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    Morning Seiko "Padi" (Cal: 4R36) today.
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    Time for a change... ServiceS INDIAN (Silver cased), FOREIGN (Swiss Made) 15 jewel movement, circa 1937 STRAND, 15 Jewels,circa 1952
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    Mmmm, an orange SUD001.......... sounds good to me
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    The Daytona is the one Rolex that despite lusting after one when I tried one on and was in a position to buy I was a bit underwhelmed and didn't. That being said those hex head screws with the slots on the AP would drive me too distraction. No need and not even from engineering point of view required. So the Daytona but only if it was a white dialled one.
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    Some great vehicles there, I would have enjoyed that event. The "Roma Home" looks familiar because one of my friends in the early 70s had a Bedford HA van. His father worked for Fyffes and I took him to pick the damn thing up from Barry Docks. In the pouring rain, of course. Turns out it was the basis of the Bedford Beagle estate car conversion, which in turn formed the basis of Roma camper van. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedford_Beagle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedford_HA
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    ..... Fortis, Victorinox, Oris, Gucci, Tissot, Hamilton ..... And don't forget its where Bondy gets his Factory Seconds Rolex Watches due to his connections !!! LOL !!!
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    That's champion! I watched a youtube video when I needed to re-calibrate my watch / compass lol. Oh, I think I used to know that! I'll never get on the quiz team now. I think it's a good job on the hand-width, getting the differentiation / visibility without going over-the-top gladiator!
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    The "Spork" name comes from two things: 1) The watch is technically a diver, but with a pilot watch dial. So kind of a mix of two different things, just like a spork - a cross between a spoon and a fork 2) The model number is SRP043K1, and from what I've read, someone came up with the nickname by rearranging the model number (SP0RK)
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    A very nice looking watch with good specs for the price IMO . I'm in full agreement in regards to the "vintage diver" on the dial , it isn't needed . I would imagine a watch like that would be very versatile when it comes to straps too . There is a blue version I have seen too .
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    Over to these for the evening... Кирова, 16 бриллиантов, 1-й МВФ Киров, Сделано на родине. и Родина, 22 драгоценных камня [автоматические], 1-й МВт Киров, изготовлены в СССР, 1950-е годы (Kirova, 16 jewels, 1st MWF Kirov, Made In Homeland [USSR] & Rodina, 22 jewels [automatic], 1st MWF Kirov, Made in USSR, 1950s)
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    Everybody like a good 'reference' price!
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    A mate used them for a Glycine. They are drop shippers mostly and when he ordered/paid , Iguana sell ordered the watch and he got it in about a month. All was legit , it a genuine old model from manufacturer stock. He was a happy bunny. Not sure it always works fine though , I remember reading some reviews about orders unfulfilled and lack of comms etc etc ....
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    Most of the 2824 movements I've had have been superb time keepers. Even my 11 year old never serviced PD watch only loses 2 secs over a 24 hour period. My Omega SMP has the 2500 coaxial movement that is a base ETA movement and this is currently running on my wrist at one second slow since Friday afternoon. No wonder they are popular movements.
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    Think a conquest purchase is a distinct possibility for me. Christmas is coming.
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    From Mr Google https://ihc185.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/990103944/m/1021084431
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    I think that's where my "re-badged" one came from. I can't remember , but it was either a Glycine or a Fortis auto I tried on in TkMaxx. The girl shouted at me for manually winding it, and then dropped the watch on the floor from shoulder height. Half an hour later it was back in the cabinet, stopped.
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    You're very welcome mate, I was happy to help, and the finished result looks great You mentioned they were a fraction too small when printed, so I could do you a set in assorted sizes if that helps? Also, I can change the page size to anything you want, so if you want them on a standard photo size (i.e. 6" x 4" or 7" x 5") that would be no problem, and also cheaper as well. Let me know if you need any more changes to these
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    @Mrs Wigglesplease prove me wrong, but your modus operandi is almost identical to someone who has been here before, twice, and on both occasions been banned.
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    I have owned 5 Kia's from new. The only problem I ever had is when an electric wing packed in when under warranty. I once owned a Merc E class. It was a wonderful car to drive, but spent about half of it's life in the garage because it was so damn unreliable. I ended up selling it because I just didn't trust it, and the Mercedes service was just appalling. Just about every watch manufacturer produce a watch that looks similar to either a Rolex Submariner or a Rolex Daytona. It's almost impossible to produce any watch that doesn't have some similarity to another watch. The watch in question is not a homage, but like I have said before, I don't have a problem with homage watches anyway. I find it strange that you have gone off on a rant regarding cars. I don't actually disagree with most of what you say, but my previous statement was in regards to quality and reliability, NOT residual value. That said, the most unreliable car I have ever owned was a Mercedes E Class, and on percentage terms probably lost me the most amount of money.
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    I think they need to add the word "Watch" to the dial.
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    which one? irrelevant at least for me.
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    I like it, my daughter has an ana-digi that I wore 30 years ago. This one has a much bigger Digi screen. Good job!
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    Is this retaining the warranty card nonsense still rumbling on (Couldnt be bothered watching his video but did like the colour scheme on his text, sort of reminds me of the packaging of a curry pattie) Honestly, if people didnt go on and on about this I guarantee this would be a none issue. The simple reality is though that most watch forums around the world are infested with dealers pushing this nonsense night and day. You only need look at certain forums with the endless rambling about Rolex price rise, steel sports, how much can I profit on one etc...... If people were not buying into this guff Rolex simply wouldnt do it (As the Americans say dont hate the player hate the game) Remember when Panerai were the best thing since sliced bread? Harsh reality is if you are looking for a Rolex go buy one, if you want a so called hard to get one put your name down and wait. If they retain your warranty card for a bit why would you care if you are keeping the watch anyway? If you are buying while at the back of your mind thinking you may need cash quick perhaps spending several grand on a watch isnt the wisest option. If you dont like how Rolex operate for goodness sake (Again as our American cousins would say) Put your big boy pants on and go buy something else and stop acting like an over indulged spoilt man child because you cant get what you want now! Go buy a seamaster or JLC diver or any number of equally or better watches for the same or even in some cases considerably less money. (Price of a Rolex sports model is touching Blancpain money these days a Daytona is crossing paths with an Aquanaut or Calatrava!) I mean for goodness sake for the price of a Daytona (List price) You could probably pick up a Piaget Polo S chronongraph and a Seamaster. On the prices they are trying to mug the market on you could throw in Lange dress watch and probably still walk away with change!
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    With apologies to anyone who has one, but WTF were they thinking! The blind have talking watches, so who is their target audience?
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    This is the point that MW is just not getting ... stating that a watch is "made" of 316L , AR Sapphire , Ceramic bezel and a Miyota badged movement .... is ANY statement of quality. Because its absolutely not. You can get appalling 316L steel that is barely fit to use as ballast, Sapphire crystals that are not precise and are from wholesale reject batches purchased 10,000 at a time, Ceramic bezels that have lower quality than the free mug you get with an Easter Egg and a Miyota badged movement that came straight out of the laser "beep" machine bin that sifts at the QA stage for manufacture. Its idiotic in my view to take a description that just labels the type of product , and make that into any measure of quality , from a country that promotes counterfeiting on an industrial scale. The reality with Parnis is that even if they think they are telling the truth (Hmmm) they will not have the faintest idea how close to pure 316L their steel is since a very large number of Certified Material Reports are forged. Unless they re-did all the spec-pararmeter analysis, and witness the heat-treatment at 870 DegC , they won't know if their steel is anywhere near legit.
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