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    Have a great weekend everyone. These are my Friday pick, starting with the blue one...
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    Good morning ladies and gents. Bit fresh here this morning, so first wristwatch shot with a jumper on for first time in months! Have a great Friday. Regards Mr F
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    Thought this deserved a wider audience than the Japanese section of the forum but happy for it to be moved if the mods see fit to do so. I purchased this Seiko Helmet 6139-7100 from our esteemed host Roy a couple of months ago so @Roy I hope you approve. It was in a bit of a state but worthy of some TLC. Back of case pitted and the movement though running was a mess. So what's been done? The case has been tidied up not 100% perfect but very much better than before. In the lathe to have a bit of a trim to have an insert fitted thus making a good seal for the case back. AFTER Insert fitted: Top of case has been lightly refinished. Movement Transmission wheel and pivot hole ruined so new wheel required and hole jeweled which is an improvement. See how worn the hole is: This was found also botched pivot hole repair on a plate this has also been jeweled. Rotor has also been replaced. Completed Movement with the rotor attached. Hands have been restored and re lumed but I decided on orange hands for the subdial and chrono as opposed to the original yellow. All seals have been replaced and new pusher springs fitted and I have fitted a fishbone bracelet to the Watch. Before. After Watch is currently running at +3 seconds a day so not bad at all A winner in my book.
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    Morning all , Orient Mako for me today
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    New acquisition. Cyma Conquistador. Dial is a little worse for wear but the Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) is keeping time flawlessly. Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
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    This today, to help cheer me up after a large tax bill I doubt it will work
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    Sunny Friday morning here so my slightly understated Zenith el Primero cal 400 today with a movement photo as well!! Good weekend all.
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    Wet outside so a little bit of sunshine on the wrist with this 9ct 1940s Omega.
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    Seiko SKX007 on this fine Friday... Have a good one!
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    Strap change and Phoibos for this morning:
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    My new Zodiac Sea Wolf on a temporary oyster bracelet.
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    This 'un for me - have a good weekend all
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    Movado Calenodoplan Sport. cal.128 Early 1950s. Needs a new crystal as it's cracked, scratched and discoloured, luckily the two tone dial is very good. The strap's 1mm too narrow as unusually for a Movado, it takes a 17mm strap.
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    another weekend hot rod run , so this sporty number for next three days under canvas (will the weather hold !or will we come home like drowned rats ) HGWE deano
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    Won't be long before I can get my beloved 'Sawtooth' on again...
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    Just received this one from Jon... Roger
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    Morning all... this ones for daveyp have a safe one all MOMENTUM new strap a by sulie preece, on Flickr momentum base layer 7TH sEPT 18 by sulie preece, on Flickr
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    I was setting the date on this: when the date wheel decided that it did not want to move. So, a delve into the innards was needed. Once I had the dial off, I thought it would be a shame not to try a different one. One thing lead to another, and this is the result. The second hand needs a wee nip off the end, but, overall, I like it. Steve.
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    Arrived today Hima Sharkmaster
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    I had to go for a hospital appointment earlier so a late start for me today... LIMIT 5631 (quartz) & BULOVA 96A102 (Miyota movement).
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    Everything is fine, I’ll sort it out tomorrow, there is no need to worry.
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    Keeping it quartz this week (old pic but I am wearing it, honest)
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    So these turned up today, the lad is about to start his training with the RAF and the kit list stated ‘inexpensive digital watch. Amazon duly obliged, purchased us one each and I’ll wear mine as hes goes through his training. Have a great weekend everyone.
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    I'd been looking for a good deal on one of these for a while, and one came up while I was away for a few weeks. I had it delivered to a friend and picked it up today. First impressions are very good. The blue sunburst dial is lovely, the fit and finish is first class, and I love the retro looks. I need to buy a vintage style leather strap to go with it - can't decide whether to go for black or dark brown. Strap suggestions are welcome.
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    safe to come out now then.
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    A bracelet is definitely the way to go. Oooh, that's nice.
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    @PC-Magician Brilliant post! I always love to see step by step pictures, and in so much detail!
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    The down side is, you'd be more likely to be robbed of your Rolex.
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    Great thanks Boss man! Hope I didn't make anyone panic... At least I stopped you lot spending money on watches for a short time... Back to the grind!!! haha Have a great evening guys. Regards Mr F
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    Something that has stuck in my head from early childhood involving a golden calf.
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    One of my favourite films, Smokey and the Bandit. Saw him recently when Richard Rawlings aka Gas Monkey from Fast n' Loud got him to sign the glove box lid on a Pontiac Firebird TransAm they were customising for auction.
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    Thanks again for the read, I always look forward to reading your stories. P.S. the old gent that is buying all the watches. It isn’t RWP is it?...
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    I thought you might like to know a little bit about the history of the Zodiac Sea Wolf, which was launched back in 1953 and has the distinction of being the first [?] purpose-built dive watch to be aimed at the mass market, with a water resistance rating of 200 metres, aided by a thick and highly domed acrylic crystal and a longer crown tube. In the early 1970s, Zodiac launched the Super Sea Wolf, which had an improved caseback design and patented crown/stem system, giving it a water resistance rating of 750 metres, after which it was adopted by the US navy SEALs. The original Sea Wolf started to really garner popularity after the watch was shown in 1964 at the Swiss Watch Pavilion, part of the World's Fair in New York. A caliber 70-72 automatic movement developed jointly by ETA and A. Schild was used in the original Sea Wolf, non-hacking at first but then improved to hacking. I do not have the time here to discuss in detail the different variants on the Sea Wolf produced by Zodiac Watch Company over the years, including minor changes to the hands and markers, a change in the bezel material and the introduction of a date version of the watch. For those who are interested in this celebrated model, I would recommend that they should take a look at "wornandwound.com/review/affordable-vintage-zodiac-sea-wolf/" online. (Pic from upload.wikimedia.org) The Zodiac name as a Swiss watch company and brand has a long and distinguished history, with origins back in the early 1880s. A number of celebrated models were produced by Zodiac before the brand succumbed to a buy out in 1990 by Willy Gad Monnier followed by bankruptcy of Monnier's Montres Zodiac SA in 1997. In September 1998, Genender International Inc. purchased the complete Zodiac inventory but ceased to produce many of the established models including the Sea Wolf, although the Super Sea Wolf was retained and updated with a new metal bracelet. Finally, on October 1, 2001, Fossil Inc. acquired the worldwide rights to the Zodiac brand name for about US$4.7 million for use on clocks, watches and other timekeeping devices. At the launch of the new Fossil-owned Zodiac watches in 2002, the Sea Wolf was absent, and watch buyers had to wait until 2015 for the relaunch of this famous model. Ironically perhaps, the newly re-issued Sea Wolf model (inspired by the 1954 Zodiac Watch Company version) was rated at 200 metres water resistant rather than keeping up with the Super Sea Wolf, and technical improvements were involved mainly in the movement, the (Swiss Technology Production) STP 1-11 26J automatic calibre with 44 hour power reserve - a movement manufactured within the Fossil Group. Two versions of the model were launched in 2015 named the "Diver" and the "Skin Diver." Zodiac Watches still have a Swiss headquarters at La Locle, with Fossil as their parent company. A first period, second phase Zodiac Sea Wolf with metal bezel but with the slightly altered hands - ie showing a metal strip along the centre instead of just all lume (pic from wornandwound.com): A somewhat later version of the Sea Wolf showing a date window and the change from a metal to a plastic bezel (pic from omegaforums.net):
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