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    No need to guess what I'll be wearing today...RLT 25.
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    My Vintage Seiko Sea horse automatic circa 1966 (photo taken just now)
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    Morning all, Seiko today, have a great Friday!
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    Found time today to fettle a recent acquisition. An early 1930's JB ROLLS. Although the movement was setting & running fine, the hour hand, crystal & case was in poor shape. Sourced a replacement hour hand & crystal from the accumulation of spares, along with treating various bits to spa treatment in the ultrasonic... Refitted the movement... Decided to fit a 2nd choice hour hand in the end, along with original minute & 'second' hands before the tourettes kicked in... The old crystal... The movement is a delight (too me)... Thought it was worthy of a new period strap... Thanks for looking.
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    Have a great Friday watch fans! My vintage Omega Cosmic automatic
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    Omega Seamaster 2254.50 today. Superb desk diver and really doesn’t get worn as often as it should...
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    Greetings watch fans, HAGFA! My vintage Seiko LM circa 1977 this morning
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    Morning all... Early 60's Vostok/Volna PRECISION. Cal: 2809 chronometer, 22 jewel.
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    Happy birthday to our resident good time girl and Sir David Jason / Elton John fan, The Mystery Bidder. A milestone birthday for a lovely lady. Have a great day, Cass. I shall be wearing the GMT to mark such an important occasion. And to help celebrate, what more fitting song than from one of your fellow Scots lassies...the wonderful Clare Grogan and 'Altered Images' with
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    Good morning everyone, giving this Omega Constellation, calibre 551, a turn today.
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    Loving the gulf Monaco so on with the Steve McQueen Monaco happy Friday everbody
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    Something very special has come my way. It's a long time since I had an RLT watch (RLT 36 Nautilus, No. 15) but when I saw this one I just had to have it. To be honest, I was lucky, as I dismissed it at first, thinking it would be out of my price range, but when I saw it again in the RLT shop, I snapped it up. I don't have a 'dress' watch in my collection (I do now!) and I've wanted a rectangular or 'tank' watch for ages and this fits the bill perfectly. This is RLT 25, a very unusual looking piece with numbers that are inspired by the Franck Muller offerings, but at nowhere near the ridiculous prices they charge. I asked Roy how many of these he originally made, and he seems to recall making 10 white and 10 black, so they are very rare...I've never seen another one on the forum in the 10 years I've been here, so feel very privileged to own one of the ten white pieces. The case is polished stainless steel and measures 31 x 51 x 9mm. It boasts a curved mineral crystal and also a mineral crystal display back. It's powered by the reliable Swiss made 25 jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with quickset date and hacking seconds. The rotor is engraved with Roy's initials. The white dial has a textured finish, round date window at 6 and the numbers are a pale green colour. They do glow subtly after exposure to light, but as a dress watch, not as 'in your face' as a diver. It came on a brand new Darlena water resistant strap. Enough waffle.....here are the pics. I like the onion crown... The textured dial... The display back with engraved rotor... Lume shot... Obligatory wrist shot...due to the curved case, it sits beautifully on my wrist. Thanks for looking.
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    Good morning all, going with this 9ct Jaeger LeCoultre from 1967 today.
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    A bit off a rare one this Seiko skx339 on a orange rubber
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    Omega SMP Automatic today
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    Good morning watch fans, my vintage Zenith 2552 PC automatic circa 1969 today
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    Morning After today, Just 12 more working days to go. Still stuck in a Vostok dealer. Vostok Europe N1 Rocket Cal: 6S21
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    Good morning everyone, this Omega “pie pan” Constellation, calibre 561, from 1966 today.
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    Navitimer today: Here’s a 5am sunrise shot from my apartment: Need to wake up earlier and get some amazing photos! Just a shame I can’t see the moon most evenings anymore.
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    Good morning all, going with this 1960s 9ct Longines Flagship calibre 340 today.
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    Bronze Orca on desert-safari strap.
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    Good morning all, going with this 2nd World War Air Ministry issue Omega, 6B/159, calibre 30T2SC today.
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    For any Muslims on here...Eid Mubarak! AP ROO today:
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    KHER MUBARAK! enjoy your day brother.
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    My Vintage Seiko Landmaster mk1 today
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    Daytona today: Found a mini dinosaur in the village whilst walking the dog:
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    Aqualung 500m diver today and Happy birthday!
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    managed to get some parts to fix this from Sweden in the week so giving it a go today..
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    Good morning, Oris big crown date pointer. Have a good one all...
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    Greetings watch fans my vintage Omega Mariner mk1 circa 1976 this morning
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    Good morning all, going with this 1970s Omega Geneve, calibre 1030, today.
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    Black dial, or silver dial? Decisions, decisions
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    Morning Vostok Europe Almaz Chrono Titanium Case (Cal: 6S11)
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    Vintage 18ct Eterna Matic
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    Did not realise I had this amount of Seiko watches till just now . Thought you may like to see them . Comments welcomed
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    Good morning everyone, going with this 18ct Eterna-matic 3000 from 1971 today.
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    Seeing that Nigel has freed me of the freebie on with the 1926 . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Morning chaps. 63 today so on with the Sub. [emoji3] Happy birthday to everyone else who shares the 1st of June with me. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Wearing the Seiko Coutura until later on until I receive my newbies. I originally had two but a third is being delivered later today!
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    HAGF watch lovers, I am wearing my vintage Omega Dynamic automatic circa 1968
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    Same here. I've had this Ollech and Wajs M4 Divers on all week. Seems to have made a big impression on me since I bought it last week.
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    Morning Roamer R-Matic VI (ETA 2836) today.
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    Morning Rain again today, wearing Roamer Soleure (Cal: STP1-11) for work today.
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    Morning all... 1965 GIRARD PERREGAUX Gyromatic. Cal: 22-09, 39 jewel.
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    Many happy returns young lady , this can now go as a birthday freebie ....... Any takers
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