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    Feels like a Zenith kind of a day...
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    Sunny Steiny by the sea
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    Greeting watch fans, a vintage Darwil Capo Master 74, automatic today
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    WOW ... this wins today so far for me.... what model/year is that absolutely drop dead stunning watch ....
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    Nearly as bad as the Eastern European girl who tried to charge me £21 in Amsterdam
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    Bill is getting his tan topped up. He's getting on a bit now, not as perky as he used to be so he'll just lay there all day.
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    So, if you could find one - would you buy a submariner #144060 no date at retail?
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    It was @Roger the Dodger made me think of this as a thread and ive entered it in non-watch hobbies, because i expect cars as our passion will win hands down. Now i accept watches are lovely as self aggrandisement, take @BondandBigM in his LV or @WRENCH in his wostock, or indeed Rog, in his lovely spork. But i wager when it comes down to it even @kevkojak would take a nice motor over his grail. I'm sure @scottswatches would. I don't blame you if you find reason to disagree with me, but can you really give a sustained argument saying you prefer a watch to a car. Ok i'm not talking ordinary cars, im talking classics or desirable moderns. Yes of course i'd rather have Bonds LV over Rogers Kia. But pitting like for like would you really have a Patek over an E Type? Or a Rolex from 1985 even if it is a comex over a 3.0 CSL. I bet even @BlueKnight would have the beemer and in his case unrestricted to Rolex. Come on car v watch in this vein... or m3 csl or csl v? Ok I know the batmobile is worth several times the watch...so it should be, but i'm not asking you to spend your own money. I'm asking you would you really be content with the watch on your wrist if someone was handing you the key to the CSL for free? Would you really rather be sat there looking at the watch than tearing round your favourite country road? I know @Igerswis is with me?
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    Been trying to find one of these for some time now....absolutely love it...
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    I live in London, have no garage and no great need for a car, but I'd have the E-Type. On the other hand, if I lived in Moscow, had no garage and no great need for a car, I'd take a Vostok over a Moskvitch any day!
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    I heard that a Rolex watch went out on its own and vaccinated an entire isolated village in Papua New Guinea to help prevent a deadly outbreak of Black Water Fever.... there truly is no end to the brand that just keeps on giving .....
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    If it is a 1971 model ( quite feasable as the 'resist' wording on the dial was used from 1970-1972), the serial number should start with 1. The second number/letter will give the month. (1-9=Jan-Sept, O=Oct, N=Nov and D=Dec) There is more on dating Seikos in the pinned topic at the top of this section. Check that the quickset day and date are both working properly...pushing the crown right in sets the day and halfway in sets the date. The crown should have a dimple at its centre and be flush with the case when in the normal position. If it's flat or rounded, it's aftermarket. It should also rotate the inner indicator ring. Also check that the chrono works and resets properly. Edit: Having now seen the listing and looked at the pics, it does 'appear' to be correct. The serial number is right, as is the crown. The one thing that surprises me is the condition of the lume. Zooming in on the pic in the listing, it looks pristine on this one whereas they usually tend to show some darkening or blackening of the plots on the originals. It may be that this is correct...the description says the watch has been stored, but it could also have been re-lumed, so bear that in mind.
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    Here's another interesting watch I just picked up, a Kirovskie saucepan, sadly not running at the moment. It has a pretty neat engraving on the case back dated 1940 - anyone read Russian!?
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    I was on holiday last week when I found out that I had won Roy's raffle prize. Roy held off posting the prize until I was home and it arrived this morning. Beautifully put together watch and my second RLT. Where else can you win a watch like this for a few quid and benefit the forum too. My thanks to @Roy
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    You don't ever have to apologise to me Nigel. By the way, which do you prefer; vital organs or watches? I suspect hearts and brains and kidneys might "win" that one as well. Now then... Cats, or cheese? By the way which side of Colwyn are you? I'm visiting my auntie in a few weeks, she's about a two minute walk from The Marine pub/hotel.
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    I did buy the watch a few months ago despite it missing the case back. I ended up back at the same retired watchmaker's yesterday, while he was looking at a watch for me, I had a look around. Low & behold, I spotted the case back in a small box with some other parts. My watch is whole now.
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    Try and negotiate at least 20% discount on a sub. Dealers always like a tough negotiator.
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    no, only because am one of the "old biddies" as john puts it and I can actually buy the datejust and exp 2 I wanted deano
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    Great watch [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The only watch ive got without a dent in it is my 1996 seiko 7t32 and thats only because ive not had it long. Im not keen on chipped crystals but case dings are fine and in any case in stainless you can file and polish them out. A bit of metal polish will get most out if you spend long enough rubbing. get her to carry some of this and give you a squirt down now and again. I think WD40 works to if you don't mind smelling like a can of the stuff
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    This ^ is almost certainly BS. If it's a screw-down case back, you should try holding the watch and the 3 pronged tool tightly together with your thumb against the crystal (i.e. With the tool and watch in the same hand), and turn the watch with your other hand, instead of trying to turn the tool. This works for me every time, no matter how tight the case back is put on, and is less lightly to slip and scratch the case back. You will find it easier if the bracelet or strap is removed as well. Good luck anyway mate, I think a price of £51 for a battery change is just daft so you are right to do it yourself.
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    A real pleasure to see innovation ,well done indeed.
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    For me it depends on where I am. Being in the UK I went against the typical Asian mentality and wanted my cars to be fairly discreet. Nothing like these Bradford or Birmingham rudeboys with their flashy cars parked outside some self made Asian ghetto area terraced houses lol. That's why I went for a reasonable car and a load of expensive watches. In Thailand I loved having the GTR's as status and wealth here amounts to power. There's also a lot of respect for other people's possessions here. I've never been scared of anything happening to the cars unlike in the UK where you have jealous chavs or even stupid self centered people in shopping centre car parks. All I know is that if the GTR sells I'll be getting a cheaper car and blowing a load on a watch at the same time!
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    Hell no. I want one of them Peterbuilt 379's with more gears than I have teeth, and a turbo that makes the ladies hollar.
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    Whereas a watch can.............tell you the time. Even a £20 quartz one can do that. I do enjoy my watches but being at the wheel of a Ferrari flat out down the Hanger Straight at Silverstone is bliss.
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    i know some times better than others but thats the top and bottom of it a watch is for more than telling the time. Fair point. now come on if offered the gift of both would you have @BondandBigM watch which tells the time superbly and looks lovely on the wrist, or would you rather be handed the keys free to the series 1 FHC?
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    Morning Thanks for taking a look for me, appreciated. Yes it does appear to be correct just that it was so clean as you point out that I had my reservations. I have put an offer in and will see what happens, if I get my fingers burned I went in with my eyes wide open and will just enjoy the watch on my wrist! if I win I can put some close up pics on here.
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    @RoddyJB Cousins appear to have the Sternkreuz equivalent....17 in stock @ £22.95 ea + VAT. https://www.cousinsuk.com/search?searchTerm=340W14GN.
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    No, Even if a 114060 fell into my lap I would go for a 14060 or a 16610 as the bloated maxi cased subs are IMO much less desirable than the previous generation.
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    I dunno, I mean, the joke is there for the taking, almost churlish not too, but I'm not gonna. It was a rubbish joke anyway. Mine's a cherry cola! Boom boom!
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    Shinloa S-H-I-N-O-L-A shinola shino shino shino shinola. Does it talk wear like a woman and walk tell the time like a man jet jetski?
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    Yes. Auto-correct...
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    Hammy for this evening .
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    Been out of the loop for a week or two since I left my phone on top of my car and drove off! after a screen change amazingly it still worked but I was locked out and lost everything as my laptop chose that week to crash too! so no back up re logging into things left right and center! But I am back! Casio today impulse purchase after seeing @Tazmo61's on here! still love it and it has replaced the Tag 1000 as the daily driver!
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    I`m wearing two of my three favourite Chinese watches for now... PARNIS MILITARE  Model 51 & 60 Chronographs (Japanese [Miyota] quartz movements)
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    Orange 'Sawtooth today.
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    Morning all! Out with the Seiko Turtle today. Have a good day!
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    Good morning, William L. quartz job...
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    There are videos you can find online that show what makes them more than a badge. Breilting for instance let cameras in a couple of years back to show in detail the assembly,QA and inspection processes. This is a million miles from what is happening in ( for example ) a Rotary,Accurist or Roamer factory. Incidentally , Hamilton and Longines are both Swatch brands , with Longines benefitting more from the Omega -and-others bedfellows in terms of process and expertise in the design and manufacture etc etc , its why Longines are about the best value watches out there at the moment and £860-less-20% for their Conquest Auto is proof of the pudding. A genuine luxury watch for an absolute steal.
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