewel movement, and Gagarin may have worn one - or a 15 jewel non-hacking.  Or a 15 jewel hacking.  But definitely not a Rodina, depending which website you check! I read the watch he wore is in a museum, but he didn't answer the phone, when I called him to check if it really was his.  (If it was not recorded contemporaneously and correctly, it didn't happen - only rule of GMP!)
a)  Made in 1st Moscow Watch Factory,   Mvmt Designation 2609[3]S/N Stamped 011564. Mine has the patent Russian 'Popoff'[4] back.
b) Interesting fact:  Originally, 3.3 metric tonnes [citation needed] of Radium was used to make each luminous Pobeda watch --  I can't find the first article I read where where a chap claimed his Sturmanskie was the 'worst' of his collection of Radium lumed watches, but I dug out more: "My Geiger counter has never screamed so loud" (Dougiedude, 2016) [5 (i)], and that is why original dials are scarce, and the survivors look wrecked.  The activated (phosphor) pigment does not glow any more, but the radioactivity of the radium mixed with it has hardly decreased. [6]
c) Donor technology: Pobeda K26 [7]

 2]  i)https://17jewels.info/movements/z/zim/zim-2602/

 3] Sturmanskie Sources (Always looking for better evidence): 

i) Picture of a 15 jewel 2608 non-shock protected movement with hacking centre seconds here http://watchguy.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_6140.jpg 
ii) "Later it was upgraded to 17 jewels and shockproofing ... Those are the only hacking variants of the centre-second Pobeda-type movement." from https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/sturmanskie-16-jewel-303275.html 
iii) 2608= non-shockproof ; 2609 = shockproof. From https://www.netgrafik.ch/russian-codes.htm

 4] Please credit me and cite this thread if you use the 'Popoff back' joke.

ii) https://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/ural-radium-637809-2.html includes geiger counter video and frightening stats from a collector

 6] i) https://www.northampton.ac.uk/news/wwii-military-watches-potentially-pose-serious-cancer-risk/

 7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pobeda_(watch)


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