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    Morning Smiths Everest 'Expedition' PRS-25W (Cal: Miyota 9039)
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    Morning Early morning for ASDA shopping. GMT here too to start the day, and another GMT to change into later after a delivery from DPD, Chris Ward C65 GMT. Meccaniche Veneziane 'Nereide GMT' Topazio Crema {Cal: MV297 (Sellita SW330-1)}
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    Omega Seamaster Türler cal. 552 from 1962, just like me
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    Morning Tissot 'Ballade' Chronometer {Cal: Powermatic 80 (ETA C07.111)}
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    This is one of the few Vintage Digital watches I own. I have 4 of these early to Mid 70's LED vintage Pulsars and a couple late 70's Seiko LCD's. When I was actively collecting the Pulsar LED's I had about 10 or so but after learning about them in more detail and the persons involved with the repair side of things, I sold off most of them and quit following them. Having said that, I still have 4 very nice ones, including this 1972 Pulsar LED P2 in 14kt Solid Gold Model 2975. The info on these oddball model is they only made between 300 & 500 units. I restored it as best I could and its a nice Retro LED piece.
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    7T94-0AM0 JDM with graph-paper dial. HAGD
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    Today it's this one's turn....
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    I rarely actually seem to get to wear this one, so I dusted it off last night and will wear it in the sunshine today
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    Have3 a great weekend watchg fans, my vinatge Zenith Pilot automatic
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    No pub for me. Oris Big Crown 36mm. o
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    Morning... 1938-40 RECORD THE ELIN. Cal: 106, 15 jewel, enamel dial, screw on bezel. Rowe & Co Ltd was the premier department store in Rangoon, Burma.
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    Fortis Official Cosmonauts today:
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    Omega Speedmaster Moonphase for breakfast: Ignore the incorrect date!
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    Morning... MILUS Snow Star. Cal: ETA 2892-A2 (Top Grade), 21 Jewel. Case: 904L SS.
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    Morning... 1931 JB ROLLS ATO. https://www.thenakedwatchmaker.com/decon-blancpain-rolls
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    Morning... OMEGA De VillE prestige. Cal: Co-axial 2500, 29 jewel.
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    Morning Tissot Heritage Visodate (Cal: ETA 2836-2) I know what you mean, have that one and it's one of those that it's really hard to get a good picture on the wrist of just how great looking the dial is.
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    I know it's only a week since I last wore this, but I had to put it on again...it was crying out to me... The fabulous Seiko blue wave 'Sawtooth' (SHC057), 7N36-0FA0
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    I'm feeling a little elegant today...
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co '1925 Collection' DGB00148/01 (Cal: Sellita SW 200-1)
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    Afternoon Change over for a new one in from the EJ sale, couple of quick pics, strap a bit stiff being new, think may change it. Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic10518 (Cal: Baumatic BM13-1975A COSC)
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    Changed for this one now....
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    breitling on sailcloth today..
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    Morning Smiths 'Everest' PRS-25 36mm (Cal: Miyota 9039)
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    "TUESDAY treasure", has to be this. Steve.
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    Greetings watch fans, a vintage Omega Cosmic 2000 automatic Old pic, same watch!
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    Morning Strela 'Officer' Chronograph OF38CYGS (Cal: P3133) for my weekly walk to ASDA,
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    Morning Dry at moment, but forecast for showers on and off all day, so an appropriate watch for today. Steinhart 'Ocean 2 Premium' (Cal: ETA 2892-A2)
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    Another presumably forgotten brand for today, this steel-cased Accolade. Swiss-made, unrecorded maker and running on a bridge variant of the 17j FHF/ST 96 featuring some rather nifty engine turning. Regards.
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Cal: Sellita SW 200)
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    Going Ultra-chron on this fine Tuesday.
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    1968 JLC Memovox GT No pub for me. We're only 7 miles from the diseased in Leicester, so we don't want the lestah lepers in our parish
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    Chucking it down, this morning, so a damp "just outdoors", picture. Steve.
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    Seiko SRP043K1 aka the 'Spork'.
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    Poljot 3017 'Strela'. '64/'65 HAGD
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    Morning... Late 1950's MIDO MULTIFORT SUPERAUTOMATIC. Cal: 917R, 17 jewel.
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