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    Morning all... have a good one stay cool Citizen 18th MAY 18 by sulie preece, on Flickr
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    Have a good weekend TWF
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    Orca today , on this sunny morning
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    this today before it departs as due to end on e bay Sunday, also feeling REALLY OLD MY SON IS 29 TODAY for me to him deano
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    The penultimate day in Antalya, still wearing this Aqualung diver
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    What a forum and what a set of members! Oops that takes me over 4000 posts.....time for a giveaway this weekend!
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    Oh dear, oh dear it is certainly not liked by this lady! I'll knock it, it's hideous,
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    Should have bought a battery powered one mate, it would have been much more accurate than that
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    Well, it's here already, less than a week of ordering my first automatic I ordered another one. Another Seiko 5 with a canvas strap this time. It is available in four different colours: Black, navy, khaki and cream. I fell in love when I saw the black. I love the 5 minute sections, with the smaller watch dial in the middle. Lume around the markers, hour, minute and second hand. I only had one watch with a canvas strap, the famous £9.99 Burei so I decided I wanted another, so when I saw the Seiko 5 it was a no brainer! Love the sweeping second hand with the matchstick style look (red tip). The strap is very comfortable and I really can't tell I'm wearing it. Again, with the amazing see through back. On listening to it right up to my ear it sounds different to my other Seiko 5, much quieter. The case looks less likely to scratch as it is brushed. All in all I'm really happy again, and I do apologise in advance as I have a feeling I will be raving about autos for a while, even though I swore I would never buy one! Thanks for reading!
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    I hope she doesn't know your intentions.
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    Brilliant! Now, listen carefully, the rules are: Every time you're tempted by something you don't need in Argos or Amazon, walk away and pop that amount into the box instead. In a few months you'll have enough saved up for that elusive Valjoux (whatever that is...? )
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    I'm going to go against you a bit on this one, Roger. I actually rather like that Guess watch - I like the large clear registers and the patterning on the dial around them. If Kristina bought one of those for herself, I would be pleased with her choice. I have never been one to automatically slam designer or fashion watches, and that Guess watch is nothing to be ashamed of. Oh and yes, I reckon that £19 wasn't bad for crown, stem, and new crystal.
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    So.......... not very accurate timekeeping then...? (sorry, I couldn't resist it mate!)
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    I had a quick skim through ebay listings for Guess watches, and the RRP of £200-ish is probably about right. The average price for brand new was between 150 - 180 for most in that style, however the used prices are rock bottom, so it's probably not a great investment I only saw one exactly the same model as yours, with a leather strap instead of the bracelet, and it was £40 buy it now... There are loads of "better" watches around for that price, but people are happy to pay a premium for designer labels, so the likes of Armani, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, and all the rest can more or less charge whatever they think the market will stand. If you asked the average non-WIS punter to choose between an Armani or a Bulova Precisionist, they are likely to say "who the hell are Bulova...?"
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    A rubber strap wouldn't make any difference, it would still be unacceptably inaccurate... and while we're picking faults, I reckon it's too small as well.......... (but I'm glad you like it, that's the main thing, obviously)
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    Almost certainly not worth what the seller is asking. "Please send us your recreational drugs so we can reproduce your expectations for the sale."
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    hi everyone! A very good friend of mine has been collecting beautiful watches for many years and whilst I thought they were nice enough it didn't captivate me....until....last week...walking around HK's watch district in TST and seeing all the little cogs in the exquisite mechanisms and something took a hold of me! haha! Got myself a lovely new Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Open as well as two old Omegas I found in the UK (where I'm based) whilst browsing for more watches (confirmed addict immediately!). The Omegas are 1949 & 1950 Seamasters. Delivery tomorrow! But can't stop looking at my Zenith! Looking forward to learning as much as I can about watches of all types and think this forum is a great place to do so!
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    This was left with me to take for repair......new Crown and stem, and as a bonus D C Watchmakers seem to have put in a new crystal......19 quid the lot. I hope the young Polish lady is pleased with it To the point........I can’t understand why they paid nearly 200 quid for this Guess watch, it pretty enough for a lady but it’s not even a Chrono and has a clip on back. Just day/date/ 24 hr. Im not knocking anyone’s taste.....but 200? Any thoughts. Cheers
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    Any weedkiller containing Glyphosate, which is systemic, meaning it is taken in through the leaves and transported throughout the plant via its vascular system, including the roots. It is one of the safest herbicides available. It is completely neutralised on contact with the soil, and is safe to use around woody stems. It is only absorbed by green growth...the younger, the better. Trim your ivy to the ground and when new growth sprouts, spray the young leaves...they absorb the chemical much quicker. Several commercial brands are available to the amatuer user, 'Roundup' being the most common. For ivy and brambles, the more concentrated 'SBK Brushwood killer' is a better bet. As a professional landscaper, I have access to more concentrated versions, but you need a licence to buy and use these. Be aware that overspray will kill anything else green it touches, so use on a calm day, and keep away from lawns. In my early days, I once glyphosated a path, then walked across a lawn...a month later, you could see exactly where I'd walked! Don't expect immediate results...glyphosate can take up to a month to show effect, and for really tough weeds, you may need to re-apply.
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    Forgetting the house staff and man butler... @Karrusel is a real gent
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    probably were the bad reviews came from Davey, may be not being familiar with our particular post/ addresses, not making excuses as my Gs came from japan via 24 , but was correctly addresses etc , looks like another good watch comment but poor delivery/ communication? deano
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    bound to be a few you can flog to bump start things
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    I noticed where they were hosted, the cc website came about because of some issues they had but that's been sorted now and I reverted to the original where most of my pics were. It's a way of getting around changes google photos have made, which is a pain. Not needed here, but it is everywhere else I want to post a pic (on forums). But I have adblock, so will try the white listing tomorrow. Thx for your help - appreciated.
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    Chrono24 has a thing tracking increases...I am doing OK mainly because the 250% increase in my AP... but basically every watch except my Ebel is winning.
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    I have a few, and they are good and reliable. If you're buying off eBay go for a seller with good feedback on sales, and don't be afraid to put in a cheeky offer. I've had this one for years without any problems. It says Sekonda, but they are the same. This one was bought new in the UK. The alarm runs for around 15 seconds, and is like a loud wasp. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can still get new ones from Julian Kampmann, or if you are patient, sometimes new old stock one appear on ebay. Also worth looking on etsy. Not sure about fakes, but some of the New old stock ones I've seen are put together from new old stock parts, which if done properly and the price is right, doesn't bother me. The watches come with various names on the dial, Vostok, Poljot, Aviator, Strella, Sekonda etc, but they all should have the 2612 movement inside.
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    It’s got a plug in the side but it’s not easy to remove the contents Deano I will resist
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    The watch looks awesome, but I don't think the strap does it any favours - Sorry mate! Looks like it needs something along the lines of my TW Steel Goliath: This one now has a deployant clasp fitted, courtesy of @Roy and it makes the watch really comfortable. It also tidies up the strap end, which was looking a bit worn and shabby: You can see the thickness better in this pic, it's amazing how they made such a chunk of leather so soft and bendy: Just my 2p worth anyway
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    We have a new auto junkie in town!
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    I really like the White dialled version! The fb group were lucky in the sense CW didn't insist on the 'wordmark' being used, whereas, as you know, they did for the last forum limited edition.
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    With this today.... Seiko Spork by Paul, on Flickr Seiko Spork by Paul, on Flickr
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    ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE!! Ok, we`ve got the warnings out of the way, you can`t blame us now if you gain an almost uncontrollable urge to keep buying watches Welcome to TWF, it`s a great place for the horologically inclined to hang out
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    Great to have you on board. Leave your wallet with a responsible adult
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    Lifting Starting off with these... Штурманские Гагарин 2609/370126,Сделано в России, Полйот кал. 2609 17 камни. (Sturmanskie Gagarin 2609/370126, Made In Russia, Poljot Cal. 2609 17 Jewels) Штурманские Гагарин 2609/370124,Сделано в России, Полйот кал. 2609 17 камни. (Sturmanskie Gagarin 2609/370124, Made In Russia, Poljot Cal. 2609 17 Jewels)
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    Buran Chronograph today:
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    It was on a "need to know" basis, and you didn't need to know........ However, just for you and your suspicious mind, here's the irrefutable evidence that I am, in fact, where I say I am: I rest my case M'Lud...
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    Wondered what would happen when I got to 50 posts, accessing different areas of the forum.... didn't realise it would open up RWTs bedroom
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    Another Scot here, though admittedly I did spend a few decades South of the border before finally coming back home Anyway, welcome to TWF, it`s a great place to be
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    My windows 10 laptop is in desperate need of a sysyem restore as it is really slow but I keep putting it off because of everything you mentioned above.
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    I feel for you, Roy, but have an alternative remedy....forget the honey and hot water...just fill the mug with whisky and down in one. Kill or cure. If it doesn't kill you, it'll cure you. Oh yeah...as above, don't drive, and don't even think of posting on here until next day or we'll all be banned and you will have sold the site....
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    Hello guys, thanks for having me in this community, i’m a watch collector since 10 years, I own 25 watches between rolex ap Patek Philippe and Richard mille. I’d love to share some pics and experiences about the watches I have or I had. Have a good day guys.
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    As if waiting for the post all day wasn't bad enough he didn't put the house number on it so it now wont be delivered till monday and I had to suffer 30 minutes on the phone to UPS. Grr!
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    I don't like SPAM
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