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    Good morning, giving this Smiths Everest a turn today.
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    SMP Ti. Ref. 2232.80 Omega Caliber 1120
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    The postman arrived yesterday....first wearing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Morning Roamer R-Matic IV (Cal: ETA 2836)
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    Morning, Today it’ll be this 1950s Mestril Auto with its 25j Felsa 1560 and which, despite using slightly awkward female spring bars, remains one of my favourites. At 36mm, it’s quite a big boy for its era when 33mm was the norm. The brand was first registered by White Star Watches (Weiss) in 1954 and then again in 1974 by Cavadas Serafim & Filhos Ltd of Portugal, the country from where, coincidentally, this watch was bought. Regards.
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    Have a great weekend everyone! It's nice to see you back @BlueKnight!
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    Greetings watch fans, Obris Morgan Exp1 today
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    1940s Helvetia Triple Date today.
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    A bit last posting today, I have been rushing this morning. But very pleased to have this on my wrist all morning - it is seeing a lot of wrist time, very happy with it.
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    I don't like Seamasters, but there's the exception! Meanwhile for me, 1950s 30mm Pobeda, screw case, shock proof, waterproof, and as worn by Chernushka the cosmodog on Sputnik 4 (Vostok 1test flight) HAGD lockquote widget
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    Morning all... C1 GRAND MALVERN JUMP HOUR. Cal: JJ01. @BlueKnight, early release for good behaviour ?
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    Ollech Wajs ID3066 chronograph for Friday. Have a good weekend all.
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    Frogman today whilst waiting for some watches to be delivered:
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    just got up been on night shift.
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    Very comfy these Invictas Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Back to the latest incoming today, the mighty Seiko chrono gets another airing:
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    Had to go to the city for some regular tests I have to see if my brain is still working within acceptable perimeters(well, it is getting on a bit), apart from a few mistakes including forgetting that Johnson was now in No.10 (probably denial on my part) I did well (higher on the tests then last time), so there`s no need for a brain transplant just yet Anyway, getting back on topic, I wore these on the outing, the Glycine to show the correct time & the Steinhart to time the journey.... Glycine Incursore 3804 Unitas cal.6497 17 Jewels & STEINHART MARINE TIMER SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels.
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    Newly arrived breitling emergency missin A73322 have a good weekend everybody
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    So my new Pobeda was on last night, mainspring not managing the overnight shift so quick change for work, dress down diamonds for Friday. I love some shiny carbon. p.s. it's in the sales corner!
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    Friday evening change now.
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    Ye hey welcome back sailor![emoji4] Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk Still the skyliner while i await a 1979 seiko a bit of a special in my book. On its way from North Carolina and currently in miami. Thats 739 mls. Or 140 miles further than the length of the UK. We are a pesky little country arent we? Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    I am old...I've been retired since May!.....and loving every minute of it!
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    forensic anthropology salary Nights tonight. So it’s the workhorse. Timex Expedition Scout Ltd Edition
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    Female spring bars? Not needed any of those for years,rare....nice watch as well
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    Been waiting to get one of these for a long time. Speedy from the legends series. This is definitely a keeper!
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    You should have sent it to me, I would have done it for £75
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    Not unless you didn't know I am in love with Sir David Jason! . Plus, I've changed my username name from "The Mystery Bidder".
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    It looks like this one, So it won't get vandalized like the first one because it looked too obvious. Police are looking for a 46 inch man called Nigel, last seen making a getaway from the scene of bug devastation.
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    Over to these for the evening... CORGEUT, MIYOTA cal 8215 21 Jewels
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    Not really theyre all still worrying about brexit and having a pop at boris apart from me and one other lad. Apart from that not much going on. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Dare you pull the button out?
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    Manufactured in the DDR but "Swiss Made" stamped up front...
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    I don't understand the connection between not needing to know the time and not buying more watches. Someone explain ...
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    When I was still working I only wore one watch at a time while on shift.Well, being a Psychiatric Nurse I didn`t want my colleagues thinking I was a wee bit loopy, well at least no more then the average member of staff who were all a wee bit odd at the best of times Now that I`m retired I usually go double-wristed & tend to swap my watches a few times each day. Weird, moi! AZIF!!
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    You need a 30% off sale. Yes, when did I buy this one ?
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