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    Zenith Stratos Striking 10 today:
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    Morning! Back to the Seikos today, have a good day!
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    Morning Victorinox Alliance 241666 (ETA 2824-2) today.
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    The one that (nearly) got away! Twice failed to sell on eBay and I'm really glad about that now 1940's/50's Wittnauer
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    Blue navy dial on blue suede strap today
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    @Daveyboyz's SOTC thread stirred me to take off my newly returned Zenith -- so today it's "marine feel", the 99.1 .
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    Good morning, Aevig Corvid today. Have a good one...
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    150 Vostok (in light rain) Steve.
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    Morning all, changed back to an original black bezel ... just need to get a crystal pusher now to replace and back to normal Until I ding it again <a href="https://imgur.com/lZjbCiu"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> I really do like a Pepsi
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    Steinhart Ocean GMT 39 mm Pepsi today while the sun is out
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    Good morning chaps. I visited an old friend yesterday and he had bought a bag of watch bits off eBay to make steam punk bracelets [emoji3]. He then showed me the metal tin that he had emptied the bag into and I had a dig around in it and found this old Timex among all the bits and pieces, I gave it a wind and it started. God knows how it had escaped any damage and it's still ticking and keeping spot on time 12 hours later. Pete gave me the watch so here it is on one of my home made straps. It's an 18mm strap and the watch has17mm lugs so I will make a proper sized one for it later. Funny how happiness in owning a watch is not always about the price paid. [emoji106] Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Wondering what to put on today, when the postie knocked.
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    Off on a fishing trip today, so something inconspicuous...my old daily beater, Casio Gravity Defier. 200m depth rating so I should be alright if I fall in!
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    Fashionable today, have a good one.
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    Delving into my top drawer now... ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal.3000 27 Jewels (1997)* OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels. * it`s rather appropriate that the best watch in my collection was made in 1997 as that was the year I met Caroline,my bestest friend
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    Time for the TH pair... TUDOR HYDRONAUT II, 20030-93570 B3, ETA cal.2824-2 25 Jewels TAG HEUER super professional, ETA cal.2892 A2 25 Jewels, circa 1990s
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    Good morning. Spilt between this and the old Timex I found. Both new in yesterday. Ingersoll duel the retrograde. [emoji3] Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Snap, had a similar one & now have sellers remorse, so much so, I'm waiting for a delivery from Christopol
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    A Zenith Defy for me - thought I would add it to your post as they don't get to meet very often.
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    Having rocked my new Raymond Weil mechanical dress watch all week I've gone to the opposite end of the spectrum today with the Citizen PVD tough monocoque ecodrive, presented here for your viewing pleasure with an after market US Mil strap. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    My rangeman today walking dog and bit excersize then watching son at karattee Dean Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I used to buy bags of watches and parts for tinkering and messing around with. While 99%+ was total junk every now and again I would get something interesting. Here is a few of my better finds.
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    Not wearing, but photographed today. For no particular reason beyond a bit of fun and that I just reset the time on one of them, I just took a little snap of of an impromptu gathering of Casio LCD's: Is there a collective name for a group of Casios? A "Clashio" maybe?
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    Reall like the look of that.
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    A friend bought a box of assorted junk at a village auction for under a fiver, because there was a toy in it his daughter wanted. A few years later he went through it to see if their was anything in it worth keeping before it went in the bin. one of these,
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    Late change to my Seiko BFK - noticed it could do with a wind. Love the Rolex 14060M btw Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    You really need to research the Rolex market over the last two decades before replying properly. This has nothing to do with the ‘hot models’ of the last two years. The Daytona (after the initial slow sales upon its release) has always been in demand on both the new and used market. It’s consistently commanded a huge premium on its s/steel variants. Even the pre-ceramic and non-Zenith variants are commanding a premium to date. Do you even own any Rolex models or are you just regurgitating what you’ve read by others online? Oh sorry....you have friends who have friends who have pet dogs that share a kennel with a Rolex trustee’s pooch. You and Jay should meet up. Lol!
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    I like both - but prefer the lower Yeah - have one of those on my G10 - they are great - especially as that lumed piping really does glow quite well
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    Pal was round today, Surprisingly reliable, and super clean, considering its used regularly.
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    Result, a runt of a litter maybe, but i bet you dont get rid!
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    Mine says hi: There’s a difference between RRP and market rate. RRP is over £9,000 but it’s impossible to obtain as an ordinary customer from any AD. I paid £15,000 in January 2018 via Xupes and that was after some negotiation (they offered me a used model for £14,700 or a new 2018 model for £15,200). Bare in mind if I was to sell it privately in the future I would break even on the purchase price and service costs. Now find me a new watch that is readily available from an AD for under £10,000 that you can sell on the future and not make a loss. I wouldn’t say the vast majority are bought by rich people who don’t care about money. Rolex are bought mainly by people who want to wear a timepiece as an investment. Either it’ll appreciate in the future or it won’t make a loss as much as any other brand. If they didn’t care about money they would go for another brand and take the hit through depreciation should they want to sell in the future. Bare in mind Rolex movements are extremely reliable as they’ve been tried and tested for decades (apart from the latest ones being introduced in some models last year but they’re more of an upgrade rather than a completely different movement). The customers want the image, investment and reliability from the brand which is why they go down that route. You can’t say the same about Tag Heuer or Omega or Breitling et al.
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    I think it reflects well on the OP that he even bothered to get the opinion of this collective, who are remote from him when it comes to purchasing motivations. Gucci certainly trade on their name and charge for it. But then again, doesn't every 'serious' watch brand? Is a Patek Philippe Nautilus worth £60,000 when it's made of steel and has a sapphire crystal, much the same as a £350 Seiko? As Rab points out, it's all fashion of one type or another, be that the teenage 'impress your friends' or the WIS 'watch snob' variety.
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    you cant argue logic over sentimentality in any collecting, spring drive it is . deano
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    Impossible to tell you what you should collect as it should be YOUR collection. It could be all divers, dress watches, vintage, single brand, under £x or over £x. Value for money is also subjective - you have to decide what that means to you.
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    I would say probably £400 may get a great selection g shock £50-£100 seiko 007 £100-£200 Tissot v8 chrono £100-£150 to name a few
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    I'd sell the Moon watch and possibly the Seiko. Replacements could be an el primero from Zenith or a Grand Seiko to keep a Japanese in the collection. Lovely collection by the way.
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    An interesting concept. Talk me through it mate...
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    Favourite is the Seamaster.... I would loose the Moonwatch and replace it with a Zenith El Primero
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    Greetings watch fans, my Junghans Tank, cal 59, circa late 1930's
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    Good morning all, this 14ct Lord Elgin, calibre 670, from 1953 today.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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