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    Morning Fine day again, Seiko Presage SRPB05J1 (Cal-4R35B) today.
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    Feels like a Zenith kind of a day...
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    Come on you boring lot. It's Mickey Mouse Day!
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    Giving this 9ct Garrard from 1968 a turn today.
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    Omega SMP300 coaxial today.
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    Good morning , Seiko Flightmaster for me today
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    Same as yesterday. Last but not by no means least, Happy Birthday to @Roy, the man who makes the forum possible! Have a wonderful day!
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    Today wearing my big 8000m on black shark strap Wow, I love your Tauchmeister, the case is gorgeous, if I am not mistaken it is the HEV which is as 9, bezel is super, dial markers and handsets are perfect for scuba diving, real a good "Dive Tools" as I like them Plus it reminds me that I need a Yellow Dial in my Collection ;) Well done, and super nice photos, thank you
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    Giving the Tauchmeister auto a run out today.
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    Another Baume and Mercier today.
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    From Koh Kood, Thailand. Have a great day
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    Latest arrival. Big silly Avi-8 dambusters today:
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    Popping up to Edinburgh for the day ... as you do Day off an I am up an hour earlier than bloomin' usual
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    1996 7t32. Love this watch. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    I rather like this odd pairing... OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, Cal.1861 18 Jewels. RLT-20, FE cal.5611 17 Jewels NB the photos not to same scale, the 20 is actually slightly smaller then the Speedy
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    Same as yesterday, but now wearing a padded tan leather strap, more comfortable on a sweaty day,
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Armida.... It's sunny!
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    Afternoon all, lunch break so can post this quickly some lovely watches out here today <a href="https://imgur.com/sIOj6kZ"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> Is this photo slightly lumed ?? or are they normally this colour .. stunning by the way
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    Can’t let Mickey Mouse day pass and not give this 1935/36 Ingersoll watch some wrist time.
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    Alittle Russian, today.
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    Same as yesterday Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Sunny Steiny by the sea
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    My new Raymond Weil arrived last week, but the alligator strap I bought for it only arrived today, so first wear! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    A bit of under-strapping - no spring-bars for me today! Have a good day, hope it's not too hot ... J
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    Greeting watch fans, a vintage Darwil Capo Master 74, automatic today
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    WOW ... this wins today so far for me.... what model/year is that absolutely drop dead stunning watch ....
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    I had the same problem with a Seiko. I told the member of staff they had the choice to refund or I'd sit there until closing time, and beyond, and asked my wife if she would get me a large Cappuccino take out, as I might be a while. I got my money back, and was told never to return.
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    Nearly as bad as the Eastern European girl who tried to charge me £21 in Amsterdam
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    Bill is getting his tan topped up. He's getting on a bit now, not as perky as he used to be so he'll just lay there all day.
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    My recently acquired 1968 Omega Seamaster now happily reunited with it's very own original caseback.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    STEINHART MARINE TIMER SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels. Reproduction Seikosha WWII Navy Aviator Chronometer, Seiko cal.7s26 21 Jewels.
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    So, if you could find one - would you buy a submariner #144060 no date at retail?
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    It was @Roger the Dodger made me think of this as a thread and ive entered it in non-watch hobbies, because i expect cars as our passion will win hands down. Now i accept watches are lovely as self aggrandisement, take @BondandBigM in his LV or @WRENCH in his wostock, or indeed Rog, in his lovely spork. But i wager when it comes down to it even @kevkojak would take a nice motor over his grail. I'm sure @scottswatches would. I don't blame you if you find reason to disagree with me, but can you really give a sustained argument saying you prefer a watch to a car. Ok i'm not talking ordinary cars, im talking classics or desirable moderns. Yes of course i'd rather have Bonds LV over Rogers Kia. But pitting like for like would you really have a Patek over an E Type? Or a Rolex from 1985 even if it is a comex over a 3.0 CSL. I bet even @BlueKnight would have the beemer and in his case unrestricted to Rolex. Come on car v watch in this vein... or m3 csl or csl v? Ok I know the batmobile is worth several times the watch...so it should be, but i'm not asking you to spend your own money. I'm asking you would you really be content with the watch on your wrist if someone was handing you the key to the CSL for free? Would you really rather be sat there looking at the watch than tearing round your favourite country road? I know @Igerswis is with me?
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    Be spontaneous, its the cure the cure for best laid plans.© Live in one one of these. Simultaneously. Ride these.
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    So I see we are of a mind... C'mon, Sparky - rubber it up Klubfoot 1987 - got that T-Shirt.
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    wabi sabi , duuuude ! applies to watches too - I don't do safe queens.
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    It does look very clean, but that springbar article is excellent and nothing from the dial photo looks too off. Resist dial, straight ends bracelet, non notched case so I would guess 1972ish. Bezel may be slightly off centre, but that is an easy fix. Buy the seller first - do they sell a lot of watches, or high end things?
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