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    Vintage Zenith Pilot cal 2572 PCE circa 1974 old pic same watch And a song from the same year
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    happy friday everyone...waiting for a strap...1971 6119
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    After five days of charging this in the sun the MTG-G1000 is finally working and the timekeeping is spot on with its GPS feature:
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    Have a good weekend TWF
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    O and W ID3066 chronograph (ETA 7750 movement) for a blustery Friday.
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    “L” is for this Lecureux, which I finally managed to narrow down to being an own-label job by a Claude Lecureux who once had a jewellery and watch retailing business in Amiens. This one runs on a 15j FE 233-60. Regards.
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    Dismal, the brim on my hat was overflowing like a leaking gutter. O & W for the night.
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    I do like the balance of the two line non date subs , very nice
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    L is for Lorus, the watch I bought broken for £14 and sold fixed for £7.50. Not my favourite brand.
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    Hi all, we used to do a Secret Santa thing in the past where someone started a list of forum members who would then send a watch related present to the next person on the list: 1st person sends to the 2nd person, 2nd person sends to the 3rd person, 3rd person sends to the 4th person & so on & so forth until the last person on the list sends something to the first person on the list. Not sure when the last posting day for UK deliveries is but if we leave this running for the next 3 weeks or so (ending on Friday 13th December) that should give enough time for those interested to sign up & for presents to be sent in time to arrive for Christmas. It should also give chance for anyone overseas who wants to take part to send/receive their pressies before Christmas Day No rules as such but please send something watch related (i.e. watch, strap(s), book, spares etc etc etc), nothing particularly expensive (though if anyone wants to send me a Rolex Comex Sub that would be fine ) & no opening until your present until Christmas Day. Postage will be at the senders expense & please contact the person you're sending to by PM in good time as you'll need their address & for the gift to arrive in time for Christmas. I'll start the ball rolling 1.) Pauluspaolo
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    Another couple of Elgin here
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    Something a little less contentious than the P word.... Don't Forget people that the Watchfinder sale ends in just three days time with massive reductions on the current "Hot pieces"..grab yourself a Ceramic Daytona for just £23500 reduced from £250000 current RRP £9500... along with many others that you may find yourself unable to resist...Be quick or you will surely miss out...
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    In all honesty, I prefer having a rummage in the TKmaxx bargains for £15 Timex. Only problem is I don't need 15. Oh, and then there's those Casio retro's as well. Guess what my mates are getting from Santa this year.
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    Yes, and, Chinese homage with a Miyota, naughty. "British" homage with a Miyota, lovely . OK I'm a hypocrite, I've got a couple of Steinhart homage watches, and according to that watch waffler on YouTube, they allegedly have "Chinese" bezels . I shall immediately adjourn to my "Smith's" shop and smash them up on the large anvil .
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    This has a very familiar look. Anyone fancy one ? https://wornandwound.com/review/review-seiko-szsb006-tictac-35th-anniversary-watch/
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    Just because you have limited understanding don't be calling people idiots, you have just committed a grave case of Dunning-Kruger. Remainers may have been ignorant about history, the nature of the EU, the direction of travel of the EU, the historical importance of national sovereignty within the English psyche and culture. They may have bought into media scare stories or the assertions of self interested parties like politicians looking for huge pensions or bodies that seek to secure their grants however to call all remainers idiots would be extremely arrogant. Not everyone agrees on things, I myself have made posts on this forum that have been robustly critisized but I am happy to fight my corner or concede my position if sufficient argument is brought to bear. This is how we correct our errors but attack the ball and not the player and try and take a more humble attitude. When you call 17.4 million people idiots I think you only place yourself in that catagory.
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    Firstly, welcome to the forum! It's nice to see a newbie on here with so much passion and has an idea of what they want! If you haven't already have a look at the Seiko collection,you'll be hard pushed not to find a few you'll like! I would say this though,go for which watch you like. If you like it, that's the main thing. Cassie
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    No but I keep checking Pricespy for the Bulova 'Lunar pilot' watches - it's the only way to get a decent Speedy homage and and yet have it's own heritage too. I mean it was designed to the same spec so it's not strictly a homage, but it is now ha ha ha - did you know an unbranded version of the actual self-winding moonwatch (sterile dial) went at auction a few years back, probably before anyone knew what it was! (prototype I guess) weird how some people have photographic memories - A guy, on seeing the news story about Scotts moon watch sale, remembered seeing something like it and tracked back through his neural network and memorabilia till he found the auction catalogue, and posted a pic. Some watch collectors have weird brains. I would like the denim strap railmaster, if it was about 1200.00!
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    Pretty sure I started it way back, stole the idea off an art forum. Good to see some things haven't changed.
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    Mine had a worn balance staff pivot but I was lucky enough to have a spare balance complete so replaced it, I also replaced the mainspring. Keeps to around - 5 seconds a day, does not hack but pretty certain by now regards timekeeping.
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    Nigel, your sooo picky
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    I have this one: https://www.casio.co.uk/products/timepieces/pro-trek/product/?v=PRW-6600Y-1ER And it’s grand. I’m no outdoor expert but I wanted something nearly as tough as a G Shock but with more functions and not the size of a dinner plate.
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    cracking looking watch
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    I had to look that one up There are actually forums and posted discussions on beer glasses. And like all those wierdie beardie real ale type of forums populated with some very very strange types.
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    No, but that ad has me relaxed and fantasizing about Sophia Loren.
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    Does that Alpha come with a Certificate for its Chronometer status ?
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    Bah, Humbug! 1.) Pauluspaolo 2.) iceblue 3.) Davey P
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    And Zeno, Steinhart, "Sm!ths" etc etc. I'll get my helmet. What's the difference between a borderline "Chinese" homage, and a European one ?
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    Some decent reductions here.... new wavey dial SMP on rubber at £2620 has got to be a decent buy! https://watts1858.co.uk/watches/omega-watches/
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    i find that seiko must have used superb stainless in the 70s as even an abused case is never pitted even on the back dinged and scratched yes, but theres never any corrosion in the case, which is not something i can say for some of the 60s swiss watches ive had, which have been pitted especially an FL, and a few much lesser known brands that died in the quartz revolution...maybe its the colder European climate? As most of my vintage seikos have been Japan domestic.
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    What happens then? Do you give them a piece of your mind
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    A woolly hat and gloves, it's Winter, yet again.
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    I've a cape cod. Must say I was very underwhelmed, maybe it's my technique, s|Mrs to leave a nicer but not mirror finish on even light scratches
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    Pitchforks? You were lucky!
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    Personally I find the price outrageous, even taking into account the the equipment they have and experience. How much of that equipment will they use to change a battery and lubricate the gear train? lol... You make your choice and pay your money... I am very fortunate to have a very experienced watch maker (over 40years) and friend that has worked in Switzerland for 20 of those years and has all the professional equipment he needs. I can trust him with my timepieces not only to fully service them but do a battery changes also. Cheers Martin
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    A little video introduction to my Captain Moon Phase . . . .
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    I agree & do you really need to know the time to the minute & second? Photograph crudely interfered with without Davey`s permission
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    Yeah, good point mate. I think the date window is a bit unnecessary, but never mind, at least it's bloody tiny so I can't read the date anyway
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    The dial is a wee bit too fussy for my tastes Seriously, nice one Davey
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    if we are talking autos ? owning a mondaine , I would say a good quality version Tissot, nothing wrong with the mondaine I love mine ( swiss railway dial) with the lolly pop seconds hand ,but I suspect Tissot ( visodate etc) can beat it for value for money ! deano
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    I got the email as well. I like it for nostalgic reasons. Note how you won't be charged £490 for a battery change.
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    Eterna Heritage Military 1939 Collection (Cal: ETA 2814-2) Earnshaw Bauer Shadow Skeleton (ES-8061-04)
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