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    Morning all! Keep going back to the Seiko at the moment. Have a good day!
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    Seiko 5 to start with.
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    Have a great Wednesday!
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    1000m Tauchmeister today.
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    Out with the local real ale society today so wearing my O and W chronograph.
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    Good morning everyone, giving this Omega Geneve, calibre 1030, from circa 1972 a turn today.
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    Good morning , Mako USA for me today
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    35th Anniversary Frogman: Here’s last nights attempt at another moonshot: Edit: Not sure how Tapatalk reduced the IQ so here’s a cropped picture of the dial:
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    Morning Phoibos Wave Master PY010B (NH35A) today. (just the one photo today, don't know why I ended up with two together yesterday )
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    Still with this one today
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    Trying a new brown alligator strap today with Carbon buckle and DLC tongue ;)
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    Good morning, Junkers gmt today..
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    Gold "racer" 5 today . what is the closest gas station
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    I'm wearing my new Nite Alpha which features a Quartz movement and Tritium dial / hands. (Glows like a madman)
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    Give this little beaut a charge up while doing some mowing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    An unrelated but similar pairing... LONGINES HERITAGE Conquest, cal.L633 25 Jewels & OMEGA Seamaster cal.562 24 Jewels 1961
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    Meeting a friend who has an interest in Russian military equipment. Thought I'd wear something appropriate, although a modern remake. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Same again I'm afraid, home build SM300 ish homagey thing, this time with a brown leather NATO, wondering what kind of steel bracelet would work with it?
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    Did a bit of internet browsing when I had time on my hands and ended up buying this wee beastie. A Year old Geckota K3 500m Dive Watch 50mm Lug to lug and a 45mm case 16mm in height, it is a beast for sure but wears very very well, not sure about the weight but I would guess in excess of 200 grams. The whole package is superb. Screwdriver for bezel changes as it uses grub screws to secure them in place, and a bottle opener to celebrate the new arrival. Fancied a change:
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    Started with a Seiko 5 but I've been pining for this all day.
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    Over to another non-related pair... SERVICES (Red Star) SWISS MADE, ETA cal.2782 25 Jewels, circa early 1970s TIMEX, #24 movement, circa 1970s?
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    Smith's Everest 36mm today. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Over to these until we settle down in front of the televisual device later... PARNIS, Seagull ST 3621 17 Jewels
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    Oooo. I came over all peculiar and started wearing quartz. back to reality.
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    Can you believe? Nearly the cricket season. The sound of thud on willow. The batsmans Holding the boulers Willie. Quaint phrases like googly and leg over wicket. Yes the English summer. Endless days of chilled lemon on village greens. With the gentle shout of "duck" and cry of "ouch". Zenith today. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    I acquired this cracker just over a week ago. I used to have one back in the day but had to let it go. When it came up on a well know and much maligned auction site I had to have it. Wife not too happy as my watch fund is now below zero and I had also just purchased a Casio Duro for my birthday/holiday watch 3 months in advance of the event. Anyway, exceptions will always be made for RLTs especially ones as stunning as this..... Oops - just noticed that my camera was set to a low res - so the pics won't do it full justice. It's a mechanically and was originally available with a choice of genuine or cheaper equivalent Unitas manual wind movement. The movement in mine isn't signed so probably not swiss made. It is keeping good time though at around +10 secs per day. It's a nice size and very comfortable to wear. The strap is awesome. Looks like leather but is in fact (wait for it DaveyP) rubber. It has some scratches on the mineral glass with a few slap bang in the middle which are a little bit annoying. Super star Roy has kindly offered to install a replacement crystal so once I can pry it off my wrist, it'll be heading down south on holiday. This is an absolute belter of a watch and I feel very lucky to have it.
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    Established in 2013, the Melbourne Watch Company was founded with the goal of creating high quality Australian timepieces which remain accessible to enthusiasts, casual collectors and beyond. Melbourne Watch Company Portsea Triple Calendar Australian Made Triple calendar watch featuring a Miyota Cal. 9122 26 Jewel automatic movement. The watch came in a very nice luxury wooden box with a signed polishing cloth. The all steel case measures 39.5mm and is 12mm thick. It is 46.5mm Lug to lug. The back is embossed with the company crest. The case is very highly polished all round. The watch has a molded ceramic dial combined with a triple-layered construction to add a unique touch and certaily look stunning. Blued steel hands. A nice touch is the letter M on the end of the seconds hand. The watch features a triple calendar showing day, date and month. It came on a nice padded brown leather strap with signed buckle. It is an exceptionally made dress watch and a pleasure to wear. Check out https://www.melbournewatch.com.au/
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    You don't have my sympathies.
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    Playing golf today...
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    Just purchased this from the Sales section and very pleased with it - thanks @Diveaddiction. Been looking for one for some time, came on rubber but I quickly changed that to a nice bracelet. Only problem is that, due to a pending holiday, I was under instructions not to go spending money on watches I would have got away with it but was in the garden when the postman arrived.
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    We`re just about to starting watching the box & I`ve swapped over to these... APEKS AP040s-5, 1000m APEKS AP0406, 500m
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    So, amongst my family and friends it is widely known that I’m “the watch guy” that weird member of the family that likes watches, as such I get everyone’s old watches, not to sound ungrateful, I love watches and I’m lucky they recognise and support my stupid hobby, however the doesn’t mean I’d like another broken swatch, thanks. Anyway that changed today when my girlfriend presented me with this ... A lorus chronograph, not working and on that god awful bracelet, although with a quick battery and strap change it became this! I must say I’m delighted with it for a grab and go!
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    Just in yesterday and off the steel bracelet onto a Zuludiver.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    can I join you in the dog house after my two recents I need alternative accommodation too , got to be had when they are there, nice catch N joy deano
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    I know where you're coming from haha, hopefully you won't be there long. Just purchased a new tag, already looking at other watches i don't have the money for. The misses is going mad! Would love a jaeger for my 40th
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    they could be the grandad and grandma to the last pair? Related to each other legally and to the last pair biologically? They could have given a bit of their oil at some point?
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    We'll have none of that speedposting here!
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    Spearmint chews - the round pink ones with a hard shell, not the white ones. Bassett's Bassetti hard liquorice sticks - try to keep a box of these on the go at all times Swizzels double lollies Tooty Frooties (still available) and Tooty Minties (defunct) - oh and Opal Mints, before they became Pacers Bazooka Joe - how many comics did you collect? Mackintosh's Mint Cracknel - loved this!
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    Something about the absurd and unreasonable frantic whining of others really makes me happy. So being accused, the other day, of supporting replicas and fakes by being proud of owning homages, spurred a desire to share with you some of my impending. Hope the hysterian is looking... So I've got 7 coming in. A Seiko mod homage to the Batman Rolex, however substituting snowflake hands instead, as I deeply detest Mercedes hands. Another Rolex homage, this from Alpha and of the GMT, or maybe GMT Master? I really do everything I can to avoid all Rolex content so I honestly am not sure what it's a copy of, but given the hands and submariner look, I'm confident it's a Rollie nonetheless. Really hope to be able to change the hands on this one someday as well. Third, and a complete drunk impulse buy while trying to satisfy a desire for white dial with blue accents, even though I should've just bought the one above instead. A third Rolex copy, not sure which one, guessing something in the Yacht Master line, although it operates differently, as a Chronograph. I'll likely give it away immediately. Lol Now the last four, as far as I know, aren't homages of anything other than wristwatches, which, surprise surprise, they are! Flabbergasting isn't it? I wonder, if, when I'm building a fire, am I creating a replica of the first fire ever built? Should I be ashamed of this too? Lol utterly laughable concept really, entirely! Anyway, these are all Russians, and a couple are even used pieces, can you believe it?!? The new ones I plan to mod quite a bit, and personalize. Details to follow, once I've received them.
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    Well we have a thread about Useless Chronographs - so it seems right to see if the balance can be addressed - and to see if there are good Chronographs out there? Just been reading IWM who have done a review on the Gallet Raching Heritage and Jim Clark Chronograph, whose MD claims they set out to create the "Ultimate Chronograph". The review is here https://www.iwmagazine.com/watch-of-the-day/20180628/form-follows-function-at-gallet/?fbclid=IwAR3wZOY2_iflNoLJDi1ICxtNBtwRoN368zQ97FZf4Zop94knVKil7FpMsMs So what are peoples thoughts? Here’s a picture Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've seen luminox quite a bit recently, namely on bear grylls wrist.. Oh by the way this is my first post for 10 years.
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