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    Just can't seem to take the Speedy off right now.
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    Enjoying the simple things today. Some great watches on show gang!
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    Beautiful day today . . . . Pioneer Centre Seconds. 43mm in s/s. HMC Kaliber 200 lo-beat automatic. (And "Swiss made" appeareth not on the dial)
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    Many thanks to the never ending generosity of @Roy again for this amazing giveaway that I was lucky enough to win. And also a massive thank you to Undone for donating the watch to the forum in the first place The watch is an Undone Urban, a hybrid mechanical quartz Chronograph with a Seiko VK61 movement. It is a strikingly good looking watch with really good proportions. Case size is 40mm but the bezel overhangs the case slightly making it 41.8mm. Just to finish up on some specs it has a 316L stainless steel case with a hardened K1 domed crystal. 30m water resistance. You may all also know how Undone allows you to customise your watch on their website so you can get a watch looking just so. I am so chuffed to get such an amazing prize from the forum, I must thank TWF, @Roy and Undone once again
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    old pic but this watch today... I know its quite expensive (for me anyway) BUT the quality & finish is awesome
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    Good morning , Seiko King Quartz for me today
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    Good morning, Seiko 5 sports today..
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    Testing some new red alligator shoes today
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    Starting the day with the Samsung Galaxy. Have a great weekend everyone! Edit: My Samsung Galaxy doesn't have super powers hanging from the wall all by itself, I removed the calendar from the wall onto a table for a picture!
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    Dagaz Thunderbolt for me today
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    Good morning everyone, going with this Omega Constellation F300 today.
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    Orange Seiko 'Sawtooth' today...
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    Changed to the Monaco Gulf now. Something motoring related as I’m off to check on the GTR this afternoon. Still in a bad way, don think I’m going to keep the car once it’s fixed. Need to update the car thread but here’s what’s wrong now:
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    I love this watch; my mum brought it back from Pakistan last year: Here’s some photos of Bangkok from the hotel room:
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    Coral dial SuperOcean today.
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    Vintage Seiko this morning
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    Antique Borgel for me today
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    Morning chaps [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Have a great weekend everyone.
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    Morning all, have a wonderful weekend if you can
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    The raffle prize from Roy today
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    This fine pair... CORGEUT "BRONZE" (PVD), MIYOTA cal.8215, 21 Jewels & STEINHART OCEAN ONE BRONZE 103-0575 SWISS MADE, ETA 2824-2 elabore 25 Jewels
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    Hamilton 'Team Earth':
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    New one today. Steve.
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    Have a good weekend TWF
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    C8 Flyer today. Have a great Friday TWF:
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    Raketa "Polar" 24-hour
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    another of my "home brewed"watches.HAGWEE..
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    Raketa antimagnetic 2610 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr This has been sat whilst I've moved it ran way way too fast but after a couple of days of winding and checking it's within acceptable limits for me. Bought ad working a while back but with the crystal and minute hand missing, hence the condition of the dial! Fitted some hands from a dead donor watch after stripping the gold coloured plate with some brasso and then enamel paonting the reverse with some Humbrol black.
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    (Not) the actual watch that started this 45 years ago ... Have a fun day.
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    A quick ‘Thank you’ to @Roy for his continuing generosity with this personalised giveaway which arrived this morning. I struggled with whether to put Davey P’s mugshot on the clock but in the end chose a Beauties and the Beast theme instead. Tough choice Sorry to inflict my ugly boat race on you all
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    Earlier this week I had an urge for another Ollech and Wajs watch. I had a Mirage a few years ago but never got on with the bezel so sold it and over the years regret sank in and now courtesy of a famous auction site I am the proud owner of a Mirage 2 with red Chrono second hand...
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    1983 seiko slow painful death. So im prepared. 2 elastoplast for when i take it off and it slowly tears each hair off my arm. You wouldnt want to wear this if youve got a very hairy arm. Its a nasty unfeeling watch. SSD. All bathed in angelical glow of self importance. Waiting, waiting for the moment when it can kill. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk Thrust bearing? Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Morning All saw the fashion watch thread so went for the only one I have, a nice Nixon with a Hacking movement, a birthday present to me from my brother. I want one I want one I want one! is this the 36? I just love this watch so much
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    Must have been the power of the old engine and after I drove it whatever was going to break eventually broke lol. Out in Bangkok tonight: Found this sculpture in the hotel lounge which I love:
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    An old picture but nevertheless, wearing this today.
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    Time for change... PARNIS Militare 51 & 60 Chronographs (Japanese, Miyota [quartz] movements)
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    Navitimer again today HAGWE everyone
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    ***Shameless plug alert!*** One last day for this gorgeous Bulova Precisionist, before it is safely tucked up back in it's box, waiting for a new owner to come along....:
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    Hmm ... now I'm wondering ... green nato on this?
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