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    Feeling (relatively) sporty today -- so, the Moser Pioneer. 43mm stainless steel. Moser calibre 200 automatic.
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    Same watch as yesterday. Different strap. Dimodell Chronissimo
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    Timex Welton. Much younger than it looks
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    Single wristing with this.... SEIKO 6138-3002, 21 Jewels (made in May 1977)
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    Speedy Sunday for me today. Have a great day everyone
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    My favourite watch for the time being.
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    Out for lunch today so a bit of a dress watch
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    The youngsters thread is a bit light today fellas?
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    BDD to start the day. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Omega 1966 Seamaster, 18k case, cal. 552, 24 jewels:
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    Sea-Gull ST-5 movement will be my choice when I get up tomorrow... good night!
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    Lazy day but ventured out for a coffee with the family and the Inox:
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    Gruppo Gamma Vanguard Seiko SKX I've got lots of divers with killer lume but these are the only two I have lume shots of!
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    Tic tick tick tick tick .....
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    A few more... 3 7T32s. Seiko 'BabyTuna'. Seiko 'Sea Urchin'. Seiko 'Frankenmonster'. Seiko 'Spork'.
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    A couple more...Rolex GMT Master II. Omega SMP...
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    I like lume and other sort of illumination on a watch....Let's see some nice pic's
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    This for the evening to keep it wound a bit longer.
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    Just in, very sentimental watch
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    Now that Imgur has deigned to reappear . . . . . . . . . yesterday's acquisition Another "entry level" watch from a manufacturer I admire Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure "M" MG Kaliber 201.0 manually wound 41mm stainless steel
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    One of my many new arrivals. Well my favourite anyway
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    This week I shall mostly be wearing Quartz.
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    "ServiceS" TRANSPORT (A.R.P.) FOREIGN MADE (by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany) circa mid 1930s. "ServiceS" COMPETITOR (Lumed Dial), FOREIGN ( made by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany), circa late 1920s/early 1930s Photos not to same scale, the Competitor is smaller then the Transport, 35mm ex-crown compared to 40mm ex-crown
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    Not to bad for an older omega .
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    I see a lot of new arrivals topic's but why not put them in one topic? I have looked for it but could not find it.....if there is one or this is not allowed please take the topic away(moderator?) I have one incoming that I was pleased with(still am) but when I had bought it I noticed later that the bezel wasn't black as it supposed to be....bummer But the model is quite rare so i'm fine with it....maybe there is a way to make it black?
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    Heres mine a 1018 on a bracelet.
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    I'll play... A Nixon murf there the entire crystal has a blue led shining through it (poor pic) And the collection after a bit of torch time. Bottom LHS is from 1960s so it's a surprise to see it have any, the other weak one is a modern Vostok, bottom middle doesnt have any!
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    I have been comparing Seiko Monster against Citizen Excalibur(on the left).The Seiko starts brighter but the Citizen last longer...
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    I like a bit of lume. Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
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    Seiko 'Sawtooth', Citizen 'Ecozilla'... Citizen 'Orca'...
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    You seem to have it all covered there, bit like Blackpool Illuminations
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