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    Steinhart Titanium Chrono on grey python today ;)
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    Many Happy Returns to @brummie1875! Have a great day!
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    Sekonda Strela with Poljot 3017 movement
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    I’ve pampered this one too much and it doesn’t get worn. Well it’s on my wrist for work today
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    Seiko, again, but with a slight sprinkle of RAIN. Not much of a test for water resistance, for sure. Steve.
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    With the risk of being repetitive, im struggling to get this off the wrist at the moment...
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    Late on parade today, taxi & caretaking duties for the heir hunters...again! 1950's RODANIA. Cal: Felsa 700 Bidynator, 17 jewel.
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    Feeling black and blue today with the lovely 99.1 .
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    Greeting watch friends, a Seiko LandMaster mk1 today A watch worth trusting your life to, said Seiko's Mr Ikuo Tokunaga, more information here
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    CITIZEN BN0151-09L & APEKS AP0406-6, PROFESSIONAL 500M, Seiko cal.VX 42.
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    Yes happy birthday @brummie1875 Homage watch today
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    One more Kinetic .....Bob.
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    Change over to this vintage Seiko Sea horse from 1965 Like vintage watches? Check out my vintage watch blog on: martinzx.com
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    BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph & OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels
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    No new Birthday watch on the wrist today, but a certain incoming appeases that yearning. Cheers all. The Vanguard is my choice for Happy Prime Day. GG VANGUARD. by Paul, on Flickr Magically Prime Day turned into a portal into Prime Day. Am I in Narnia?
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    New week . . . . New bezel! Same amphibia
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    For all of its history, the Italian Breil company has been under the ownership of Innocente Binda and then the Binda Group. The name, “Breil” comes from a town in Switzerland, and when I first heard of the company, the name sounded as if was likely to be an upmarket Swiss luxury watch concern rather than the producer of middle-market general watches, as it currently operates. Indeed, although Breil is today regarded as a fashion brand, the history of the watches and the company reveals a more serious approach to style and individuality than is evident in many other similar fashion brands, and Breil has always taken seriously notions of strength and quality in its watches. A chromed-case (about 38mm lug to lug) Breil OKAY dive watch from the late 1960s/early 1970s with a stated WR of 60 metres and 17J FHF-235N hand-wind movement (pics from assets.catawiki.nl): It has been said that Breil is the most “Italian” of the Italian watch producers, which statement has been a compliment on the design philosophy of the company and its place in Italian modern design history. On the negative side, Breil has come in for some harsh criticism, essentially being accused of being a traitor to itself in that it moved away from being a serious watch company towards the status of a “mere” fashion brand. I personally believe that this criticism is misplaced. Firstly, we have to take into consideration the fact that Breil not only survived the quartz crisis but has been been a consistently European watch concern under the same basic ownership right through the bad times as well as the good. In the case of Breil, survival brought necessary changes, and the brand as it now stands reflects and stimulates the watch trends of middle-market general customers. Breil was founded in Milan in 1939 by Innocente Binda and the initial product was a line of alarm clocks, with wristwatches first being launched in 1942 [There is one source that suggests the first Breil watch was produced in 1937, with manufacture of early Breil watches being undertaken in the area around Lake Maggiore]. In 1956, Innocente Breil undertook his “Eiffel Tower watch test,” whereby he dropped some of his watches from the Eiffel Tower, 302 metres from the ground, and noted that they survived the ordeal still working. At some stage in the earlier Breil period, it seems that along with Panerai, the company supplied watches to Italian Naval divers, and indeed, dive watches, along with chronographs, have been a mainstay for Breil from at least as early as the late 1960s. A Breil chronograph from the mid 1970s powered by a Valjoux 7734 movement shown here for the rather nice dial and case combination redolent of its period (pic from i.pinimg.com/originals): Much later, in the early 1990s, still under the Binda umbrella, Breil again took a “daring”promotional step by marketing a range of wristwatches to women that were clearly designed as men's watches. A number of female celebrity models were employed in this marketing campaign – Monica Belucci, Shana (singer), Carré Otis, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Laura Chiatti, and Talisa Soto – and the company was using the slogan, “Take anything but my Breil.” In 2001, Breil introduced steel jewellery, at which time the company decided that it had sufficient presence in the Italian market to now concentrate on international markets; thus, an Exports division was created to manage brand distribution and development abroad. A blue dial Breil OK racing chronograph powered by a Valjoux 7733 automatic 17J movement dating to about 1970 (Pics from Uhrforum at i.imgur.com): In 2002, with expansion continuing, Breil launched the, “Don't touch my Breil” advertising campaign, opened a new retail channel and, in December of that year, inaugurated the flagship store in Corso Vercelli, Milan. 2003 saw the introduction of Breil leatherware in addition to the opening of a second Milan flagship store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Also at this time, Breil's franchising project commenced. The Breil company continued to expand and diversify in different markets in the mid to late 2000s, with fragrances being added to the product line-up in 2006 and eyewear in 2007. and the Bloom Collection of jewels, the first to be designed to be worn together, arrived in 2009. The Infinity jewellery collection was launched in 2012, and included watches. In terms of watches themselves, a number of Breil lines have became well-known, including the Milano and the Manta, and Breil would seem to have capitalized heavily on the reputation of their most celebrated past ranges with new models based on these classic designs. A Breil OKAY Manta automatic dive watch from the 1980s with stainless steel 32.5mm (excl. crown) case and 200 metres water resistance (pic from i.ebayimg.com): As it stands today, Breil is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Binda Group, which is still essentially a Binda family concern, and this Group has its own heritage and history having been founded as far back as 1906 by Innocente Binda. Because this topic is specifically about Breil, I do not want to be sidetracked into providing a history of the Binda Group here. What I will say is that Binda, still headquartered in Milan, (through its manufacturing facilities, licensing, distribution rights, and marketing for a number of brands) is a major European player in the production of watches, especially on its home turf of Italy. The Binda Group, including Breil, sources watches these days from Switzerland, and the Far East. In the case of Breil, the recent quartz watches have made use of Seiko and then Miyota Japanese movements, with some Swiss movements as well. In fact, in 1997 the Binda Group acquired the distribution rights for Seiko and Lorus in Italy. A Breil Manta chronograph from the with 41mm PVD black case and powered by a Valjoux 7760 movement, dated in the description as being 1970-75 but possibly somewhat later (pics from sometimeago.com): In the UK, Breil watches are perhaps a refreshing alternative to the more frequently encountered brands that dominate the middle ground of the casual watch market. I suppose that in terms of general market level and value for money, Breil these days is roughly equivalent to Rotary, and I have nothing negative to say about the general quality of Breil watches. In fact, what might tip the potential watch buyer towards buying a Breil is the styling, which can be effective and a bit edgy, especially when compared with the other similarly priced brands found more commonly in UK outlets. Before I sign off on this topic, I must just explain the philosophy behind the illustrations I have chosen to include with the text. I have already moved towards showing fewer watches in my topics but with multiple images for each, and in the case of Breil, I have decided to focus the illustrations on mechanical watches from the past rather than show modern and current Breil watches, partly to compensate for a distinct lack of available written information about the earlier period of the brand's history. For those who are interested in acquiring a new Breil wristwatch, there are easily obtainable sources online, including the Breil website. But for those who are seeking something pre-owned and collectible, the pickings over here from UK sources may be somewhat slim. The nature of the pictures here reflects the preoccupations of current collectors for Breil dive watches and chronographs and I found it difficult to locate images of really early Breil watches. As for modern quartz watches, Breil offers many choices and the quartz Ducati model I have recently examined (shown at the tail-end of this topic) is of perfectly acceptable quality and overall design although it is evident that a premium was asked price-wise for the Ducati connection - with Breil being responsible for a number of Ducati watch models. this age-deceptive but still rather beautiful gold plated Breil manual wind chronograph actually hails from the 1980s and has a Valjoux 7765 movement, plain steel bubble back, 35mm case and acrylic crystal. This basic model seems to have been made also in the 1960s/70s period, and perhaps it mirrors a Breil chronograph model from the early period of the company (pic from i.pinimg.com/originals): Breil "Ducati" rubber strap three-register quartz chronograph, launched c.2007 and still just about available new - a model I have examined in person (see text) . Miyota OS20 quartz movement, 43mm steel case and 100 metres water resistance. (pic from images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com): Here is the all-steel version (pic from same source as the watch above):
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    Postie brought my rejuvenated Ollech & Wajs MP 2801 back from @simon2 and I'm delighted with the service. Thank you Simon.
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    UPDATE... Wrench was kind enough to post a link to the Thomas Mercer Museum... Yesterday (Sunday) I emailed them asking for info. This morning (Monday 09:00 ) I received this reply:- Dear Sir, Many thanks for your email and enquiry. I am pleased to confirm that according to our archives, the chronometer with serial number 17772 was manufactured in 1946. Your chronometer is a survey chronometer, which was invented by Frank Mercer under Patent no. 26/261655. The invention empowers the mechanism to send electrical impulses every second and quarter second. This new product opened up new opportunities for applications such as land surveying and aviation for the company. Very useful for geographers, it became an essential item for the production of small-scale maps of countries rich in potential but often inadequately charted and difficult to explore. Finally, in conjunction with a chronograph it is possible to compare the chronometer time against Greenwich Time, obtained by a radio receiving set, and Local Time, by observation of suitable stars with a theodolite or prismatic astrolabe. We hope that you will find this information useful. Should you have any further query, do not hesitate to contact us again. With best regards,
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    Here is my original 007 This is my modded one with dial and chapter ring from Monsterwatch Finally another modded ine with Dagaz dial
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    1946 chronometer (surveying) 1 of 200 built. Has output terminals for 1 second pulses. Transport box. Matching numbered winder and hand adjuster. This shows the 1second contacts Roger
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    Over to these for the evening... ARAMAR ARCTIC OCEAN, SWISS MADE, ETA 2824-2 25 Jewels & STEINHART OCEAN ONE Vintage Military, SWISS MADE, ETA 2824-2 (Elabore) 25 Jewels
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    7548 7548 7000 by biglewie, on Flickr
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    Movado from 1961 cal.125. Needs a new winding stem and crystal as it's pretty cloudy and crazed.
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    After re-reading the Concise Guide to RLT watches, I felt I should post some pics of the "un-numbered" fiftieth... This one was engraved by Roy for my 60th in 2006 and is still cherished...thanks again Roy... Tried to capture the engraving on the rotor... Roger
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    I used a bit of 1/4" diameter mild steel bar, drilled and tapped it, and cut a slot on the end and soldered in a shaped 12mm repair washer so it looked like the key on the right in the picture.
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    Seiko SKZ251 'Frankenmonster' this evening.
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    Ha ha, nice one, I know my place in the pecking order around here
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    I know Davey it's just that some can take things a bit too seriously. Oh and you can blame me for the delay I can be rather demanding.
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    No problemo mate, happy to help, and I hope you can use them on some of your watches
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    Good man Ankle bitters should know their place...on the totem!
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    Creation are a sound enough company .
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    Haven't worn the SeaPro for a while because I'm scared of scratching the bracelet;
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    Strap combo works a treat!
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    Meg’s convalescence. set up a little shaded bed under one of the Apple trees for her, better looked after than any of the kids!
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    Nicely back on its bracelet thanks to my new springbar tweezers
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    I know what you mean, but I have long liked the classic fusion range and have tried a few on. They are seriously good. I'm back up here (in Bangkok) in a couple of weeks and if they are still on display in the window I'll ask why they are promoting this range over what is normally seen in the window. It's not talked about much. but the economy here is flatlining and I have noticed that is effecting watch sales, as many of the 'watch galleries' in the main central Bkk high end / tourist Malls are shrinking, as concessions disappear. In one Mall, it took me a while to work out what was different - then it clicked - Breitling, Longines and Tag had all reduced their floor space and have smaller displays as a consequence and Raymond Weil and Perrelet have upped sticks and gone altogether. So it could be they feel it the right time to promote the cheaper end of the range, although being titanium, still costly.
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    I should have a few more V/RBs if I were you, ol' pal....you know it makes sense...
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    I am back in after re-acquiring a seamaster. I was kind of still in by virtue of a moonwatch but there is another thread for those.
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    Your welcome Alan Being the gentleman that Alan is he insisted that he return the favour by sending me a selection of straps which I gladly accepted but by no means expected. Have to agree their are some great members on here who will always get help and support when needed, treat others as you like to be treated. Happy days.
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    Far too logical! I think the islands might suffer if their special tax status was removed.
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    Well make it part of the UK then.
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    I got one for less than that in goldsmiths in the UK - get one when you get back
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    I think most have seen mine but I will as its one of the best photos I have of them together, as I cant drive both to shows, and I aint letting the 710 out in one! deano
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    I love my 009 on the bracelet. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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