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    Iwc portofino today its the smaller size not the modern 40mm monster a nice classy thing the dial looks like porcelain (but I'm sure it isn't) its an old photo unfortunatly
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    USSR Luch 23 jewel manual wind. Old picture same watch, same condition
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    Got into these recently although had few from back when.
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    This one is an automatic and not part of the original hand winding edition. It is a one off with different hands too.
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    Had the Grandson round tonight. He was very interested my SMPc and couldn’t stop grabbing at it. It’ll be his one day.
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    Relaxing Sunday evening watching Portugal v Holland with the cheapie SKX007J
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    Had a few hours to spare and as both my lads had asked me for new key fobs, made a couple to keep them happy. The first is based on a boat fender and is made using a four strand square braid for the loop,then an eight strand crown sennit and finally finishing with a Spanish ring knot at the top. The second uses a three strand plait for the loop, then a double diamond knot, an alternate three by three crown sennit which forms the twisted part and finished with a six strand star knot topped with a double crown knot.
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    The watch? Oh I've only just noticed..
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    Another pastime I sometimes spend a few hours doing is knot tying. I love trying to make some of the more complicated forms illustrated in my books. I usually end up making key fobs, which are simple to do and I end up giving most of them away. When I'm not looking at watches, I find it quite relaxing to make a couple of an evening. The two on the left are based on crown sennits and finished with a 'manrope' knot. The next two are whistle lanyards using single and double 'Turk's head' knots and the last three are basic macrame knotting...when the strands are tied in opposite directions around the central cores, the resulting weave is flat. When they are tied all in the same direction, the weave takes on a spiral shape.
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    I am new to the forum can I just say the Admin team have been amazing as I had various issues signing up and subsequently logging in but I am here now reason I joined as this forum is probably the friendliest of the lot and there is a lot of patience and acceptance of newbies because as My username suggests I am caught up in various timezones but i'll pop in as much as possible many thanks for reading this wishing every one a super Sunday.
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    Are you watching Gentleman Jack too then? @BondandBigM must be he's gone missing.
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    i thought it was! Lovely cars thanks, Nigel.
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    Mmm I like that handset, have you changed the crystal too @Roy?
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    I would tend to agree Roger, the Alarms on both my t32 and t34 are somehow easier to use than my t62. I think its mainly because there is a button separate from the crown, whereas with the 62 its all done on the crown. Once you get used to the fact the time set is done at position 2 it gets easier, but its a bit of an easy mistake to forget, get it the wrong way around and set the alarm at the 2 position. It took me a day to get used to it and now i find the 62 just as intuitive.
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    Dear Roy many thanks for the warm welcome.
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    We are the only campers on this impossibly flat pitch! (recognise the tent, @Roger the Dodger?) Cheerio QL
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    I have found that some new improved Eta movements are backwards compatible - my Squale has an Eta 251.262, 27 jewels; and I think it is on the way out (the quick-set method is weird, and I appear to have 3 positions on the pull-out stem lol); but the newer 251.264 is thermo-compensated (you can get COSC versions) and is a direct replacement, I am told. The rub is all the different date window and dial orientations, but fingers crossed they make a full range.
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    Well, mine was! Erm... just don't mention the lume ....
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    Hi, It could be 1960s, but I don't know for sure the only thing we know is its in a photo from 78 of him wearing it so that's the earliest date we have, I might try find the original invoice as he probably kept it. Cheers, Paul. Hey thanks for that, I might have a go at getting the back off, if I do I will take some photos and see what we get. My Grandfather was ex UK Royal Navy and moved here (NZ) after the war, so was bought here at some stage...currently only 1 seller of Roamer watches in Auckland, presumably there was more back in the 60s - 70s. Thanks for your help, Paul.
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    GREAT collection.... the Tissot will be in good company ... Bravo Sir
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    Well I’ve been to try it on today and it’s excellent. Feels lighter than my Casio G-Shock and obviously lighter than my TAG which is on a bracelet. It will make the perfect work watch. I’ll safeguard the TAG for other uses or the occasional appearance at work. Order placed online with a big discount courtesy of Jon. Cheers Here’s the current collection. The majority left to me by my dad in his will. Including the cheapo Claude Valentini. My own purchases are the second square dial Rotary, the G-Shock and the TAG. I also have my own round dial Rotary at work on a steel bracelet. Had it years and it’s scratched to bits so I keep it at work in case I know I’m heading somewhere likely to risk damage to my watch. Then I’ll put it on.
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    Where's @BondandBigM has he gone on holiday again?
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    Vintage SVET wristwatch, mid-1970s, cal. 2609, made in the USSR
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    I like this 365 better......:
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    Back to our old favourite, Massey Ferguson:
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    Saw these swans on our dog walk this morning. It's an embedded video so you have to click on the image. VID-20190604-WA0003 by David Wren, on Flickr
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    You clearly haven't been in Hartlepool for a night out. Makes Glasgow a walk in the park.
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    We have fire engines in Hartlepool ?? Some of the places I've lived in in Hartlepool you would need something like this these days One place near where we lived they even nicked the ambulance. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/local-news/ambulance-stolen-999-medics-treat-3674373
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    Hardcore chocolate for grown-ups. Of course, I can't really call it a "collection" as I've eaten it!
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    There's a NOS one of these on the bay at the moment if you're interested, Nige.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-SEIKO-Alarm-Chronograph-7T62-0AM0-Ref-SNA063P1-Superb-Design-Box-Papers/133014171977?epid=2204247423&hash=item1ef8433149:g:pk4AAOSw0VBcp4sI
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    I think the Svalbards have noon at the top, which I would have preferred. But I wanted a slow hand to complete my mantle shelf ... Hour, Day, Month and Year with a centre sweep!
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    Idly scouring the interweb a couple of weeks ago, this rather striking looking 7T32 caught my attention, and I decided to delve a little further. However, my attempts to find out much more about this model were hampered by a distinct lack of pertinent info available. I found a few old references on WatchUSeek and that was about it, so the facts that follow are based solely on my own observations. Firstly, the watch is a 7T32, which as most know, features a chronograph and an alarm, but there the similarity ends. This model has several unusual features that differ from the normal 'run of the mill' '32. Firstly, there are the colours involved, which is what drew it to my attention in the first place. The main second hand is orange and the chronograph minute counter hand at 12 is red. The indices and main hands are surrounded in sky blue. The central hubs of the alarm hands at 6 are yellow. The second markers round the edge of the main dial are alternately orange and white and the tachymeter scale on the rehaut is red. The indices, hands and second hand all have Lumibrite on them, so there’s green involved too...I wonder if the designer was on the old ‘Trinidad Woodbines’ when he thought this one up! The watch has the usual 3 subdials at 12, 9 and 6, but they are very distinct from the normal look. The chronograph minute counter sub at 12 has orange markers, while the alarm sub at 6 has red ones. Both have a silver ring around their inside edges. The running seconds sub at 9 features both red and orange markers and is surrounded by a silver frame reminiscent of a TV screen. Another quirk is the round date window. The watch case and bracelet are entirely brushed titanium with that lovely dark grey colour and the bracelet features polished highlights. Being titanium makes it a very light piece at 2.2oz or 65g. The bezel has fluted sections that align with the 3 pushers and alarm crown. These are polished on their top surface and add another dimension to the unique look. The watch measures 42mm including the crown and is 9.9mm deep, with a 50m WR. I picked this one up from Hungary, and it arrived within a week and in remarkable condition for a watch that dates from 1998. The bracelet clasp and a couple of links had some swirlies, but I managed to brush these out with the trusty Scotchbrite pad, and there were some marks on the crystal, so while I had the watch to bits for cleaning in the ultrasonic, I changed it for a new one…at £1.50 it was a ‘no brainer’. Very pleased to have picked this one up…it will join my other 7T32 ‘oddities’. Enough waffle, here are the pics! Stripped down and ready for a good clean after 21 years! Back together after a wash and brush up! Angled shot to pick up the surround on the seconds subdial and the polished top surface of the bezel. Caseback showing the serial no. which dates the watch to July 1998 and its run number of 75. Also showing 50m WR. Clasp after brushing out the swirlies...pleased with the way this came up! Lume shot. Obligatory wrist shot. Out in the garden...
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    This site claims to have success going further than the usual year and month which can be found from the first two digits/letters of the serial number. Apparently, if you also factor in the calibre and case code, this should help narrow down the decade. http://www.watchsleuth.com/seikodatefinder/
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    my favorite helbros has a japanese movment *(17 J ) and case byHAMAZAWA, [case marked HONG KONG. VINN
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