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    You need to change your forum name & avatar... As for me, I am currently actually wearing this fine pair... STOWA MARINE, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels RLT-17, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels
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    Morning A Mondaine Monday with EVO Big Date.
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    Seiko to start with on a dark, dull morning, love it!
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    Morning, I'm diving into bed, but ready for a no-nonsense day tomorrow ... HAGD p.s. I'm feeling that 3-colour lume!
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    The new bird, while my 1966 Skyliner and Resario croco arrive. But this 75; 7005 is personally going to be hard to beat....look at the finish on that crystal. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk Its boiling in north wales to hot Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    I know, I know this has been done before but i was browsing the Bay a few weeks ago and saw some watches with full lume on a canvas strap at the princely cost of 6.95€ delivered. So I ordered one, it arrived today not a bad looking watch but had to wait for it to go dark to check the lume. Had worn it all afternoon and it had been sunny so had plenty of time to absorb sunlight and this was the result. I know its not a "proper watch and has no value but I was impressed with the glow it gives off. Now where's that geiger counter. Anyone beat the level of lume?
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    My newish Certina isn't as bright as my Seiko Monster but the lume will live all night long which is very satisfying. Now when I wake early in the morning with a dry mouth I can calculate exactly when the previous nights booze wore off The pips on the bezel are particularly resilient along with the hands obviously. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2hctW1b][/url]IMG_20190908_193606123[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/137308996@N02/]David Wren, on Flickr
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    Easy choice for me: Surely the best looking watch I am ever likely to own (at ANY price), utterly gorgeous in the flesh and on the wrist, beautifully made with stunning carbon fibre detailing, superbly accurate, an absolutely amazing timepiece. I chose my wedding ring to match this one, so that probably says a lot. Does that answer your question?
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    My missus has as many as me. Fair enough 3 of them are Gucci fashion watches but they still count, don't they ?
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    Phones fine now @Nigelp your supper is ready, Really liking something is quite a good reason not to get rid of it. Honestly, some people.
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    Something new for the workday rotation
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    Well I'm quite sure that I actually still exist, as proven by panting up a hill in 40 degree temps this afternoon. My watches certainly exist, in a box hidden away somewhere at home, but do I actually wear them?.....Nah...not anymore. When you're retired, time has no meaning.
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    Why not just sell it and buy a more visually pleasing Hamilton ? ... that's surely more straight forward ... and it's more fun because it's buying and selling watches ...
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    M4 is 1964, and it has the earlier, back set movement so I don't see any issues with that. There are a lot of conversions so you will need to do more investigation to if yours is original or a conversion. Start here for list of known spaceview case numbers http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/accsvc.htm It's a good looking watch, but values on here are still a no no. eBay sold prices are the best resource
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    I got this because it was a cool LE version, but I only got to wear it long enough to take a picture before my wife decided she liked it. I also have a nezumi pink panther dial watch on order that should arrive this month. Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
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    Pretty... Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    I only sell things on eBay as for spares or repairs, and very infrequently then. I tried selling some very nice watches a few years ago and got about three fraudulent enquiries for every genuine one. My favourite was that 'we have paid you by western union and we expect you to deliver, otherwise we will send the police to your house' Strange as I would never accept western union as a payment method. I said the watch was on the way, but the courier we use does like to dress as Metropolitan Police, but please do answer the door. Never heard anything from them again.
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    The shirt won't fit...
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    I don't have "your books" and, depending on the value of the watch, a spare set of hands could be kept to replace any modifications. This sort of thing is up to the owner. And, what happened to your "make new members welcome" policy ? (I really should have saved that post for further use)
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    I empathise with you...I bought, at great expense from the USA, including a ridiculous import fee, a very rare Mickey Mouse Bulova Accutron hummer. Within 5 minutes of opening the package, the wife had claimed it for her own. The crappy expanding bracelet it came on was soon exchanged for a white sharkskin strap with a deployant buckle. She still wears it to this day, and I hate to think what it's worth now...
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    My dad's old dress watch, because if I sold it my mum would kill me.
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    Probably the bb58 that I'm getting will be the one and 58 being my birth year, it is a good enough reason.
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    Having recently decided like JohnnyOldboy to stick with what I had. I saw a watch I have liked for a while and decided to enquire about a partial trade. Was in theory only pondering and nosing, but with what I was offered had to take it. Sadly I am having to off load another watch to make up the cash, as her in doors has put up an embargo on funds !
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    If I was buying a special watch I'd prefer to see it in the flesh. I've used Watchfinder quite a bit and always found them reliable. They have a few outlets around the country. I would steer clear of Ebay as there are too many iffy watches on there. I don't mean fakes but genuine watches with over stated condition such as 'just serviced' and the like. I bought an Omega Planet Ocean that had a service receipt but gained 30 seconds a day. When I tried to contact the servicer they'd gone out of business. No way could I have known that from the Ebay description.
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    I've always had a small list of what I want and I'm a good way down it now. I like to do my reading up and research then steadily save up and bide my time for the right deal a bit like @Daveyboyz That said, I’ll not be adding anything anytime soon – anybody else got a toddler in full time nursery?! It’s almost double the price of my mortgage.
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    alright, thanks for the update! Have great wristtimes with her!
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    Assuming they do open it up and know the difference. I guess most people don't.
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    Great watch, I won the sister! Though the battery is empty quite fast, isnt it?
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    I was hoping for shock protection too, but you can't have everything! Just very enjoyable to pick up an old watch with a nice even patina, not too overbearing.
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    Since the old 'bug photos' thread seems to have died, a couple for @Cassie-O from here in Portugal. The other day my younger son, Ben and I went bug hunting and found a few cicadas...noisy little blighters... ...and tonight we went gecko hunting...this is the common house or 'Turkish' gecko, and is completely nocturnal. They are quite often seen around outside wall lights where they come to feed on the attracted insects. All safely released after posing... I will try to merge this thread with the old bug thread when I return, as there are still some nice pics there.
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    Nice watch you have there. I like my Allaine and have enjoyed researching the company's history. With Felsa 4004.
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    there is now only one watch I am pondering, two things are stopping me , money which can be overcome eventually, but one is the watch is only available on leather, now I am defiantly a bracelet man when ever possible and I does not look like this is a option on the one I am considering so it will be considered and pondered on till the finance's are available and then a decision will have to be made! deano
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    my double-o is in my parents' loft still, but 10 years ago I built a 4' x 2' 'N' gauge layout (which my son and dad pretty much destroyed ha ha ha)
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    Patiently waiting to come in
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    I know nothing about these. Certainly looks interesting.
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    Not sure anything I say can be classed as wise words But the name is bloody dreadful IMHO (and this, coming from a man with a dozen watches in his collection from "Fat Face".......... )
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    I do, however, still have this...1439 clouts should do the trick...
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