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    Good morning everyone. This hi-beat calibre 431 Longines Conquest today.
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    I will start with my vintage Orient King diver circa early 1970s
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    Taking my monster Kalmar 2 OceanicTime 8000m to Maldives for diving, with a sea water at +32 Celsius it is perfect here
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    Found late father's in law's watch not worked for 4 years . Charged up all day yesterday now working .
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    First proper wear of my newbie. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    I shall kick off with the 'Spork' today...
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    This one as per usual...
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    It's a foggy morning up here, should really be wearing something with torch like lume, instead: A 24 year old 7T32 with lume dimmer than the average politician. Just noticed that the date's wrong, balls.
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    1966 Seamaster on its new strap:
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    Newmark 6BB reissue, not one of the 500 original 1980 ones, courtesy of @brummie1875 of this parish. Thank you, I haven't worn another watch since this arrived. This has a Seiko mecaquartz movement inside, and as there is no second hand and the chrono second moves 5 times a second like a 18,000 bph mechanical watch there is no indication at all that it is quartz
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    Overcast, grey and drizzly here - it's time to Turtle again.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Changed to the latest incomer, the titanium 7T32-6J79...
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    GMT master 2 on a mixed sun and shower day.
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    Quick pic. before the rain .CW Slimline
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    Morning all. Citizen Eco Drive this morning and a bit of light reading. Have a good one Can you stop posting pictures of your TW Steel's please mate... I'm starting to like them now... Jokes aside, I actually really like this one
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    Overcast, dull, and quite cool, up here. Steve.
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    I am now wearing my Omega SMP full size automatic
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    Playing with my Balls today... ***Disclaimer*** I only have one Ball watch, it just sounded funnier to pretend I had two. Sorry for the toilet humour, totally inappropriate for a forum of such high repute. Sorry again.
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    Deskflieger today lol
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    It has to be this one today
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    A beautiful spring day here in Austria, and it's the TW Steel Volante for me again:
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    Morning A Parnis today, Daytona Homage (Seiko mecaquartz VK63).
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    Baltic Watches Made in France HMS001 Review A french made vintage inspired watch. The watch came in an outer cardboard black box with logo, inside this was a cork lid box with velvet material housing the watch. The all steel 38mm case is very nicely finished with brushing and a polished bezel. The crown is signed with a 'B' logo. Lug to Lug mesures 47mm and is perfect for my wrist. The 20mm lugs are drilled making strap changing easy. This one has a display back, solid back is also available. It has an Automatic Japanese Miyota Cal. 821 movement which has some decorated stripes and has 42 hours of power reserve. The dial is superb with its black center and gold outer track. The watch came on a nice French calf leather strap with signed steel buckle. Baltic watches are assembled in France, near Besançon. There are six different version to this watch, five different dials and a gold plated case version. If you like the vintage look then you will love these watches. https://baltic-watches.com/en/
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    20 minutes of fiddling with the tiny screws to release and then clamp the battery and away she goes......hmmm,mm.
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    Thanks for that,just spat coffee down myself. Nice bright sunny day here .
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    Accutron 1974 N just picked it out after a rest, hope it’s only the battery!!
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    Seen a couple of SOTC threads recently so thought I would add a Some of my favourites Here goes .... Sharkey Tuna Marathon GSAR Modified SKX007 with Monsterwatch dial and chapter ring Seiko 7002 Pulsar Auto Phiobos Wavemaster Himq Sharkmaster Seiko 5H26 Seiko SKX007 Cressi 500m Thanks for looking , John
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    Switched to this one again, Eza sent it to me for review and then return, which I will do soon, however I can't send it back, I'm in love and I'm having to buy it
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    gardening went well yesterday , painting today last day of the tomtom raffle today - fill yer boots !
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    Eza Airfighter Watch Review A vintage inspired pilots watch, made in Holland. The watch came in an outer cardboard black box with logo, inside this there is a very nice piano lacquered box. Inside this was the watch, a polishing cloth and a high quality grey nato strap. There was a brown envelope with the watch and inside is the warranty and print out of the timing results. Eta Calibre 2824-2 Automatic, Ligne 11-1/2’'', 25 jewels, 28.800bph, 40 hour power reserve, The movement is adjusted by Eza Watches to six positions. The 316L Stainless steel case with mixed brushed and high gloss finish. Case diameter of 41.0mm, lug width 22.0mm, case thickness 13mm, lug to lug 48.0mm. The engraving on the back of the case is very nicely done featuring the company name on a rotor of an engraved 2824 movement. The blue dial is gorgeous and the indexes and hands are filled with Super Luminova. The Anti-reflective sapphire crystal is laser engraved with the logo and model name on the inside. I've not seen this done before but it is a nice unusual touch that adds to the quality of this watch. The steel onion crown is embossed with the Eza logo. It is Water resistant to 5 ATM, 50 metres. The brown Italian leather strap is of very high quality and very supple with a signed steel buckle. A grey nato strap, that is signed on every loop is also included. The watch is also available with a black dial and there are many strap options. I cannot find anything to dislike about this watch. It sits very nicely on my small wrist and I'm so pleased to have found this brand and that the company have given me this opportunity to review and fall in love with this watch. It was sent to me to review on the forum and then send back, however after a day with it I cannot part with it and have decided to buy it. I feel it will be on my wrist for quite a while. I am in no way being paid for this review and it is totally independent. The brand history : Eza Watches started in 1921 with the production of watch cases in Pforzheim, Germany. In the 1950’s, they became well-known for the construction of its complete wristwatches. Eza Watches had a wide variety of watch cases and dial combinations. It was renowned for making affordable luxury timepieces with quality automatic movements. Since 2016 Eza Watches regained its independence under the leadership of Diederik van Golen and Adriaan Trampe, determined to return the company to its original brilliance and dynamism. The brand remains true to its original principles: quality watch cases, accuracy, craftsmanship and style. The timepiece will be assembled at Eza’s watch making facility in the Netherlands and adjusted to 6 positions for even more accuracy. Check out https://eza-watches.com/ If anyone is interested in these watches and for more info please contact : atrampe@eza-watches.com and say that I sent you
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    This is getting out of control, I've just had an ebay offer accepted for........... well, I think you can all guess by now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fat-Face-FF20169-Mens-Watch/163569099268?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2649 I've already got this model, but mine is busted after I tried to replace the module and hands, so I thought I'd treat myself to a fully working one for the bargain price of £17.50 - I think it's worth more than that in scrap metal value It means I can use the broken one to modify and play around with, and not worry if I bugger it up (and I will, that much is guaranteed ). Yet again, I am a happy bunny (and yes, I am easily pleased, obviously!)
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    My latest acquisition which arrived this morning.. Almirante Navegante ( Crepas/Tactico Group Spain) Seiko Cal. NH38A 24 Jewels I must say I`m rather impressed with it, btw both crowns are screw down the top one operates the internal bezel, the other is the winder
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    That's nice mmmmm. Today its the Smiths PRS-29A on the wrist.
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    Or you could use my method: 1) Heat scalpel blade and press at interface between crystal and cyclops. Once you've stopped the bleeding move on to... 2) Use temperature controlled soldering iron on cyclops then gently press against cyclops with scalpel. Apply cream to burn on finger and plaster to 2nd cut, then... 3) Bring out the micro gas torch, ignite, extinguish burning hair and realise that eyebrows seem unimportant until they're missing. Apply heat to cyclops, listening for the tell tale ping, smile in satisfaction at the, surprisingly loud, noise... 4) Go to Cousins and buy a new crystal to replace the now dramatically cracked old crystal. 5) Swear to never again buy a watch with a cyclops.
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    Cheers fella, it's a great looking watch in the flesh, but be warned it's not one for the faint hearted. This model is bloody massive, so you will need a big wrist to carry it off. They do a smaller version of the Volante, which is still large by most other brand's standards, but it looks a bit more sensible. I've got a green one, with a subdial for the seconds hand, and I actually think it wears better than the blue. This is the one I'm talking about: I haven't got a side-by-side photo to show the difference, and I can't remember the sizes, but the green one is noticeably smaller. I'm not helping, am I...?
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    A bit late and have my tin hat on.
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    I received this for my 18th birthday from my mam many moons ago I am now 60 and still have the watch.
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    Got my first watch when I was about 7, that's where it all started, mainly as a result of being mesmerised by my grandfather's key wound and set pocket watch. Then I had a selection of "ironmongers" pocket watches. Next, in my early teens, my collection of military surplus watches started. That's when you could get them from "Pride & Clarke", less than a tenner for a "dirty dozen" watch, and round about £20 for a chrono. Six day's of delivering newspapers morning and night, and mornings on Sunday, financed that. Pride & Clarke packed up at the end of the seventies, and that's when I started buying mainly new stuff. Moved on all my military stuff around a decade ago, sometimes regret it when I see what I would have got now, but I was more than happy at the time, so, over 5 decades worth of collecting, in which time I've had and let go a lot of nice stuff, and also noticed a huge shift in collecting trends/ values, including people's greed. At the age of 14 I would never have though that some of the watches I was paying £8.50 for, would be selling for over £3k. I preferred it when it was fun.
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    Hi guys, I've managed to get a brand new khaki king from eBay for £315 and it's coming tomorrow. It's in the brown leather strap which I'd prefer it not to be so have ordered a grey and black striped NATO strap. I'd also like a bracelet. Is it possible to purchase the official bracelet? If not, anyone recommend a decent bracelet that I could order please? Thanks in advance [emoji4][emoji106] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Awesome this sterile dial
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    I don't dislike the new blue version, but I'd be more interested if they re-released this version
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