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    Have a great weekend guys!
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    Just woken this up from its slumber to wear later. 1/2 a turn is all it takes to get it going, it really is a jewel and never gets noticed.
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    ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels & ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels, 1997
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    Vintage Omega MegaQuartz, have a great Saturday!
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    Changed to the SPORK to make the decision, should she stay or should she go!
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    Timeless classic and a tangerine beemer... Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    I have now changed over to this Vintage Omega Connie f300 hummer
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    Time for a change... OMEGA Railmaster,CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels & ALPHA, cal.ST-16(?), 21 Jewels.
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    This today for visiting Dad, maybe a change when I order a Curry though. Smiths PRS-29A by Paul, on Flickr
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    Further report . . . Ten glorious days in Berlin (barely a cloud seen in that time), but, from the perspective of this group, not that interesting. Was busy, so did not have the chance to dig out the watch specialists -- so saw only the usual city centre outlets (Wempe, Bucherer, Leicht) selling the usual stuff, but did notice that the asking prices were higher than UK by a few per cent. During my stay, I did contact GO to ask whether there was any possibility of looking at their manufacture during my subsequent visit to Glashütte. At least three emails in each direction ensued over the course of a week, culminating with an extremely polite and apologetic phone call on the day I arrived in Glashütte (when I was already there) to the effect that they could not accommodate me. Ironically, I then sent a tongue-in-cheek mail to MG, only to receive a reply within 15 minutes apologizing that, that day, they could do nothing -- but that, were I to visit again and give them a couple of days notice, they would love to show me round. Drat, backed the wrong horse -- but impressed with MG. To their credit, GO did give us (Mem'sahib and me) free entry to the Glashütte watch museum, and have subsequently followed up with another mail hoping I got home safely So, general impressions (to add to the report provided previously by @scottswatches) . . . . . Glashütte is a large village rather than a small town. It is very attractively located (meaning that there is quite a drive on very small roads to get there), is quite picturesque, and (considering that it was in East Germany thirty years ago) very well maintained. It does have a railway station, but services are infrequent. The most amazing thing about Glashütte is the juxtaposition of so many famous brands. I took a panoramic photo from outside the front door of GO to illustrate, and caught four world famous brands (and the source of five of my watches) . . . . This is ALS with the tower of GO visible immediately behind . . . And Nomos and MG are separated only by the railway line . . . Tutima is about two minutes walk further on . . . . Additionally, Union, Mühle, Söhnle and Wempe are only a few hundred metres further. High prices seem to be reinvested -- this appears to be the ALS car park!! Interestingly, there seems to be only one AD in Glashütte (Union, Mühle, Söhnle), though there is a small but smart Nomos factory outlet. GO told me that they had a factory store, but moved it to the centre of Dresden. So, you can visit the source of German high-end watchmaking, but you can't buy a really high-end watch Enough for now. Probably tomorrow I'll report on the beautiful museum and some of the history of the town since WWII. David
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    I would suggest the 2531.80.00, Cal1120 circa late 1990's early 2000's the full size automatic model at 41mm. The James Bond model with the wavy blue dial and excellent bracelet. Priced around £1250-1600 Cheers Martin
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    I mainly work with people about 10 years younger than me, and they get offended at everything! They also get offended if you are talking about them, or if your aren’t talking about them! I just stay out of the way! Haha
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    None taken would be very boring if we all liked the same things, I like all of them, to be honest.
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    Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons I'll chuck the newish boy on the block the SMPc.
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    if you can only have three, go large Although I say goodbye to the Patek today, so I have to find something to fill the vacancy. Possible this, as the dial is a different colour, and it is auto where the others are manual and quartz But then I would need a hummer. And a Chronograph. And a moonphase. And a GMT. And a Seiko - everyone needs a Seiko. And a Black dial of course, and a beater. Three watches - impossible!
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    Hello All, We would like to introduce our microbrand - OVD. I'm the co-founder, Ricky, who is responsible for design and watch product development. We were starting to work for our first watch from a few years ago. To keep the watch with always eye-catching, is our aim of this microbrand. Therefore, we would like to introduce our new project and have launched on Kickstarter (http://fbads.e.fnd.to/titanicx) This dive watch is inspired by a wreck seeker which undertake an important mission to explore the wreck of the Titanic. We would really appreciate to have your comments & thoughts on this page. Thank you, Ricky We have started on this project for over 6 months. Even the process of desing, engineering, photography and 3D animation. We have made all of thous by our teammates . The watch has a harmonious design featuring a rotor inspired by the rusty anchor of a shipwreck and symbolizing the passing of time in which the Titanic has been eroded by the sea. The feature buckle comes with a satin finish along with a leather case with an engraved logo. The inspiration for the selection of these materials and designs is drawn from the seat belt of the vessel. It is surely worth your while to peer through the mineral window in the case back, which is held securely in place by six screws. Seen from the rear, this solid case back is inspired by the porthole of the ship. The whole collection with 5 color combinations We really need your comments on this design. Thank you for your watching. Ricky
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    Hi guys! Yesterday I was spending my time in Facebook groups and I was particularly impressed by a photo in the stream that caught my attention. What I'm talking about is Nereide GMT, a diver watch by Meccaniche Veneziane with ETA 2893-2. I already own a lot of diver watches but I'm impressed by the colors and the good quality for the money (ETA GMT and sapphire glass). I was almost going to pull the trigger on my third Steiny (exactly, I already have two lol) but now I'm seriously considering to buy it when it will be available on Kickstarter. Here there are some shots I've taken from Meccaniche Veneziane website. What do you think of this timepiece? Website: www.launch.meccanicheveneziane.it Here are some pics
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    Placed my pre-order 10th March, so it's been a long wait, but it's finally arrived. Dial: Abyss Blue (I almost cancelled my order several times as the pics I fell in love with were, it turns out, the blue sunburst) Bezel: Fixed Diameter: 40mm Thickness: 12mm Lug width: 20mm Lug2lug: 48mm WR: 200m Movement: ETA 2824-2 (with quickset date) Probably about as big as I'd go on my 17cm/6.75" wrist. Two included straps. Pic shows it on a navy blue nylon. Very thin, a step up from the £2.99 one I got off eBay, but not by much. The other included strap was a thin, black (for a navy blue dial!) rubber one. Not impressed with either of them, so I'll see if I can find something else long term. The included leather case is a bit of a waste of time as well (in sky blue). Will get some better pics in daylight tomorrow.
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    @Davey P made me buy it is all his fault obviously and I am utterly blameless. That’s mys story and I am sticking to it Noj
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    I go with M&S and they insure any single item up to a decent amount. Can’t remember off the top of my head but it’s over 5k I’m sure.
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    Did you measure TDC with a DTI when the head was off. When I built the engine in my Vette I fitted a gear drive for the cam to replace the timing chain. It had some adjustment so you could get the cam timing absolutely bang on.
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    I've had a 75 in the family, dad had a 2.5v6 for a while really well built comfy car with good handling and good looks. Ours was copper leaf which is a lovely colour. The v8 is a mustang engine and puts out about 240bhp which is low for its capacity, but nevertheless enough. I actually really like the looks of the one in the pic and the more ordinary mg versions which look great. The diesel versions use bmw diesels and are a pretty good bet. Nice rare choice. Good looks and good build. The interiors are fab, especially the dashboard which is lovely. Yeh good call. I know i'm going to end up buying another car after this thread...I've just been eyeing this up. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810151508345?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&make=BMW&fuel-type=Diesel&postcode=bb95hg&sort=price-asc&model=6 SERIES&page=1
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    You can laugh but the idea behind the original CP Goggle Coats is along those lines. And there is a bit of a watch connection as some of them have "watch viewers" in the cuffs They hark back to the days of days of open topped road racing like the Miller Miga. I still think the local Plods probably wouldn't be impressed though. @Nigelp I checked, my centre caps don't line up with the small 'M' Sport badges. Now I'm going to have to take all the wheels off and align them. And they are, like my LV, original and genuine. No mickey mouse copies of anything in the Bond Household.
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    Early Autumn is the time to marvel at the multitude of Zinnias available...
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    @niveketak And there are more than enough watches out there that I love for me to own that many, but getting to wear them all would mean very little wrist time for any of them. @Rotundus I have the G-Shock mainly for use when I play 6-a-side, it's outdoors so we need some time-keeping and this can certainly handle it. I bought it after having an M&S ani-digi for many years, but it finally died on me (battery change didn't help and rust inside the case suggested a bigger issue).
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    The BHI list of approved repairers might be able to help. https://bhi.co.uk/find-a/repairer/ The BHI themselves had a chinese tourbillon made to celebrate their 150th anniversary, but roughly 1/3rd apparently were returned under warranty as the movement was not correctly oiled when new I had one that ran sweetly, but the chap who then bought it did have a lot of problems (months after he had it from me, btw) it was a novelty, but a tourbillon is practically worthless in a wristwatch. In a pocket watch, where the movement is sitting in a waistcoat pocket at pretty much the same angle all day, then it might have a small benefit. On a swinging wrist most gravitational effects are averaged out anyway. I would not (and have not) bought another
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    Yes. Because the bracelet did not come with an end piece. It does not fit into the original end piece but it looks as if it can fit right into the lug without an end piece which means there's be a gap in the lug. Exploration and fashion. I am completely new to wearing watches with bracelet and what to see what oysters, presidents, titanium, gold accent etc would do to the style of the watch. I also like taking things apart Sorry all - this topic might have to educate me as a complete rookie first. I somehow thought bracelets is as easy as straps - find one you like, buy the right width and decide/pick the right spring bar with right thickness/flange and off you go. This bracelet stuff feels a little more complicated.
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    I recently bought this 33mm Seiko gold plated 2 hander with date. I input the serial number to the usual sites. The best they could give me was 1987 or 1997. I felt quiet happily going with 87, until a few more 80s watches came to me. Now im thinking going off the slightly bolder styling and tad bigger case it could be 97. Anyone know for sure? Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    I do prefer the 'solid hand' ones much more I must confess, no disrespect intended. cheers b
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    what does a prebond in decent nick go for these days ? kicks the ass of those skeletal hands imho !!! although an inky black ceramic I wouldn't kick out of the bed for farting
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    You need to steer clear of that @Davey P bloke...he's a real bad influence...
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    Now over to this new arrival, thanks Al IWC 3767 2018-10-19_05-21-36 by mcridland, on Flickr Mark
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    Technically, I didn't "make you" buy it, that decision was all yours mate. However, I might have given you some encouragement along the way, I'll admit to that I suppose.........
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    I see no issues with using male / female terms for watches or anything else, as long as it's not used in a discriminatory way. My sister is a pretty serious (sensible) feminist and hates with a vengeance those trying to re-design nature and much of the me too campaign, which she regards as a new form of McCarthyism. Whilst in Bkk recently she was looking at the new Omega Constellation line designed for ladies, she has no interest in man size watches (whereas my other half does), whilst my BIL found a previously unknown interest in watches and in particular IWC pilots watches. Stereotypes? Absolutely and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have to say that looking from afar, the UK does seem to have become a bit of a basket case, yet when I ask my friends about such matters, they are sneeringly dismissive both of what's happening and those promoting this stuff. I think what gets me is the way it's rammed down everyone's throat, what with the beeb and others propagating this stuff and laws being introduced to force people to act in this way and that. They could all really take a lesson from Thailand, where for example, 'the 3rd sex' is everywhere. There are no laws in place forcing people to cower before the law, you'll just go into a shop and suddenly realise the lady serving you is actually a he, or maybe on their way and the 'Toms', as they choose to call themselves, mooch around with short aka masculine hair cuts, male style clothing and sometimes a matching beer belly. Tolerance comes from the people without the interference of Govt.
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    run the watch next to a compass and see if the needle deflects - if it does, demagnetise it first before attempting any adjustment
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    Snowflake generation... M&S are refusing to change there's they are still going to be Man size
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    I've got to nip down the hallowed corridors in a minute, they're never going to get it through...she'll be out by Next Tuesday. Oh yes the Tity...there are two of those as permanent props outside our local taxi rank, i don't think they work. Loved loved loved mine, not liked a car so much since i had my 635csi when i was 18, the fuel was a killer for me i did 15,000 miles in one of them 5,000 in the other and about 10,000 in the one before that all in 19 months and thats not including the w221 5.5. I should have known better. But I did my bit in tax revenue to reverse our national debt. I spent thousands at the pumps. Loved every minute, the drive of my life. The best mpg i got in the cl500 was about 20...Can't see good ones staying so cheap forever. The g7 box is sublime. Looks better not in silver... good plate
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    Bremont bc-s2 for me today
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    Shoot me down, but I always fancied a Rover 75 estate, the 4.6 V8 … Not prestige as such but cheap as chips and not a bad runner by all accounts
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    Not really a USSR edition, but posting here nevertheless. Thanks to @Kutusov and the Bay, here's something I've been waiting to get my hands on for a long time: Vostok Amphibia 1967 by wotsch2, on Flickr Much chuffed! (Not going to be modding this one ) Cheers, -wotsch
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