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    Here goes . . . . my first time starting a daily topic.
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    It has to be the newest addition! HAGWE!
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    Going with this 18ct Omega Seamaster today.
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    Longines for me today, made for the Sun. IMG_0553 by David Wren, on Flickr IMG_0555 by David Wren, on Flickr
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    Off to a Jazz festival later, which is being held on the beach - hope the tides out - so not wanting to take any risks, I'm going to be wearing this -
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    Morning all... have a good one stay cool Citizen 18th MAY 18 by sulie preece, on Flickr
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    Have a good weekend TWF
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    No surprise that it's still the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Bronze Pro 600 38mm for me.
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    Dan Henry today HAGWEE..
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    Seiko SARY055 still being run in:
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    Orca today , on this sunny morning
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    CWC Mk II today..... CWC RN MkII Diver. by Paul, on Flickr CWC RN MkII Diver. by Paul, on Flickr CWC RN MkII Diver. by Paul, on Flickr CWC RN MkII Diver. by Paul, on Flickr
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    Big upload issues today...
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    Off to the coast today
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    K1 black shark strap relaing on my orange beach towel LoL ;)
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    Until the battery dies of course when it would only be right twice a day Anyway, getting back on topic, I`m currently wearing this fine pair of properly (ie mechanical) powered watches... SMITHS PRS-29A, SWISS MADE, ETA cal. 2801-2, 17 jewels & BROADARROW PRS-6, SWISS MADE, FHF cal.1380 11, 17 jewels.
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    Not worn this for a while, a modded Vostok beater
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    Oscar this morning... Cheers
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    What wedding ? Geined 2 seconds yesterday......I’m chuffed......
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    Junkers gmt... seems to be my go-to quartz beater these days.
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    Last working day in Austria, so it's the Hugo Boss again: Travelling back tomorrow lunchtime, so I will probably miss the Royal wedding...........
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    As I posted yesterday the Boz and I were delighted to see Alan @Karrusel and his charming wife yesterday and sit and chat about world affairs and TWF and the CW forum. Alan hadn’t forgotten my so far empty ambition to acquire something Valjoux and here’s how he reminded me Inside was a nice start to the Valjoux fund, a very kind and lovely gesture, so many thanks Alan I also got to admire Alan’s Alpinist A very nice day........ Cheers
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    this today before it departs as due to end on e bay Sunday, also feeling REALLY OLD MY SON IS 29 TODAY for me to him deano
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    The penultimate day in Antalya, still wearing this Aqualung diver
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    Gym done and the body aches . Change over to a Pulsar Auto for the remainder of the day.
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    Old faithfull for me:
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    Bit of retro today.
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    Time for the aviators... RLT-8, Valjoux cal.7750 25 Jewels & Reproduction Seikosha WWII Navy Aviator Chronometer, Seiko cal.7s26 21 Jewels.
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    Another Movado day. This one from 1927
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    It's arrived … And no customs charge … yet! Problem is, I have no idea who delivered it, but it would appear to be Royal Mail as there are no other labels on the packet apart from Japan Post, which I think there would be if it was DHL or Parcel Farce. This leads me to think I may have got away with it
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    unemployed until 0830 Monday morning
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    What a forum and what a set of members! Oops that takes me over 4000 posts.....time for a giveaway this weekend!
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    Doing what we do best Looking good !!! Off out on the lash. GMT tonight Honestly
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    Oh dear, oh dear it is certainly not liked by this lady! I'll knock it, it's hideous,
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    Is that any more confusing than buying any other designer things? I often buy watches for the name also. One time I collected vintage Tissot and then I sold and went for Omega even though stuff from the 50s and 60s is probably comparable quality from both. I usually buy watches for aesthetics and quality rather than functionality, I treat them like jewellery. And often in jewellery and accessories you pay for the design.
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    If Big M is anything to go by resale doesn't even come into the equation. When she gets fed up with it or something else comes along she fancies or the battery runs out they just get chucked in the boxes along with all the other jewelry and tat she doesn't wear anymore. She has a Guess very similar to that, she seems to draw the line around £150 - £175 or so for what she considers her more expensive ones. She's happy so who am I to get in the way of that.
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    Should have bought a battery powered one mate, it would have been much more accurate than that
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    Well, it's here already, less than a week of ordering my first automatic I ordered another one. Another Seiko 5 with a canvas strap this time. It is available in four different colours: Black, navy, khaki and cream. I fell in love when I saw the black. I love the 5 minute sections, with the smaller watch dial in the middle. Lume around the markers, hour, minute and second hand. I only had one watch with a canvas strap, the famous £9.99 Burei so I decided I wanted another, so when I saw the Seiko 5 it was a no brainer! Love the sweeping second hand with the matchstick style look (red tip). The strap is very comfortable and I really can't tell I'm wearing it. Again, with the amazing see through back. On listening to it right up to my ear it sounds different to my other Seiko 5, much quieter. The case looks less likely to scratch as it is brushed. All in all I'm really happy again, and I do apologise in advance as I have a feeling I will be raving about autos for a while, even though I swore I would never buy one! Thanks for reading!
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