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    Happy Speedy Tuesday !
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    Good morning, AVI-8 auto for today...
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    Speedmaster 125 today.
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    Cool and showery here today- Alpina Startimer, cal. AL525, 25 jewels:
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    Pam 027 today on a freshly made strap. [emoji106] Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
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    Got the Phoibos Wavemaster with me this week.
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    White mother pearl on sea snake today
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    A rarely found Roamer 44 jewel rotodate And I'm loving this one
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    Hima Sharkmaster today
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    Time for some T..... TISSOT T-SPORT PRS-516, T91.1.483.31 ETA cal.2836-2 25 Jewels & T91.1.488.41 RETROGRADE cal.G51.261.
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    Thank you it's a 100% 70's beast
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    The Sbdc055 I ordered didn't arrive today as hoped, so I'm consoling myself with an Amstel and my AT.
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    My holiday (day) watch this week, from the Costa Del Sol............
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    I turned 48 on friday, and a fine birthday haul indeed!
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    Morning all. Just thought I would share a picture of my small, but growing collection. Just sold a few others last week but I am sure more additions will soon be added. Hope you all have a great day. Regards Mr F
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    Clean white face for today...
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    At least they haven't folded, which is what I was fearing when the news first broke last year. I just hope they don't suffer the same fate as Glycine seem to be under Invicta ownership. Gratuitous wrist shot
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    Never been to an auction before but popped in our local one which was having a jewelry and collectables 2 day event. Looked through the online brochure and spotted this Invicta which caught my eye. Turned up early to have a look, boxed with paperwork all links still fitted and totally unmarked, looked unworn! So I registered and ended up with it! Well pleased. USA made case with a Seiko movement, very heavy with bracelet links from solid. Not heard of Invicta before but I am very impressed. Alan
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    Sixty two minutes to sunset. Steve.
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    Well, if we are showing off, I’ll join in as well if that’s alright????
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    I love the bulky/chunky design and the strap!
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    I have trouble resisting chronographs...so... Roger
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    I think I prefer this version.
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    Sadly, none at the moment. All tweed jackets have pocket squares. Just remembered my dog has a harris tweed bandana.
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    Philipp has been in charge since July. Great brand Fortis, I wish they could get a bit more traction in the UK. They've been in the background since the 1920's and should really have taken off (pardon the pun!) the way Breitling did with their specially designed pilot watches. For some reason, they ended up left behind. Two of my all time fave watches are the B-42 "Mission to Mars" edition (I love a bit of orange!) and the mental "IQ" (pictured below) by Rolf Sachs. If anyone here has never seen the Sachs special editions, google Fortis Frission, Fortis IQ and Fortis 2pi. Very, very clever designs.
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    Fortis Watches AG have announced new ownership under Jupp Philipp (Entrepreneur) from 1st September 2018. CEO is Lorenz Aebischer who has worked for Mido, Tissot and Auguste Reymond in the past. It will be interesting to see how things move forward.
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    @Roger the Dodger Could you please merge the threads? Thanks Cass
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    @Roger Nice watch and a bargain price. I picked up the version with orange accents about three or four years ago and have really enjoyed it. Mine came on a blue rubber strap which got swapped pretty quickly. The bracelet on yours looks good! Enjoy.
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    Just one more final update to this one, I went into Peterborough General Hospital on Friday and had a 2nd operation, and this time it was successful! The surgeon was bloody brilliant, and has managed to remove the main offending stone which was trapped tightly in the tube between kidney and bladder, then he also got to another large stone inside the kidney itself and removed that as well. Honestly, the way they describe it, this might as well be science fiction, with lasers and cameras going into... well... places you would believe possible! He fitted a catheter again due to my previous experience (he'd discussed that with me before the operation went ahead), and that will be removed tomorrow, together with a temporary stent which replaced the previous one he'd fitted. This one is on a "string" - In reality, a tiny thin wire that will get pulled out at the same time as the catheter tube - Ouch!). All very unpleasant, but necessary and at least this time he fitted it while I was unconscious so I didn't feel it going in, which was the worst part on the previous one. I was going to put this pic on the WRUW thread, but they kept me in overnight and I didn't get home until late last night: I like the colour of the strap, but the timekeeping on this one is rubbish! Once again, thanks very much to everyone who took the time to comment here, it was greatly appreciated and cheered me up at quite a difficult time
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    Not sure about that age of watch, but specialist watch auctions have always been my choice for selling vintage issued military stuff.
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    I was up in the loft a few days ago looking for a watch that I knew was buried in some box or other, and found some of the tools of my trade, long since superseded by fancy GPS instruments, portable analysers and hand held computers or in some instances combined GPS/Computer, plotters and a myriad of proprietary software. It makes me feel old looking at them Some examples below The Brunton Compass - Clinometer, fixed on a tripod you could use it to create quite an accurate a map and it was also used hand held for traversing and measuring strike and dip of rock structures. Still used but not anywhere near as extensively as it was. These days you can get a GPS compass clinometer computer which records the position, dip and strike of the rock outcrop and allows you to not only photograph the outcrop but to record the rock type. Next is the Frieberg Compass - made in East Germany originally it was used primarily for recording strike, dip and linear elements in the field a lot quicker than using the Brunton, I used this compass most often due to working in structurally complicated terrain. Pedometer made in West Germany and surprisingly accurate on easy ground once you had set it up Plastic field cards, all this data and more would be on your handheld computer now Douglas Protractor - brilliant piece of kit for when you are drawing you map at the end of the day HP 11C Calculator - Reverse Polish Notation and pretty standard kit in the early 1980's Slide rule and unit converter I had the slide rule at school but did use it for work until I got the HP11C, I had a couple of unit convertors lying around my desk which were good for quick reference.
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    Just look at his collection! And Damasko. Small German family company that make the toughest cases and bracelets out there.
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    I must say that this watch is awesome, i think i will have to get me one. Nice
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    Only thing with these, you need the manual every time.
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    Still have my Yankee somewhere, still has a jubilee clip on it to stop it rolling away from you, I was proud as punch when I first got it
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    I only said I liked the colour of the strap, not the material....
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    I thought you didn't like nylon straps....? Glad you got it sorted, mate! Great news, I'm sure it's a relief and a burden eased from your thoughts. (OMFG, I said almost the exact same thing as @Roger the Dodger, how predictable can I be. )
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    As an addendum to the above (and because I couldn't take any pics 'till today) here are some old tools that I made when I worked at Compair BroomWade, the compressor makers back in the seventies. Working in the maintainance dept., there were always slack periods, and we would make our own tools up from bits of scrap that were lying around. Three screwdrivers...the top one has a handle made from a piece of aluminium bar, turned and knurled on a lathe. The shaft is a piece of mmild steel rod with a bit holder brazed onto it. The second one also has an ally handle, but I fluted this one in a milling machine, before turning. The last one is a T bar screwdriver for applying extra torque, made out of mild steel again. Next are a couple of home made tap wrenches, large and small. We fitters all had our own versions. A surface scraper for removing old bits of gasket from mating surfaces, made out of an old file with a piece of tungsten carbide brazed to the end. We used to get the tool grinders to sharpen these on their diamond grinding wheels. Below is a key drift, also made out of an old file (file steel is good for making tools as it's hard). This was used to remove the key that held a wheel or pulley on a shaft. You put the pointed end between the key end and the pulley hub and tapped it with a hammer to remove the key. A home made drill stand (imperial) made out of a block of aluminium. Finally, an unusual one. There used to be a couple of old submariners who looked after the boilers, and one of them showed me one of these tools that he still used at work. It's a wheel valve wrench, used to tighten and loosen wheel valves. It will fit several sizes of valve, and is a really simple piece of kit. I made this one in the welding shop, heating and bending the steel rod to get the right shape on an anvil. We don't have any large wheel valves here, but I found a smaller one to show how it works in principle. The hook goes over one of the wheel spokes, and the short end bears on the rim to give really good leverage.
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