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    I don't think I've ever done a SOTC on this forum, but I'm such a champion flipper I'd never seen the point – I'd be doing a new one every month. Nothing has changed in that respect but I've had a few ins and outs recently and feel 'stable' (oh how we laughed all the way to the burns unit) for the time being. I tried to take a collective picture of them in the watch boxes, but my camera skills aren't up to it so I'll present it as a series of wrist shots. THE ROLEX Explorer II 16570 My first Rolex, bought in 2014, and I was distinctly underwhelmed when it arrived. I thought the finish was agricultural, the dial was nothing special, and the bracelet was no better than many micro-brand bracelets. Obviously after wearing it for a few weeks this view changed considerably and it's now a firm favourite. Submariner 14060m I'm not a fan of modern six-digit Rolex, and I wasn't a fan of the Submariner until I started seeing pics of the 14060 two-liner. It just seemed so beautifully uncluttered and perfect in its simplicity that I knew it was the only Sub for me – vintage looks with modern usability. Explorer 14270 Another classic I wanted to own for a long time. Initially I was worried about the 36mm size but it definitely doesn't feel small. It's the Goldilocks watch. BEST OF THE REST Omega AT 2504.80 A recent acquisition, and having previously owned a 39mm Railmaster I decided 36mm was the way to go. This is the older 2500 Co-Axial so the case maintains a svelte figure. I'm still waiting for the extra half-link I have on order to hopefully make the bracelet fit properly. Stowa Partitio Just a lovely little take on a old design. Purists would say it needs to be handwind, but auto works for me. This can either look dressy on leather or military on a canvas strap. It's probably neither of those things, but I like it. Tutima Military Chronograph NATO Another German, this time with a bit more going on. The Tutima Military Chronograph NATO is the civvie version of the Lemania 5100 powered chrono supplied to NATO forces. This one has an interesting history in that it was presented to a Nottingham miner for service down the pits. He carried on wearing it down the pit until he retired and the watch eventually stopped working. It was left in a drawer until the miner's son sent it to Tutima for a full overhaul before selling it to me. Doxa SUB 300 50th Anniversary All the original style of the first Doxa SUB released in 1967, with modern updates – box sapphire, COSC ETA 2824 movement and solid links beads of rice bracelet. I've had a couple of Doxas but they were always too big so got flipped. This is just about right and after umming and aaring about the colour, I decided I had to go for the Doxa orange. Glycine Airman No. 1 I've had a fair few Glycine pass through my hands and all of them have been excellent quality, and have only ever been flipped for economic reasons or my proportional tastes changing, e.g. I had an Airman SST06 years ago, which I loved until I finally admitted it was too big for my scrawny wrist. This is my second Airman No. 1, but every time I put it on I remember why I should keep it. Fortis Spacematic Pilot Professional I've been a fan of Fortis for years and owned numerous Fortis Fliegers but settled on the Spacematic as my Fortis of choice. It was sad to hear that the brand was struggling last year but, as with Glycine, they are quite niche and rely on enthusiasts to keep them going. Let's hope Invicta doesn't get involved. Squale 1521 50 Atmos Another one bought, sold and bought again. Just a great case design, and this version from the first batch of the NOS releases in the mid 2000s is the best IMO. Junghans Meister Telemeter Chronoscope When I got this home my wife actually commented, saying she liked it because it was the kind of watch her grandad would have worn. That'll do for me. Powered by an ETA 2892 with a Dubois Depraz 2030 chronograph module. And has a fantastically comfortable bracelet Mk II Key West GMT Mk II's have come and gone but this has been my favourite so I'm sticking with it for now. It all functions beautifully and looks amazing but I wouldn't want to wait for a new project from Bill Yao. His modus operandi appears to be, make the customer pay a deposit and then wait for X number of years until they wished they'd had some teeth pulled instead. Fine end product though. CWC RN Diver quartz The third one I've owned, but the first polished case version. I actually think I prefer it over the matte cases. THE SEIKOS SKX007 The classic and nothing else to say 6309-7040 Another Seiko classic. This one came to me with domed sapphire, new bezel insert and glass case back, but all original parts included. Nice as the new bits were, I got it put back to original 1980s spec. 7A28-701A A beautiful quartz chrono. Fully servicable, accurate, and looks cool. I've tried to find a vintage Seiko bracelet for this with little success so if anyone has one spare … UFO Recraft I couldn't resist this recreation of Seikos 'UFO's from the 70s. SPB077 'Mini MarineMaster' Bought recently as I wanted to scratch the MM300 itch, and I've become smitten with it. I was expecting it to be far too big and heavy, and was prepared for a quick flip. But it's actually near perfect. I wore it three days in a row and keep marvelling at how well-executed it is. With MM300 prices well and truly up there now, I'm satisfied with its baby brother. Seiko 5 SNXS73 £60 and a little belter. THE RUSSIANS Poljot Okeah This is one of the many 'limited edition' Okeah (Ocean) reissues. The 3133 movement seems to be increasingly rare and expensive, so Russian watches with these chronos fitted are no longer cheap as chips, more's the pity. The Vostok 710s 'ministry case' Anyone who doesn't appreciate the Amphibia as a piece of important horological history needs to have a word with themselves. Of all the Amphibias I've tried, the 710 case wins every time for me. Vostok Komandirskie 1965 I took this in part trade and love the no frills aesthetic. LEFTOVERS Newmark 6BB A faithful recreation of a British military-issued chrono. I haven't worn this as much as I expected but I like it so it's staying for the foreseeable. Divex Professional 200 Looks badass, keeps good time, can survive prolonged exposure to seawater, and costs next to nothing. I put it on a Hirsch Pure rubber I've had for years, which costs more than the watch. Citizen NY0040-17L A rival to the SKX007 for my affections. The Citizen keeps better time and hand-winds, but still doesn't hack. The sunburst blue dial gives it a bit of glam over the SKX. I bought an aftermarket bracelet but am currently wearing it on a Hadley Roma Cordura. Many others have come and gone and some I regret flipping, such as the 1968 Omega SM300 and Tudor Back Bay ETA, but they went for a good cause. Stupid bloody hobby
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    Another day with this Longines. Perfect.
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    Omega Seamaster 2254.50 today. Superb desk diver and really doesn’t get worn as often as it should...
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    Morning all... Early 60's Vostok/Volna PRECISION. Cal: 2809 chronometer, 22 jewel.
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    Time to give the 'Spork' an outing as I haven't worn it for a couple of weeks....
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    Morning Sun is out, looks like a nice day. Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Sellita SW 200)
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    Good morning watch fans, my vintage Zenith 2552 PC automatic circa 1969 today
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    Morning After today, Just 12 more working days to go. Still stuck in a Vostok dealer. Vostok Europe N1 Rocket Cal: 6S21
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    Good morning everyone, this Omega “pie pan” Constellation, calibre 561, from 1966 today.
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    Vintage Zenith, 1957, 18 ct gold case, diameter 37 mm, cal 40
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    Good morning everyone, this Omega “pie pan” Constellation, calibre 561, from 1966 today.
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    managed to get some parts to fix this from Sweden in the week so giving it a go today..
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    Good morning, Oris big crown date pointer. Have a good one all...
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    Greetings watch fans my vintage Omega Mariner mk1 circa 1976 this morning
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    It was 40 degrees plus for the second day running yesterday... Hoping it will be cooler today.... Vintage Omega Cosmic 2000 Automatic Circa early 1970's
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    The only watch I own now as I’m a one man watch
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    Morning all... Circa 1940 MOVADO ERMETO pocket/travel watch. Silver cased with lacquered slides.
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    Morning all, Wearing the Ballon today as it has not been out in a while. Have a good day!
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    Good morning, courtesy of Lug (of this parish). I am the proud new owner of this beautiful 1961 Omega Seamaster, cal 562. My birth year watch.
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    Moody and, in my view, extremely beautiful. "Entry level" from (currently) my favourite watchmaker (and, yes, that includes Lange and the "Trinity"). Atum Pure M. .
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    Beaver tail again today, with mother of pearl Wish you all a good day!
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    Greetings watch fans my vintage Helvieta HiBeat automatic today
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    Good morning everyone, going with this 2nd World War, Air Ministry issue 6B/159, calibre 30SCT2 today.
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    Morning Longines Hydroconquest Sunray blue (L3.742.3.96.7) (Cal L619-888) today.
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    Vintage Citizen Crystron from 1978'ish
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    Another day, another pic of the Everest More Smiths today and whilst the slightly bulky adjustable clasp was a hot topic of discussion on launch, it has earned its keep over the past couple of days...
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    Morning all... 70's VULCAIN EXACTOMATIC. Cal: MSR T56, 22 jewel.
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    This as I am playing golf at 8-30 am
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    Morning Last Vostok today, honest. Almaz with Polished Steel Case Cal: NH35
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    Greetings watch lovers, my vintage Zenith Pilot Automatic
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    Omega Speedmaster Professional today.
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    Good morning, green really pops this morning on this Seiko Prospex...
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    Morning all... 1952 TISSOT bumper. Cal: 28.5-21, 17 jewel, SS case.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Morning all... 1948 OMEGA. Cal: 30T2PC, 15 jewel. Re-cased.
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    Morning all... 1940's WYLER Bumper. Cal: AS1250, 17 jewel.
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    Morning all... OCEAN ONE BRONZE Cal: ETA 2824-2 elabore, 25 jewel.
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    Good morning. An old Ostara diver today. Nicely worn in.
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