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    The sales section will be closed until further notice. There are two main issues. Obviously watches are not essential when most of us on here have one already, so why risk the postal workers? Secondly RM won't be asking for signatures, so arguments about 'it never arrived' could occur which no one needs right now.
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    Snowfall again JLC Reverso Duo
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    Morning... 1970's VULCAIN EXACTOMATIC. Cal: MSR T56, 22 jewel.
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    A rare outing for my NOS Glashutte SPEZICHRON automat, cal 11-27, circa 1977-83 i think...
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    Good morning all [emoji41] Speedy for today unless I fancy a change later on. [emoji848] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Have a great Friday watch lovers! A vintage Zenith Pilot, cal 2572 PC-E, circa 1974,
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    I am starting out with this Zenith Respirator automatic, in-house Hi-beat cal 2562 PC, circa 1972
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    Morning... 1948 OMEGA. Cal: 30T2PC, 15 jewel.
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    Morning Certina 'DS PH200M' Powermatic 80
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    Morning Tianjin 1963 Chinese Airforce watch (Cal: ST19) today.
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    Morning Vostok Europe 'GAZ 14 Limousine' (Cal: NH35A)
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    Morning, watch groovers. Have a great weekend!
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    My heaviest watch ;) 257g for the watch + 306g for the bracelet, so a total of 563g on the wrist!! PS: Happy April Fool's Day to everybody
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    March 31st, Tuesday: Coronavirus quarantine and damn snowfall
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    Starting the day with:
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    Morning... 1965 GIRARD-PERREGAUX Gyromatic. Cal: 22-09, 39 jewel.
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    Omega Seamaster chrono from 1972 , old pic I’m afraid
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    Morning Hamilton 'Khaki King' {Cal: H40 (ETA 2834-2)}
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    Good morning chap's [emoji41] 1926 for today. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning, Smiths today, and not a bad-looking big fellow but, alas, beauty is only skin deep. I have no wish to denigrate a well-loved name, but this particular example dating from around 1970 represents just about the last throw of the dice for the Smiths watchmaking business and by which time they had resorted to using lower-end Swiss movements, in this case a Ronda 1215. Regards.
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    Morning... Late 30's RG ASTOR curved tank. Cal: Peseux 110, 15 jewel.
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    Frederique Constant Big Date Dual Time Automatic
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    Morning Parnis PA767 (Cal: Sea-gull 2542)
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    Morning... 1940 14k GF HAMILTON HASTINGS. Cal: 987, 17 jewel.
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    Morning Rado 'Captain Cook' to start the week.
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    Morning Rado 'HyperChrome' {Cal: 658 (ETA 2824-2)}
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    Morning Alpina 'Alpiner' (Cal: AL-525)
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    This one to start:
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    Morning Mido Multifort {Cal: 80 (base ETA 2836.2)} to start the week.
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    Vintage Omega f300 this bright and sunny spring morning
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    Today with Zenith pocket chronograph, circa 1919, cal CH-1
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    Haven’t worn the tag Heuer Steve McQueen for a while so on it is happy Thursday everyone
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    Have a good day everyone.
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    Pioneer. Steel. HMC200 automatic.
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    Have a great Friday watch lovers! My vintage Zenith Defy Octagonal, cal 2552 PC, circa 4th quarter 1969 this morning on the original Gay Freres ladder bracelet And a song from the same year...
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    Good morning all [emoji41] The start of day 2 of lock down so wearing this old JW Benson for the morning. Hope you are all well. [emoji846] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Hiya all, hope you are well LONGINES Heritage Conquest, cal.L633 25 Jewels ORIS Artelier, cal.623 (ETA 2859-2) 27 Jewels
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    Good morning. Stay safe.
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    Greetings watch fans, have a great Friday! I am wearing this vintage Zenith Pilot Circa 1950's on a new handmade leather. Photo taken just now.
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    Morning... 1972 9k AVIA OLYMPIC & bracelet. Cal: Peseux 320, 17 jewel. The gift from my parents (inscribed) that started my obsession with all things horological.
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    Last time I posted a picture of the Pallas Adora, it stopped working a couple of minutes later. The crown wouldn't turn anymore, it was frozen solid. A few days ago I went to a watchmaker I know. He opened it, couldn't find anything wrong with it, closed it again - and it has been running smoothly ever since. Maybe she's just a bit shy and doesn't like her picture taken? Let's try again.
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    Vintage Seiko 66-7100 .
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    Mido GMT this morning .
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    Nearly 54 years old
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