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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good morning, this old Seiko 5 still has some decent lume...
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    Meeting with the chief exec today so lifting one from the top end of the shelf:
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    Ollech and Wajs ID3066 chronograph gets an outing today.
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    Nice and simple for today.
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    Morning everyone, throwback to my first proper watch! Have a great day!
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    Bulova today (old photo) PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
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    It stopped ticking!?! Obviously a piece of junk, post it to me & I`ll dispose of it for you Anyway, getting back to normality (whatever that is) the Sun has come back so this pair would seem to be appropriate wrist-wear... SAN MARTIN MM, SEIKO cal. NH36 24 Jewels PROXIMA SM, SBBN017 SEIKO cal.NH35A 24 Jewels Now where did I put my shades?
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    No, I would get my "men" to deal with it. I hid one of my watches that well when I went on holiday, I couldn't find it for over 6 months after I got back.
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    22 year old, million quid watch,just shoved a couple of times. Insurance scam anyone.
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    surely this is fake? They wouldnt make one with numbers that crooked would they?
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    Ha ha ha!! I've four of those fake Military HMT watches too, I didn't even realise they did Qtz watches but for 50, It's a talking point!! (Does work too!!).. In that past i've had a 1950 Omega for £1, An IWC cal89 from the same seller for a quid, I found a solid gold Rotary for 50p, The seller said it needs a battery, It was a handqound in realirt that the crown had worn so smooth that it was difficult to wind!, In fact i've had all sorts including guitars, Binoculars, Lathes, Literally all sorts from the bootsales!! John
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    It arrived today from New York. It's new but not in Certina's current range. Uni directional bezel, feels like 120 clicks, Sapphire crystal, weighty and well put together. About £280 including prepaid excise fees and shipping. I'm pretty happy with it TBH. Here are a few pics. IMG-20190626-WA0023 by David Wren, on Flickr IMG_20190626_140827889 by David Wren, on Flickr IMG_20190626_140858026 by David Wren, on Flickr IMG_20190626_140838043 by David Wren, on Flickr IMG_20190626_140848578 by David Wren, on Flickr
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    This ^ pretty much sums it up Perfectly acceptable behaviour around here, the most I've ever had is 4 of the same watch in different colours... A few examples from my current collection: And this is the watch I used to have 4 of, also in red, black, and white, but now only the bonkers green one remains (and will never be sold, before anyone asks ):
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    @J3ffr3y~1AI The 01 movement is very good by most accounts so no worries in that regards. There are lots of watches at that price point but it is clear you have fallen for the Tag! A bit of advice I always give in instances like this buy the watch on a metal bracelet you can always change to a strap, also the strap version of the watch you have shown looks like it has a bespoke strap and case fitting which means replacing the strap (probably every two or three years) you would probably be stuck with buying the bespoke strap from Tag at a suitably inflated price. The bracelet version of the watch has conventional case lugs and you could easily fit a wide range of non-Tag straps if that's what you fancied a change. Here's the bracelet version
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    22 with a £1m watch, different world , should have hit the mugger over the head with it they would not have got up! deano
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    Perhaps it's just as well we had to come home. We'll be there for 3 weeks in September, and then a month over Christmas...hopefully the clouds will have gone. It was 40o C+ in September last year...just perfect! Anyway, hope you're having a great time.
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    "They also sell watches at flea markets" “Many people come to us with their watches for repair, and they turn out to be copies,” Its the Indian HMT version of the nightmare you have of buying a Rolex and taking it to Goldsmiths for a service only to be told they cant because its fake and it will be exterminated. @BondandBigM have you heard the next big thing? Forget rolex get a HMT and get it verified serviced and polished down @mcb2007 might be worth checking Bury Market out for some?
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    It's the rate "squint 6" model.
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    That's a great looking watch , congrats .
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    .............................. and of course my RLT8 :-
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    SAE is more popular than MM. witworth ? i think is dead. vin
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    Trump in the Whitehouse & Boris in No.Ten? We`re all doomed! DOOMED, I tell you, DOOMED!!
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    To my eyes that Junkers is a little gem.
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    It's amazing what you can get. The Timex is pick of the bunch for me. Car boots are also a great place for hand tools I've found in the past. Particularly SAE and WW which I have absolutely zero use for, other than maybe a 1/2" and 3/4" for banging on rounded nuts!
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    Davy- I also bought a Seiko 5, An Accurist and a couple of others, All were 50p each!! John
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    It rates amongst the worst watches I have ever set my eyes on
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    a.b.art used to do a variety of these in their "Vintage" collection but it looks like they may have been discontinued or are at least out of stock at the moment. Worth keeping an eye open though in case they're re-introduced. Braun, as suggested above, is a good shout. Skagen are definitely worth a look too. For the ultimate Bauhaus bargain I'd look at the M&S "Modern Everyday" watch. It's pure Bauhaus but not quite the same style as the watches you've illustrated. I wear mine more often than my Stowa Antea! [EDIT] Forgot to mention, if you buy from a.b.art, factor in +20% VAT for importing from Switzerland [/EDIT]
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    Here you go, here is the bezel. However, I said in another post, I have the original receipt and guarantee
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    The price looks quite good.. If you look on Chrono24 you will see the same watch advertised at £1k more. Obviously you need to be certain that the one advertised at £2.8k is from a reputable seller. Not everyone likes Tag as a brand but I do and had one for a few years. I gave it to my son after his was stolen whilst he was on a school trip to Morocco. Tag tend to introduce quite a few new models and then stop production of any that are slow sellers. These then end up being heavily discounted which has the knock-on effect of making the brand poor at holding value but if you are buying the watch to keep then that is not a problem. I live close to Bicester Village where they have a Tag outlet store (also one in Cheshire Oaks) and would try and buy from there as they sell at 30% to 40% of rrp and makes them a pretty good buy. Well worth giving the outlet stores a call to see if they have that model in stock and the price. All watches sold in the outlet stores are covered by the full manufacturer warranty. There is a lot of choice in your price range but a watch is a very personal thing and you must buy what you like as you will be wearing it. Have a look at the Member Owner Club section of the forum and see if anything else catches your eye.
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    I love busy dials. Helps to justify where the money is being spent [emoji1]
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    My Grandson, Henry.
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    Great VFM Honour, and looks nice too
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    Thank you once again for a good read, I’m with the journalist on this one, if I was to spend 2k on a watch, there are others I want before this.
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    oops... just posted this on yesterdays wruw by accident lol ....just arrived this morning
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