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    Another day with this Longines. Perfect.
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    Time to give the 'Spork' an outing as I haven't worn it for a couple of weeks....
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    Morning Sun is out, looks like a nice day. Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Sellita SW 200)
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    Morning all, Wearing the Ballon today as it has not been out in a while. Have a good day!
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Morning all... Circa 1940 MOVADO ERMETO pocket/travel watch. Silver cased with lacquered slides.
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    Good morning, this old Seiko 5 still has some decent lume...
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    A long overdue turn for this Seiko 7005-2000 today.
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    Meeting with the chief exec today so lifting one from the top end of the shelf:
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    Ollech and Wajs ID3066 chronograph gets an outing today.
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    The mighty Bulova Precisionist again for me today, and the rest of the week:
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    Sarb [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
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    Nice and simple for today.
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    Morning everyone, throwback to my first proper watch! Have a great day!
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    A month to the day since last worn (or untill it stopped ticking!)....
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    Bulova today (old photo) PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
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    This one today, having a sort out of watches to sell!!!!! but not this one
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tag for me this morning, going a bit diver mad at the moment not sure what is driving that?!
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    For today. Was like this a while back.
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    My new Certina has arrived. Need to take a link out later. I'm happy. IMG_20190626_135014105 by David Wren, on Flickr
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    nearest bp service station Hamilton today, on soft brown suede nato
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    Pulsar y182. 1991 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    It stopped ticking!?! Obviously a piece of junk, post it to me & I`ll dispose of it for you Anyway, getting back to normality (whatever that is) the Sun has come back so this pair would seem to be appropriate wrist-wear... SAN MARTIN MM, SEIKO cal. NH36 24 Jewels PROXIMA SM, SBBN017 SEIKO cal.NH35A 24 Jewels Now where did I put my shades?
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    This one for me today...got a day off. but the weather isnt great...dull and overcast...grrrrrr! Just ordered another strap for it though (from R.L.T.).
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    Morning all.. strap change for me ... same watch as yesterdays <a href="https://imgur.com/5na8GGB"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    Flighty now on a Gekota vintage blue. On sale on watch gecko for 16 quid. Very comfy. Highly recommended if like me you are fed up of adjusting the micro in this humid weather. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Changed into this. (Old pic)
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    Hi all A few weeks ago I went to a local bootsale and went through a plastic box full of watches for 50p a throw! Here's what I brought home! I bought another that had a Chinese handwound movement in but the glass fell out and the hands were damaged!! I think the wife put it in the bin as I left it out!! I also bought this little clock for 50p too but from a different stall, New battery and it's going well!! Anyone else get watches from the bootsales? John
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    Sun is trying its best to shine, so solar Padi it is! citibank nearest to my location
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    To be fair, by the time you're on a watch forum the obsessive bit has probably already started anyway.
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    I said i wasnt going to do it, but here we are. Ran across a zodiac super sea wolf 53 compression at a price I couldn't turn down so I grabbed it. Should be here next week. I had really planned on NOT buying any newer model watches until I had scratched my vintage itch, but vintage shopping is a royal PITA. Plus, I sold my Tisell hulk a while back and have been looking for a replacement green dial watch. The zodiac might be considered an upgrade. Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
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    Getting to grips with the 2 overgrown patios and ongoing gardening today. In the shade at last about to eat before a few beers around the firepit tonight
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    No, I would get my "men" to deal with it. I hid one of my watches that well when I went on holiday, I couldn't find it for over 6 months after I got back.
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    22 year old, million quid watch,just shoved a couple of times. Insurance scam anyone.
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    He got robbed when he bought it.
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    Maybe the quality control department were having an off day
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    surely this is fake? They wouldnt make one with numbers that crooked would they?
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    Whatever makes you say that?......... 3 'Urchins' on left.
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    no where safe in the uk, i'd wrap them up and cart them with you like @Igerswis Amazing thing is @BondandBigM hasnt had his rolex nicked. But thats because he goes to places where everyone will think its a fake, he aint daft, mixes in the right circles see. what if they shot you?
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    Yes... however... just as a point of order, just because many other people on this forum think it's perfectly normal to have duplicates in different colours, doesn't mean it's not obsessive (yes I'm guilty too!)
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    This ^ pretty much sums it up Perfectly acceptable behaviour around here, the most I've ever had is 4 of the same watch in different colours... A few examples from my current collection: And this is the watch I used to have 4 of, also in red, black, and white, but now only the bonkers green one remains (and will never be sold, before anyone asks ):
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    @J3ffr3y~1AI The 01 movement is very good by most accounts so no worries in that regards. There are lots of watches at that price point but it is clear you have fallen for the Tag! A bit of advice I always give in instances like this buy the watch on a metal bracelet you can always change to a strap, also the strap version of the watch you have shown looks like it has a bespoke strap and case fitting which means replacing the strap (probably every two or three years) you would probably be stuck with buying the bespoke strap from Tag at a suitably inflated price. The bracelet version of the watch has conventional case lugs and you could easily fit a wide range of non-Tag straps if that's what you fancied a change. Here's the bracelet version
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