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    Happy Speedy Tuesday !
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    Good morning, AVI-8 auto for today...
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    White mother pearl on sea snake today
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    A rarely found Roamer 44 jewel rotodate And I'm loving this one
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    Hima Sharkmaster today
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    The Sbdc055 I ordered didn't arrive today as hoped, so I'm consoling myself with an Amstel and my AT.
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    My holiday (day) watch this week, from the Costa Del Sol............
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    Clean white face for today...
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    At least they haven't folded, which is what I was fearing when the news first broke last year. I just hope they don't suffer the same fate as Glycine seem to be under Invicta ownership. Gratuitous wrist shot
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    Sixty two minutes to sunset. Steve.
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    Well, if we are showing off, I’ll join in as well if that’s alright????
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    I love the bulky/chunky design and the strap!
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    Metal detecting I spend hour sitting plugging away in fields local to my house. I’ve turned up some decent bits, two Celtic gold items currently in the British museum being assessed. Such a great hobby, keeps me sane too. best hobby I’ve ever had. I mean, I walked out of my house one day, onto a field writhing 15 mins, and found a coin dropped in 40 Ad ish by someone who walked to same ground I do today. Blows my mind every time.
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    I think I prefer this version.
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    Philipp has been in charge since July. Great brand Fortis, I wish they could get a bit more traction in the UK. They've been in the background since the 1920's and should really have taken off (pardon the pun!) the way Breitling did with their specially designed pilot watches. For some reason, they ended up left behind. Two of my all time fave watches are the B-42 "Mission to Mars" edition (I love a bit of orange!) and the mental "IQ" (pictured below) by Rolf Sachs. If anyone here has never seen the Sachs special editions, google Fortis Frission, Fortis IQ and Fortis 2pi. Very, very clever designs.
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    @Roger Nice watch and a bargain price. I picked up the version with orange accents about three or four years ago and have really enjoyed it. Mine came on a blue rubber strap which got swapped pretty quickly. The bracelet on yours looks good! Enjoy.
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    Not sure about that age of watch, but specialist watch auctions have always been my choice for selling vintage issued military stuff.
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    We've got off topic. This Thread was about sartorial elegance. Not this.
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    You could always go to my butcher for a mince round.
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    @Alanjw They aren't bad for the money but as noted above they make some real horrors!
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    Check this out or any courier who offers COD services. https://www.dpd.com/de_en/sending_parcels/our_options/cash_on_delivery the old addage, if in doubt, don't, springs to mind. If someone I intended to purchase from "steered" me in the direction of a payment service that appears to be a bad rash, I'd walk.
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    This on black leather is stunning.
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    Yes -- German (designed at least, manufactured in Switzerland), very elegant, and different . . .
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    Look at the white dialled (lumed) Damasko's. Great watches and a long term target for me. I sold the one I had to another member here!
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    I must say that this watch is awesome, i think i will have to get me one. Nice
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    Schofield do a good range of tweed watch straps. Ah, the old 'Johnny Reggae' clothes -'with his fringe and buckle loafers and his two tones on his strides'. Yup, that was me. Plus Harrington, monkey boots and Brutus or Ben Sherman shirts. Fred Perry shirts were cheaper in those days as well. Then I grew my hair long.
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    ? I have several, and a Donegal tweed shirt.
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    A nice collection...bit of everything there.
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    Whilst searching through the usual souvenir shops full of tat and fake Ray Bans I found a nice little jewellers selling genuine G-Shocks and other Casios. Found a nice quality silicone 22mm strap and also an XL 20mm brown leather one too. Well pleased.
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    Great classic album, you should check out some of their other albums too. Delicate sound of thunder would be a good one.
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    Landowner let me keep it, given him tonnes of other bits including a huge framed display piece which he loved ! Coins dont get declaired unless they are found as a horde
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    A good staking set is a useful tool to have in a workshop. A jewel press is expensive and will get limited use. A staking outfit is a more general tool that will enable the fitting of jewels and many other bench duties. It may require additional tool skills, but will save £££££££££'s on unnecessary tool purchases. Hope this helps.
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    I use a Nikon D3300 that came with the 18-55 kit lens. I then upgraded my lens to a 35mm 1.8 Nikon after about a year of having the camera and wish I had done so from the start. The difference you get with a lens is unbelievable. You can pick one up from eBay for about £130 and would really recommend this lens. The 50mm is also a great buy but depends if you don't mind not being able to zoom or not.
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    Yeah that's a good pick up, and like I say the plating on those is more robust than some of their other models.
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    That's the watch that i bought her and at that time I'd never heard of Omega and had next to no interest in watches
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    Wow. Amazing. Is that one of those things where you have no claim on the items, not even some finder's fee?
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    I thought you didn't like nylon straps....? Glad you got it sorted, mate! Great news, I'm sure it's a relief and a burden eased from your thoughts. (OMFG, I said almost the exact same thing as @Roger the Dodger, how predictable can I be. )
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    Never too late @Davey PGood to hear that the stones have finally `moved' after the best (worst) part of 3 months.
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    Funnily enough, that's what 'er indoors has just said......
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    these are my 2 and really pleased with them both. I had a hydroconquest until it sold recently so as I still have these 2 you can guess my preference
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    Very nice. I've never seen one before so I've just wandered off for a google of it and it appears to run the same ETA C01.211 calibre which Swatch designed for Tissot (I have one of those)! Essentially a Lemania 5100 but with some plastic components. Still, a fantastic buy from the look of it!
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    Cheers fella But was this really first posted in June 2013??? Jesus, where did the time go I've done a few of these for various members on here, and it's always a pleasure. This forum has given me a lot over the years, and it's great to give a little something back.
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    As some of you already know, I am pretty handy when it comes to repairing and restoring old damaged photos, and I thought it would be a good idea to offer my services on here at "mates rates" to anyone who needs it. The sort of things I can do are: Repair damage such as scratches or creases Colour correction and improvements to faded images Remove unwanted details or objects (or people!) Combine 2 or more photos to create a new image There are almost unlimited possibilities, and as an example here's one I did for my Dad showing me with my brothers and sister on holiday "a while ago..." (and definitely in the UK judging by how cold we all look!): I am 2nd from the right, by the way :lol: There are more samples of my work on my website, a direct link to the page is here: http://davepatey-illustration.com/page6.htm If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me via PM on here, or email me directly for a quote. I am not looking to make a massive profit on this, I earn enough in my normal day-to-day work to pay the bills, and am lucky to have plenty of free time when I'm not working in Austria, hence being able to offer this at a low price. Mods: I can't see anything in the rules to say we can't offer services for sale on here, but obviously if this is not allowed then please delete the post - Cheers :D
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    Wow yes it is lovely, however do you think the watch is beyond repair it has rust on the cogs? Is that a possible service or not?
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    If you love watches, then you're where you should be. That's what this place is about.
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