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    Morning chaps. Brietling Navitimer 92 just squeaks in to modern on one of my own hand made and stitched leather straps. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Iwc portofino today its the smaller size not the modern 40mm monster a nice classy thing the dial looks like porcelain (but I'm sure it isn't) its an old photo unfortunatly
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    Not the most expensive piece in my collection, but the most valuable sentimentally...this Accurist was bought for me by my wife when we first met in 1991.
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    Speedmaster Moon watch from the early 2000s today
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    Royal Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Morning Earnshaw Bauer Shadow skeleton today.
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    The only watch in my collection secure enough to rock this strap! NATO stock number 6645-99-303-0677: Time-measuring instruments; United Kingdom. Elliott Brown, Holton Professional. It's secure because it has solid threaded bars! The steel is hardened, and the PVD coating is quoted to be at least as hard as the steel.
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    Starting the day with this Longines Conquest Electronic, calibre 7212.
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    East meets West across the Iron Curtain.... MAJAK, 16 Jewels, Made In USSR (by 1st MWF), circa late 1950s Newmark (made by Louis Newmark, Croydon England, un-jeweled pin-pallet movement), circa mid-1950s.
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    Old pic, but this for the rest of the day
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    Evening changeover to my Frederique Constant big date dual time automatic
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    From a fresh battery and reset of Perpetual calendar Oh and the Lume is superb as there is just so much of it.
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    Afternoon teas after rare visit to church so I’ll need to time the sermon.!
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    7T62-0BC0, Great Blue Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    USSR Luch 23 jewel manual wind. Old picture same watch, same condition
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    Grandfathers 18ct Garrard key set and wind PW which he had as a retirement present in 1954. He chose this from a selection offered to him by the Lady of the Manor where he was the Master carpenter. It is dated 1845, so was already over 100 years old when he picked it!
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    ROLEX Air-King 14000, cal.3000 27 jewels (1991) BULOVA SUPER SAVILLE, ETA 2834-2 25 Jewels (1984)
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    Reminds me of my Pulsar from the same year, amazing how modern that Accurist font looks. Almost as if it could be their latest. Like the reverse Panda too. this was good is that a 60's fintail on your screen saver? Nice Chronograph. Im heavily into them now.
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    Got into these recently although had few from back when.
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    Gym watch today. Bluetooth enabled works well with the G-Shock app. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I do like my 36mm Big Crown very much.
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    This one is an automatic and not part of the original hand winding edition. It is a one off with different hands too.
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    & now... Кирова, 16 бриллиантов, 1-й МВФ Киров, Сделано на родине. и Родина, 22 драгоценных камня [автоматические], 1-й МВт Киров, изготовлены в СССР, 1950-е годы (Kirova, 16 jewels, 1st MWF Kirov, Made In Homeland [USSR] & Rodina, 22 jewels [automatic], 1st MWF Kirov, Made in USSR, 1950s)
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    I don't think that the SW200 uses screws to secure the dial, it uses little clamps in the same manner as the ETA 2824, you flick them open, fit the dial and push them closed.
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    Hi all I'm going to fetch this tomorrow! Saw it on shpock and had to have it! Apparently it's a limited Edition (Maybe a run of just a million??!! ) Have to say though, I think it's lovely, 44mm across, 46mm including crown! John
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    Had the Grandson round tonight. He was very interested my SMPc and couldn’t stop grabbing at it. It’ll be his one day.
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    Seiko lume is superb, can match or better any watch any brand any time.
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    The watch? Oh I've only just noticed..
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