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    It’s almost 10am in Thailand and not a cold chill in sight. Merry Christmas to all the Christians on here! Wearing this for the morning:
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    My 35th wedding anniversary gift from a couple of years ago. Have a great day everyone, whatever you do.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Happy christmas to all
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    Merry Christmas All. Off to Mum's for Christmas dinner and I'd better get round there quickly as I'm bringing the turkey!
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    Happy Christmas, I am wearing my vintage Zenith Respirator X circa 1972
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    This stunner today, Christmas Day calls for something a bit special. I would like to wish all of you on The Watch Forum a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. So many things in my life have changed for the better in 2018 and this time of year brings it all together for me. For those who have suffered loss, difficulties or hardship - I sincerely hope that you may find some comfort, peace and prosperity in the year ahead. Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda.
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    Merry Xmas everyone. This one today and everyday while we're in Ambleside. Out for a walk up to High Sweden Bridge later, then home, changed and down to the the local (50 metres) pub. The pub will be heaving with locals, walkers and people who've been to church and the atmosphere is superb, no TV and no music
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    Daytona for the rest of the day. Going to visit a Rolex AD in Udon Thani who annoyed me last time. Maybe they thought I was just a window shopper or time waster.....
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    Merry Christmas everyone
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    Wishing you all a very happy & healthy Christmas Will be wearing this for 'tribal' gathering later... 1972 9k AVIA 'OLYMPIC' & bracelet, 21st birthday gift. Cal: Peseux 338, 17 jewel.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone on TWF! Also, a big thanks to @Roy for providing such a valuable forum for us watch lovers all year round! As I've said spare a thought for the people who will miss their families either in the armed forces or emergency services. Also, to anybody who has lost anyone. Seiko Premier again today.
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    Merry Christmas everyone. it’s this Omega, calibre 352, from circa 1951 to start with today.
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    This, to start the day. Then, it is time for my old Omega. Steve.
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    Two New this morning, feel very happy and lucky this morning. First one from a friend at work and her hubby, she's originally from Blackburn but been up here for years, and her hubby is from Malaysia but moved here when they got married, he's now my partner in crime at the football. Citizen AT2396-86E And this cheap watch , just joking it's a stunner, is from family and myself, it's now pride of my collection. Longines Hydroconquest L37423967
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    Afternoon change over to this rare Vintage Zenith automatic 2552PC caliber
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    Love the sapphire distortion! Merry Christmas to all!
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    Happy Christmas to you all. Was lucky enough to get my first ChWard today:
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    Kate saw I liked the Tudor Black Bay with the red bezel, this one is more important to me as she chose it as a "similar" contrast but that we can afford to buy and never told me she was doing it. Just noticed date is changing must be 12 hours out.
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    this today, laying wreath this morning ( didn't get yesterday) and for later this evening to meet the prospective inlaws for the first time !! merry Christmas all deano
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    This one for Christmas Day Hope you all have a good’in!
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    Merry Xmas everybody. Xmas dinner at my Sister's today, so it's the Tissot Seastar 1000 (TSO 28218) (T1204071103100) today.
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    Happy Christmas! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Merry Xmas folks, hope Santa was good to you all.
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    For timings Merry Christmas everyone
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    Avia manual wind with ETA 2408 movement from my good friend Chris and of course my Smiths PRS-25 36mm.
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    The Tudor Black Bay 41. The photos do not do the watch justice. The watch is a great example of understated elegance. Happy Christmas.
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    So it appears looking around that quite a few folks have new arrivals today - thought it might be nice to have a bit of a showcase for them. I got a real shock this morning, last box out from under the tree was this little beauty: Way beyond what I was expecting from my wonderful wife. Over the moon with it! Also this from a close colleague at work - seen it pop up a lot on here over the last little while, now I get to see inside!! ..So what has anyone else found under the tree this morning?
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    An easier Christmas day after yesterday's full day, culminating in hosting some of Pam's family and friends at an amazing Christmas buffet at the hotel we are staying at in Khon Kaen. To top it all, I managed to buy some mince pies from an American teacher living here who make pies as a sideline! The hotel happily heated them up for us and a dozen Thai's experienced for the first time this true culinary giant from the UK - and you know what the reaction was? Mixed - lol! But Pam's mum loved hers! Today, we took Pam's father, who is poorly and stays in a care home, to a lunch of his choice and as he is Thai Chinese, it was no surprise that he chose Chinese and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The Mido did for me today.
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    A taste of the Orient today
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    LV and 25 in the shade I don’t do the Christmas thing so as the Yanks say Happy Holidays
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    Lucky to get this Christopher Ward C8 Flyer today:
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    Hummer today from 1974. Roger
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    Seasons greetings to you all and a Happy New Year.
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    Just said to my wife that I would have had one, if I didn't have a Black Bay diver. Promptly told "that's the price you pay for wanting to be Beckham".
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    Lovely watches so far all! Dressed up for family who popped round this morning for breakfast. Will be back on later when other family come round. Have since got changed back into shorts to cook lunch, so back on goes the World Time!
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    Remiss of me, the heir hunters between them covered the cost of my C9 5 Day Chronometer obtained from CW a couple of weeks ago... Bless 'em
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    Not a timepiece but a pleasant surprise nevertheless... You will observe that I have been reduced to the rank of Carson (S-I-L elevated himself) whilst DC remains (naturally) matriarch of the tribe. Anyway, just got back from emptying the nose bag, time for an hour in the cot. P.S. Can anyone still smell sprouts ?
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