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    Finally, and to mark the occasion of my big Six-Oh, I have my holy grail watch. It is the wonderful Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille in steel - fitted to the lovely beads of rice bracelet. I have been admiring and coveting the Reverso since I got into watches while I was still at school! Superelegant and gorgeous. It’s been admired by dozens of folks already and I’ve only had it a few days. I promise to take some really decent pics but in the meantime...
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    Funnily enough, I’ve not had this one off my wrist since I got it for my 60th six days ago!
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    Back in the “Smoke” today for what could well be my last “suit and tie” working day ever. properly attired on the wrist to . . . . .
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    Might do a bit of exploring today.
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    1940's 'PEEREX' Stauffer Son & Co, 15 jewel... What time would you like us to arrive...old 'un ?
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    9ct Eterna for today.
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    Hello one and all Two-to-three years ago I decided, with difficulty, to try to stop increasing the size of my watch collection. My watch box was over-flowing and I couldn't wear them all often enough. Looking in the box was a joy, though, so I reconciled to just enjoy what I already had. Of course - this meant I had to wean myself off this forum - because the temptations within are too difficult to resist and it fuels the appetite for more and more beautiful watches. My Mrs was really surprised that I had stopped looking at watches all the time and scraping together any spare cash and saving for watches. So surprised was she that on the rare occasion she found me looking at a watch on the internet, she mentioned each time that I hadn't bought any watches for a while and didn't see me looking at watches much any more - and asked if I still liked my watches. Of course, that was a resounding and unequivocal YES answer every time. I love watches. And since you're still reading, I know that you love watches too and know how that feels... Then came December 2016. My Mrs had seen me checking out the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch a couple of times. Idly, as it happens, with no intention of spending quite a lot of money on something that I didn't know would be useful or watch-like enough to enjoy owning. To my amazement, she bought me one as a gift. The upshot is that I wore it almost every single *work*-day, but then something else - a "proper" watch - during the weekends. The Connected is great. Really great. A great enhancement to my phone and nice to wear and to look at. I also use a face with a sweeping hand. Lovely. Wearing the Connected so much really meant that any more watches would be sheer indulgence, so it actually helped me to keep off the watch acquisition wagon... although it didn't stop me on the rare occasion from looking at a couple of other watches on the internet. I had always had a real thing for a black faced MONTBLANC Timewalker. But the ones I dribbled over had been discontinued for a couple of years. I managed to find one that came up on a used watch web store. I glanced at it longingly a few times and then put it out of my mind. My Mrs at this point hadn't seen me looking at any watches on the internet for a long time. However, she must've seen the bookmark I'd made for the Timewalker. You can guess what's coming... ...except the bookmark watch had already been sold and they are rare to turn up on the used market - I guess because owners enjoy them so much?? That made the surprise even greater when in mid Dec '17 I was offered an early Christmas(&birthday) present after a signed for package arrived: What made it even better was that it was a GMT version - even more delicious than the basic version I'd originally been coveting. I simply love this watch to bits and find I'm wearing it pretty much every weekend day and most evenings after work when I take the Connected off and slip on something mechanical. Surprisingly, today is the first time I've taken a photo of it - after over six months of ownership. I'll get more pictures soon. The bottom line is that if I never acquire another watch, ever, I'll still be contented with the collection now that it contains the MONTBLANC. (Clearly, a couple more watches would make me *even happier*, but I'll still be happy enough without any more...) Yours Aye Mark H
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    Wow, my first Watch of the day post: Happy hump day
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    This one today! Just got it back from the watchmaker where it's had quite a lot of work. I bought it as a pretty shabby looking non-runner and i'm super pleased with how it's turned out 1945-1950 Movado Tempomatic Sport 220 calibre 'bumper' automatic.
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    OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels & BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph
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    Going to StAndrews for tea and buns. (old picture)
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    first of 4 off today
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    Wenger cheapy quartz on one of my straps today.
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    On leave this week and will be going out into town this afternoon... Yours Aye Mark H
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    its getting warmer here Citizen 20th june 2018 by sulie preece, on Flickr
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    Blue Kalmar 2 on alligator straps today
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    Breaking in a new strap - Di Modell Ikarus. Quality leather at a reasonable price, and very well made too.
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    Latest TW Steel for me today:
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    I am going to go against the grain and say get a new Rolex. There are a number of reasons I say this 1. You say you don't know a lot about watches so you are in completely uncharted territory here. A new watch will give you peace of mind (warranty, no need for service history, no question about condition, over polished, etc) 2. You are buying new its your watch, make your own history! I have plenty of vintage watches but also new watches and as much as I love my vintage stuff their history is their own. You buy a new watch with the money you have it will be something that stays with you and you can pass on. Those marks and scratches will be yours and tell a story of your life not somebody elses.
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    Not again! Alright then......it is a beautiful timepiece.
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    Still reminds me of a younger Albert Tatlock.
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    I'm firmly with you on this one, Davey I refuse to concede to charlatans, imposters & am always prepared to go the distance in getting justice! Folk only p!ss on my boots once...also have a very good memory.
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    Happy retirement. I've been retired from the City since April and absolutely loving the freedom...
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    Yes indeed. Big seven oh on Friday!
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    Probably, but I'll bet he told everyone it was a Rolex.
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    Unfortunately a pic from a couple of weeks ago but wearing my “dirskie” today
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    Mine is a watch, I quite like watches :-)
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    Modified seiko 5...........Rather pleased comments welcome
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    It's your face own it <---
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    His avatar is just as distinguished as Mr.Alan.
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    What a splendid watch & what a great wife you must have. Bravo!
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    It was far more than snotty... after the phone call it seems to have been amended to remove the accusation of blackmailing. Dealer's comment: False. Not true,abusive hate speech wrote in revenge on complete fail of buyers blackmailing attempts. That kind of histerious individuals must be locked out far away. Not to mention to function in civilised society. If you naive, playing stupid, ignorant and arrogant don’t use Chrono24. Trusted Checkout rules are OBLIGATORY for both parts: seller and buyer. If you not read it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work with all consequences. - the address was exactly what you put in the system. Make you complains to heaven. - buyer got big discount on whole deal. Continue to agressive demanding new strap. Why? All as in announce real pictures of strap you click, accept buy. Even offer you a 50%! discount on additional strap as separate transaction... - case in mint condition - buyers refused of total cooperation with seller, even chrono24 Checkout team was shocked. In the end this hate “brave“ racist abuser from internet just disappeared... Firstly the address in the system includes my house number (previous delivery sufferred no such problem...seller also took my addres by means of Whatsapp which included my house number... even if the address in the system did not include a house number would a sensible person not check given most roads have more than one house and therefore need a number or house name?) A big discount on the whole deal = £100 off. Woopee-doo and not relevant to the **** ups anyway. Demanding new strap why? Because the strap is not mint as described... and a couple of out of focus pictures not showing the damage do not cut it. No 50% discount on strap was ever offerred. Case was not in mint condition as the photo's I took clearly show. Racist? WTF is this comment about given we are both the same race and race did not come into the equation.
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    Mine's a Tokay Gecko, which can be very loud and in the right circumstances, vicious. Seemed apt!
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    In January this year I bought an Omega Dynamic from The Old Watch Shop in Southport. It instantly became my favourite watch and was worn every day till mid May when I noticed it was stopping overnight. I took the watch back to The Old Watch shop with horrible visions of getting a big repair bill, straight away the proprietor diagnosed a broken Main Spring. There was no discussion about warranties or as I have had at other watch shops the accusatory questions on how I wore it or stored it or have you dropped it just "I will sort it for you there will be no charge" he even apologised that it might take up to three weeks for the return, I was stunned expecting to not see my watch again before Autumn. Three weeks later I had my baby back fully serviced with a new main spring and wow if I thought it was accurate before it now runs like a dream I cant actually tell if it has gained or lost any time, if it is its a second either way at most. I have no connection to the shop or the owner but after some absolutely rotten service from watch shops over the years it was such a pleasure to deal with a true watch enthusiast and gentleman that I had to write this post. Of course if this post results in a sale I will happily take my commision in Swiss Francs
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    Very kind of you, sir When Mr Bonniksen had this picture taken he was actually younger (although not as attractive) than I am now! @Autonomous Keep that image in your mind...made my day! I think so too...
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    Mine is my old dog Nelson (died 2 years ago) sitting on my, at the time, proud possession a lawn tractor. He loved to play football but came with the name Nelson as he only had one eye. I wanted to change his name but he wouldn't respond to anything else. Time for a change of avatar I think now.
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    Last but not least - the Explorer. Can't wait to own one.
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    Mine is my Grandads brother (Granduncle?) He was a sniper in WW1 for the British army then emigrated to Brazil where he became an aeronautical engineer, hence the plane.
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    my 15 quids worth of embarrassment, 10 year battery omg it'll never end.
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    I’ve noticed this, will work on the mobile version next.
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