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    You need to change your forum name & avatar... As for me, I am currently actually wearing this fine pair... STOWA MARINE, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels RLT-17, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels
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    Morning A Mondaine Monday with EVO Big Date.
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    Seiko to start with on a dark, dull morning, love it!
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    Morning, 1950s Aviation with its grubby little face. Made by Croydon’s Louis Newmark and powered by their 0j Newmark 13’’’. Regards.
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    Found this one lurking at the back of the cupboard,nice and shiny on a wet morning
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    420 Vostok RR, on a driech Monday morning. Steve.
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    Morning, I'm diving into bed, but ready for a no-nonsense day tomorrow ... HAGD p.s. I'm feeling that 3-colour lume!
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    You have a watch with you on holiday? With a U turn like that you could go into politics. This one for me today.
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    Certainly not dull and dark here...looks like another scorcher...so I would probably use the 'Caesar' today.
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    The new bird, while my 1966 Skyliner and Resario croco arrive. But this 75; 7005 is personally going to be hard to beat....look at the finish on that crystal. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk Its boiling in north wales to hot Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    What a coincidence, today I am wearing Buzz Aldrin's actual Fat Face watch that he wore on the moon landing:
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    Breilting Colt Auto 44. Does everything. Daily wearer. Robust. Luxury watch for new/unworn for £2k ( if you hunt around ). Has presence. Does not over-do-it. Basically ... acquiring one has ruined my watch buying nonsense... I am well miffed.
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    I know, I know this has been done before but i was browsing the Bay a few weeks ago and saw some watches with full lume on a canvas strap at the princely cost of 6.95€ delivered. So I ordered one, it arrived today not a bad looking watch but had to wait for it to go dark to check the lume. Had worn it all afternoon and it had been sunny so had plenty of time to absorb sunlight and this was the result. I know its not a "proper watch and has no value but I was impressed with the glow it gives off. Now where's that geiger counter. Anyone beat the level of lume?
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    Some of mine... Citizen 'Ecozilla'. Citizen 'Orca'...3 colours on this one, blue plots, turquoise hands and a green pip. Rolex GMT. Omega SMP. Seiko 'Sawtooth' Seiko 'Frankenmonster'. Seiko 'Spork'. Seiko 7T32-7F70. Seiko 'Caesar'.
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    Given that nobody who was happy with one watch (the large majority) would be likely to participate in this forum, this question is likely to cause trauma, stress and possibly irreparable damage to the reader. Most unfair
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    My newish Certina isn't as bright as my Seiko Monster but the lume will live all night long which is very satisfying. Now when I wake early in the morning with a dry mouth I can calculate exactly when the previous nights booze wore off The pips on the bezel are particularly resilient along with the hands obviously. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2hctW1b][/url]IMG_20190908_193606123[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/137308996@N02/]David Wren, on Flickr
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    “I take the fifth” Again!
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    Only one watch to keep? Nope that's something that just won't (can't) happen, it's plain evil to even ask the question. I've nine watches that are presents from colleagues at work, and a few from family and friends and couple of my late father's watches, so no way would I be parting with them, to be left with just one. Anybody trying to reduce me to one watch has a on their hands.
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    Is this a trick question to allow mods to cull a few members masquerading as enthusiasts?
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    Easy choice for me: Surely the best looking watch I am ever likely to own (at ANY price), utterly gorgeous in the flesh and on the wrist, beautifully made with stunning carbon fibre detailing, superbly accurate, an absolutely amazing timepiece. I chose my wedding ring to match this one, so that probably says a lot. Does that answer your question?
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    An easy on for me actually
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    My pondering defies all logic. I pondered on which model of a Hamilton Jazzmaster I wanted for so long that I don't want one anymore... Or is that the point..? I've no idea! but now I'm pondering which Seiko Presage I really want. I think my problem (mental dissorder apart) is either too little funds or too much choice!
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    mine never turned up! I ordered one around Christmas time I like my 3-colour lume - blue, green and cream : It charges up really quickly, but only the hands are mega-bright, the indices are normal, and the bezel a bit paler, to reduce flare in your night vision goggles! Oh, and the second hand hits the indices!
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    My Mako XL after about 20 seconds exposure to the under counter kitchen lights.
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    Helson shark diver 40mm. Not my photo, my one is away being regulated. Why ? Because I think they are one of the best watches around in the tier below watches like Sinn / Oris / Tag.
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    My missus has as many as me. Fair enough 3 of them are Gucci fashion watches but they still count, don't they ?
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    This one...and I soon will be down to just this one. Why?... well just look at it!
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    Phones fine now @Nigelp your supper is ready, Really liking something is quite a good reason not to get rid of it. Honestly, some people.
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    Something new for the workday rotation
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    Well I'm quite sure that I actually still exist, as proven by panting up a hill in 40 degree temps this afternoon. My watches certainly exist, in a box hidden away somewhere at home, but do I actually wear them?.....Nah...not anymore. When you're retired, time has no meaning.
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    Now... PULSAR PJN299-X1 cal.V675-X063. NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH,SEIKO cal. VK64 Meca-quartz.
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    Thanks for starting this interesting thread, Jet @Jet Jetski. I have done a bit of preliminary research just to see if it is likely that Gradus might shape up to be a good topic for the Forum. However, as Balaton @Balaton1109 has also discovered, one reaches a dead-end almost as soon as one starts looking. This lack of any information is all too common when looking into little known watch brands/companies although, given the number of surviving Gradus pocket, pendant and wrist watches shown online, I would have expected some knowledge of Gradus watches to have seeped into the public domain.
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    Quietly unassuming - I spotted this one in an antique/vintage/junk paradise - googled them and looking at other sales convinced myself there was a good chance it had a 17j movement in and ... Bingo. I would say it could have done with a clean, and so could the box - why present something like that? But never in a million years did I think I would buy, let alone wear, a 30mm watch (except maybe a screw-back 2602 Pobeda that looks almost exactly like this - hmm... maybe some subliminal stuff going on), yet I don't like to take it off - just feels like part of my wrist already lol A.S. 984 (1002 - 11.5 ligne) What is your favourite 'unsung' brand?
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    I had similar with an iPod I sold years ago, seller accused me of sending a broken one, returned an empty box with a Royal Mail tracking number on it. ebay/PayPal refunded the money out of my account and when I complained as the seller, their answer was for me to report it to the police as their obligation was to the buyer.. I have never sold anything on there since
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    I am imagining that I`m currently wearing Buzz Aldrin`s Speedmaster .... Shall we call you Pike?
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    & now... STEINHART MARINE TIMER SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels & Reproduction Seikosha WWII Navy Aviator Chronometer, Seiko cal.7s26 21 Jewels
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    Bargain watch .. with full lume !!! cant go wrong <a href="https://imgur.com/Qn7akAD"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    I don't have any with me, it's what I might wear if I did.
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    Why not just sell it and buy a more visually pleasing Hamilton ? ... that's surely more straight forward ... and it's more fun because it's buying and selling watches ...
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    Only one I still want. Got the offer of one a couple of months back, but on the Rolex "stretchy" bracelet, which I don't want.
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    That particular designed Swiss Spaceview would not have been produced in 1964 so even though it has a 1964 dated Swiss caeback, that is not the original caseback to that watch. Those watches came out around 1969 and later. And if the movement is stamped 214H then you have an altered movement because that movement is not hacked either. That particular case would be a legit Spaceview case but it appears that it has had some 'mix and match' repair work done to it at some point. That is Case # 7396 in Stainless Steel and 7396-2 in Gold Tone.
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    M4 is 1964, and it has the earlier, back set movement so I don't see any issues with that. There are a lot of conversions so you will need to do more investigation to if yours is original or a conversion. Start here for list of known spaceview case numbers http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/accsvc.htm It's a good looking watch, but values on here are still a no no. eBay sold prices are the best resource
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