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    Good morning ladies and gents. Bit fresh here this morning, so first wristwatch shot with a jumper on for first time in months! Have a great Friday. Regards Mr F
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    Thought this deserved a wider audience than the Japanese section of the forum but happy for it to be moved if the mods see fit to do so. I purchased this Seiko Helmet 6139-7100 from our esteemed host Roy a couple of months ago so @Roy I hope you approve. It was in a bit of a state but worthy of some TLC. Back of case pitted and the movement though running was a mess. So what's been done? The case has been tidied up not 100% perfect but very much better than before. In the lathe to have a bit of a trim to have an insert fitted thus making a good seal for the case back. AFTER Insert fitted: Top of case has been lightly refinished. Movement Transmission wheel and pivot hole ruined so new wheel required and hole jeweled which is an improvement. See how worn the hole is: This was found also botched pivot hole repair on a plate this has also been jeweled. Rotor has also been replaced. Completed Movement with the rotor attached. Hands have been restored and re lumed but I decided on orange hands for the subdial and chrono as opposed to the original yellow. All seals have been replaced and new pusher springs fitted and I have fitted a fishbone bracelet to the Watch. Before. After Watch is currently running at +3 seconds a day so not bad at all A winner in my book.
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    Morning all , Orient Mako for me today
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    New acquisition. Cyma Conquistador. Dial is a little worse for wear but the Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) is keeping time flawlessly. Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
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    This today, to help cheer me up after a large tax bill I doubt it will work
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    Wet outside so a little bit of sunshine on the wrist with this 9ct 1940s Omega.
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    This 'un for me - have a good weekend all
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    Movado Calenodoplan Sport. cal.128 Early 1950s. Needs a new crystal as it's cracked, scratched and discoloured, luckily the two tone dial is very good. The strap's 1mm too narrow as unusually for a Movado, it takes a 17mm strap.
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    I was setting the date on this: when the date wheel decided that it did not want to move. So, a delve into the innards was needed. Once I had the dial off, I thought it would be a shame not to try a different one. One thing lead to another, and this is the result. The second hand needs a wee nip off the end, but, overall, I like it. Steve.
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    Everything is fine, I’ll sort it out tomorrow, there is no need to worry.
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    Keeping it quartz this week (old pic but I am wearing it, honest)
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    So these turned up today, the lad is about to start his training with the RAF and the kit list stated ‘inexpensive digital watch. Amazon duly obliged, purchased us one each and I’ll wear mine as hes goes through his training. Have a great weekend everyone.
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    I'd been looking for a good deal on one of these for a while, and one came up while I was away for a few weeks. I had it delivered to a friend and picked it up today. First impressions are very good. The blue sunburst dial is lovely, the fit and finish is first class, and I love the retro looks. I need to buy a vintage style leather strap to go with it - can't decide whether to go for black or dark brown. Strap suggestions are welcome.
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    @PC-Magician Brilliant post! I always love to see step by step pictures, and in so much detail!
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    The down side is, you'd be more likely to be robbed of your Rolex.
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    I really like this Australia only limited edition version of the Autavia Heuer 02 150 being produced, the blue dial seems to work better than the regular black dial. Only AUD$7800
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    A very interesting step by step post , with great pictures . The watch looks great , thanks for posting .
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    Nice job mate. Really well coordinated
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    No, Roger, I don't own machinery like that but wish I did.
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    Well they think they are. The one I trust wears a vintage Constellation or Longines Admiral hf, but I have to go and see him. coffee'good.
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    I'm a sucker for a quality made box. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of the watch before you open it in my opinion. I don't particularly like normal mesh bracelets but shark mesh are much stronger and more solid.
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    Great thanks Boss man! Hope I didn't make anyone panic... At least I stopped you lot spending money on watches for a short time... Back to the grind!!! haha Have a great evening guys. Regards Mr F
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    Had my newsletter through late last night to say they have introduced some chronos: https://farer.com/collections/chronograph Width: 39mm Height: 12.5mm Lug2Lug: 45mm Lug width: 20mm Movement: ETA 2894-2 Elaboré WR: 10atm Crystal: Sapphire £1,675 Looks like only 100 of each model, although only numbers 11-100 for sale, so limited stock. Not sure about the chocolate dial, but the other two look quite nice.
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    Cheers. It is a really nice box! I was pretty surprised. I've never tried a shark mesh before, that's one to add to the list. I've ordered a black one, and a jubilee bracelet. A review I saw online had it on a brown shell cordovan strap that looked pretty awesome. I need to get one of those too!
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    No brainer , you have brown go for black.
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    Talk about colour co ordinated! I like it. Alan
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    Ta muchly, Roy & relax
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    me too .... I just accepted it as I know this site and here I am
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    Yeah..but back on the Algarve for Christmas and New Year...so not too long to wait...get in!
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    Something that has stuck in my head from early childhood involving a golden calf.
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    @Turpinr The small scale is for measuring flatness, we sell a lot of plate with pre machined weld preps and there is a flatness tolerance for the plate, usually around a couple of millimetres. So a big straight edge then use the small graduated wedge. One side is metric and one side is imperial. Inside mics and DTI's haven't changed
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    Thats a really lovely looking watch mate. Even the box looks well made. I actually like the strap shown in your pictures, but how about trying a shark mesh bracelet to match the casing?
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    @Always"watching" at present it will be going the other way as I don't have the machinery for printing the logo onto the dial . I'll be using a blue black enamel like this instead of the black in the image above. @Tazmo61 ta muchly!
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    Thanks again for the read, I always look forward to reading your stories. P.S. the old gent that is buying all the watches. It isn’t RWP is it?...
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    I love tools and using them, Not for my job but I have a few lathes to play with as a hobby, Trouble is the only one that's set up for use is an old flat cone pulley type that has wear in the bed, It's calle a Faircut Senior and was made by Hendersons of Sheffield, They make a sauce now called Hendersons Relish or Hendo's for short!! This is the old Faircut! 1953 Myford 7 Granville Senior (Also around 1953).. Little Wade Even smaller Flexispeed 7 Even even smaller Super Adept!! I've a few more lathes but they're more like toys!! John
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    As JoT says, you need the Bergeon 6767f tool and insert it into the gaps on the end links:
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    I really like it , well done
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    Now that IS minimalism... Whatever you do don't complicate it further than that rather good final picture shows.
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    Hello @iloper good to see you posting again!
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    Your other bikes look practical, but that gixxer is lovely.
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