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    Feeling (relatively) sporty today -- so, the Moser Pioneer. 43mm stainless steel. Moser calibre 200 automatic.
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    BDD to start the day. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Gruppo Gamma Vanguard Seiko SKX I've got lots of divers with killer lume but these are the only two I have lume shots of!
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    Tic tick tick tick tick .....
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    Just in, very sentimental watch
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    This week I shall mostly be wearing Quartz.
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    I'll play... A Nixon murf there the entire crystal has a blue led shining through it (poor pic) And the collection after a bit of torch time. Bottom LHS is from 1960s so it's a surprise to see it have any, the other weak one is a modern Vostok, bottom middle doesnt have any!
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    You seem to have it all covered there, bit like Blackpool Illuminations
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    I once did an experiment to see how various lumes compared...some only lasted around 30 minutes..or at least were recordable by the camera. I can't find it, but still have the pics to re-post. The line up...Seiko 'Frankenmonster', Seiko 'Sea Urchin', Omega SMP, Rolex GMT. The led torch used to 'charge' the lume...a full minute of exposure. The start...all glowing nicely 5 minutes in... 10 minutes... 25 minutes... 30 minutes... Lights back on and you can see the elapsed time on the watches.
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    Late to the party, but the GG Peacemaker has been on the wrist today. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Over to these for the evening..... Командирские (Boctok),Сделано в СССР kaл. 2414a 17 КАМНЯ, около 1980s (Commander [Vostok], Made in USSR, cal. 2414a 17 Jewels, circa 1980s). Командирские (Boctok),Сделано в СССР kaл. 2414a 17 КАМНЯ, около 1980s (Commander [Vostok], Made in USSR, cal. 2414a 17 Jewels, circa 1980s).
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    Wanted to try a Pedometer... just so happens its also a watch, chronograph and alarm. £6.83 delivered and it actually works!! Roger
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    This is a new Seiko solar lume is probly good enough to keep it on a full charge.
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    Well they eventually turned up, slightly different from the original pair I had but proper made in Italy, not cheap compared to the original pair but I suspect like a lot of brands these days the cheaper ones aren't
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    Will stick with the cathedral hands and pleased you put the pics up with the grey bezel because that is my plan too. Not sure about anything else yet,.
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    Er...it was over 40 years ago....
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    @JustDave I like these, good value in my opinion
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    Where did you get this version mate? I love that blue dial
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    That's one thing that nearly swung it for the Wave master actually, love those engineer bracelets. You'll notice my Reef is off the original strap already. It's... fine..., but not a fan of the blue face/black strap combo. Love the orange detailing on yours too.
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    My last 3. A Grand Seiko and 2 Cocktails
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    Good idea no maternity ward pictures please.
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    Beautiful! Here's mine, it's back with Dan at the moment as ithe hand lume doesnt quite match the vintage lume on the dial, no biggy and he's more than happy to sort it. Cabt wait to get it back, keeper for life!
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    There have been others...they're in the photography section. Look up 'Lume shots?' and 'Sometimes it's better in the dark' which currently runs to 11 pages of lume shots and how to take them.
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    I can't stop looking at this watch. The more I view it, the more I like it. I can't recall experiencing this with any watch previously. Thank you yokel.
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    Both have crossed my radar in recent times,the blue Orient would also be my choice.Cant go wrong at the price point.
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    I have the same blue Mako XL. Sits perfect for me on an 8" wrist so gets worn regularly. If it has any downsides, the bracelet can feel a little 'rattley' off the wrist but I suppose that's to be expected at this price point. Good choice.
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    Personally I think the Orient is the better watch compared to the similar priced Seiko.
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    I think it is absolutely stunning, nuff said
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    It is unusual, I like it. Always think it's nice to find a manufacturer you appreciate and are able to collect various models.
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    That is very nice. Not familiar with the brand, but I will be sure to check them out now. Enjoy your purchase mate
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    @yokelStunning and the centre mesh looks great! Good choice sir!
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    I know your ilk, one might call you a bit of a Bill Sanders. Not afraid to stray away from the beaten path and take a chance on the more obscure. This has some nice features, glad to see some members pushing into new territory and beating a path that leaves us better informed.
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    Lovely looking watches, but would look like a childs watch on my 8" wrist. 45mm would be perfect for me.
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    Beautiful car, and I'm sure you don't need me to say that technically, that's an MGBGT with the fast back. The plain MGB was the 'roadster'. Here's me sitting on the boot of my old pal Michael's (sadly no longer with us) circa 1975....and that's his mum's Capri in the garage.
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    1974 CERTINA. Cal: 28-10, 17 jewel.
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    @Roger the Dodger I tried your method last night . Note to self though must wipe dust from the dial next time
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    @NOTSHARP You will have to wear two to balance yourself!
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