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    Morning all! Keep going back to the Seiko at the moment. Have a good day!
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    Seiko 5 to start with.
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    1000m Tauchmeister today.
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    Out with the local real ale society today so wearing my O and W chronograph.
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    Morning Phoibos Wave Master PY010B (NH35A) today. (just the one photo today, don't know why I ended up with two together yesterday )
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    Still with this one today
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    Meeting a friend who has an interest in Russian military equipment. Thought I'd wear something appropriate, although a modern remake. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Started with a Seiko 5 but I've been pining for this all day.
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    Oooo. I came over all peculiar and started wearing quartz. back to reality.
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    Can you believe? Nearly the cricket season. The sound of thud on willow. The batsmans Holding the boulers Willie. Quaint phrases like googly and leg over wicket. Yes the English summer. Endless days of chilled lemon on village greens. With the gentle shout of "duck" and cry of "ouch". Zenith today. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Established in 2013, the Melbourne Watch Company was founded with the goal of creating high quality Australian timepieces which remain accessible to enthusiasts, casual collectors and beyond. Melbourne Watch Company Portsea Triple Calendar Australian Made Triple calendar watch featuring a Miyota Cal. 9122 26 Jewel automatic movement. The watch came in a very nice luxury wooden box with a signed polishing cloth. The all steel case measures 39.5mm and is 12mm thick. It is 46.5mm Lug to lug. The back is embossed with the company crest. The case is very highly polished all round. The watch has a molded ceramic dial combined with a triple-layered construction to add a unique touch and certaily look stunning. Blued steel hands. A nice touch is the letter M on the end of the seconds hand. The watch features a triple calendar showing day, date and month. It came on a nice padded brown leather strap with signed buckle. It is an exceptionally made dress watch and a pleasure to wear. Check out https://www.melbournewatch.com.au/
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    We`re just about to starting watching the box & I`ve swapped over to these... APEKS AP040s-5, 1000m APEKS AP0406, 500m
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    Just in yesterday and off the steel bracelet onto a Zuludiver.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    We'll have none of that speedposting here!
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    Spearmint chews - the round pink ones with a hard shell, not the white ones. Bassett's Bassetti hard liquorice sticks - try to keep a box of these on the go at all times Swizzels double lollies Tooty Frooties (still available) and Tooty Minties (defunct) - oh and Opal Mints, before they became Pacers Bazooka Joe - how many comics did you collect? Mackintosh's Mint Cracknel - loved this!
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    She might want it back now!
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    I've seen luminox quite a bit recently, namely on bear grylls wrist.. Oh by the way this is my first post for 10 years.
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    I went a bit bid-happy on Ebay and found myself the proud owner of three watches that all arrived yesterday. One of them is this ... ... which goes by the exalted title of "Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Specialty Grand Regatta Quartz HN593.33", going by the lack of lume in the hands. It came on a steel bracelet I couldn't be bothered to resize, but it looks better with the two tone blue nato than anything else I've put it on. I know Stuhrling isn't universally admired, but so far I rather like it.
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    That really is damn near perfection, albeit a little bland. My only really gripe with it would be the hands. They have a nice design, but I really really dislike split lume hands. It just makes no sense to me to do that and throws off an easy quick glance read. Anyway I know that's being nitpicky, but with such a perfect watch I'm only left with tiny nitpicky stuff and because it's a pet peeve for me, it stood out. I'm sure you'll enjoy the beauty for a very long time to come. Great shot! Really really dig the bezel insert on these. That blue looks fantastic!
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    Absolutely love that !
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    You'll feel a lot better this time tomorrow... What a handsome chappie, Sir David is.
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    i like Rodders he's great he's my bro you leave him alone.
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    If you don't keep trying you never will be We won't mind - honest
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    Very nice - well done
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    Nice one, and your "good detective" skills have found a nice strap to go with it. Indeed, Lorus range has watches that punch above their weight and can benefit from a strap upgrade - this is one of them.
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    Makes you wonder if they had help...
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    thats good, thanks. I'll put it on when it arrives. Swatch are the watch equivalent of England, walking in and taking over, just think without them there would be no proper language no tissot no omega no Swatch Group brands. Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, Omega, Longines, Rado, Union Glashütte, Tissot, Balmain, Certina, Mido, Hamilton, Calvin Klein,Swatch, Flik Flak. All down to a little plastic watch and one made out of rock in 1985. looks bril now they could be twins though not identical twins, whilst the black and white dial ones wouldn't be twins.
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    all over the world, for centuries, just walked in took over. int that @BondandBigM on holiday? Yeh it does seem for a tiny little island in the north sea, that the bit in the middle England did conquer a lot of the world amazing really.
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    imagine if it was right of centre! wasnt there a bloke who went all over hiking with nowt on? The naked hiker?
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    Well I like all of them, but that Alpha looks great! Apparently the Russians are very easy/popular to mod, I have a few myself that I will try to customise a bit some day. Will be very interested in seeing your results.
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    Perhaps you'd like to see a real 'Spork'...an anagram of the letters from its serial number..SRPO43K1... ...not to be confused with one of these...a 'fake' spork......a whimsical combination of spoon and fork that dribbles your soup/gravy straight down your front....
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    Sgian-dubh. From Sgian-achlais. Which was carried in the upper sleeve of the jacket. When entering a friendly abode, the weapon would be removed from its concealed place and worn in view tucked into the sock.
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    Not sure I like nurses....when I went for my last blood test, she said 'Just a small prick?'...I mean...how personal can you get...?
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    At evening class with @Roger the Dodger.
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    i'll follow that up. makes me mad. Must go now, mother.
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    Crikey... hope you kept the receipt on the first one. The bezel is goosed, and the rubber crown guards are AWOL, just the metal frames showing. Those are impossible to replace, the rubber is integral to the actual case. Time to send it to watch heaven I suspect. Sorry for the downer, t'other one looks nice.
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    100.00 for this one ?? red dial version ... different
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    I too have always thought this, seen some nice new once for around £50.00 and then seen similar once shoot up in price.. Thanks for the explanations ... This one I ahev just spotted .,,, never used Watches2u but seems reasonable ... also Basset Watch shop or https://www.discount-watch-shop.com/ They have some good deals £129.00 WATCHES2U ...
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    Said the Nun to the Bishop .....
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    Never, I think you misread, or are being sarcastic. Lol I hate Mercedes/Rolex hands passionately. I wish I never had to see them. Hahahaha good, I can't wait to share them in the daily wear threads! You'll be puking so much your friends and family will wonder if you've got an eating disorder. Lol
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    Looks like an interesting and diverse range of watches, and I particularly like the Flashback and Aviator ranges. But seriously mate, you need to get an English native speaker to proof read your website. The text is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, and I for one find that really off-putting (and by "off-putting", I mean "annoying"). It's a simple job, and any half decent technical author could correct this for you at a reasonable cost.
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