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    Vintage Zenith Pilot cal 2572 PCE circa 1974 old pic same watch And a song from the same year
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    Love the hand length on this and the seconds track. HAGD!
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    Good morning, Seiko Presage.. Happy Friday!...
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    Omega Seamaster Türler from 1962
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    This one. Again. Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
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    Once I've figured out how to set this back an hour, I'll be wearing this. Have a great weekend all!
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    New in today. Thanks @Roy
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    SMP Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
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    I haven't taken this off since it arrived this week. 1996 Seiko Kinetic SQ100 5M43.
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    RLT thanks to Relaxer. 3rd day running
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    Another old Seiko for the thread today
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    happy friday everyone...waiting for a strap...1971 6119
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    New one for me today too...
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    Good morning, it’s ages since I have worn this Longines split 5 so it’s getting a long overdue turn today.
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    Morning Casio MDV-100D-1AJF
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    After five days of charging this in the sun the MTG-G1000 is finally working and the timekeeping is spot on with its GPS feature:
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    Morning, Today, another example of “Quoi?”, partially answered by Mikrolisk recording the wordmark having been registered by Maurice Jouhaud of Vincennes in 1928. One of these brand names which possibly sound better in some countries than in others. Not much else to find about this Fanex with its 15j FEF 190 and probably dating from the 1940s. Regards.
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    have I figured out photo hosting? Wearing this today.
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    O and W ID3066 chronograph (ETA 7750 movement) for a blustery Friday.
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    <a href="https://imgur.com/24ZA0RK"><img src="" titl With picture .... Internet playing up .. must be all the pre-pre - black Friday activity LOL e="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    Timex goes well with Harris Tweed
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    New in today. Took forever to get here from Israel, and then the tax man wanted a lump. First thing I did was remove the damn awful bracelet, and put this rather lovely hand made leather strap on it
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    Omega SMPO today Photo taken at Dunnet Head Light House, the northernmost point on the British Mainland, looking over to the island of Hoy in the Orkney Isles. With the Old Man of Hoy just visible
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    I feel like a couple of courgettes for starters... CORGEUT, Miyota cal.8215,21 Jewels
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    Over to these on this rather dismal afternoon.. CITIZEN BN0151-09L Eco-Drive Cal. E163 PROXIMA SM, SBBN017 SEIKO cal.NH35A 24 Jewels & CITiZEN BN0151-09L Eco-Drive Cal. E163
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    Your wish is my command...
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    L is for Longines & Luminox Longines Hydroconquest Sunray blue Gold Tone PVD L3.742.3.96.7 (Cal: L619/888) Luminox LSOC XS.3053.SOC.SET
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    “L” is for this Lecureux, which I finally managed to narrow down to being an own-label job by a Claude Lecureux who once had a jewellery and watch retailing business in Amiens. This one runs on a 15j FE 233-60. Regards.
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    Dismal, the brim on my hat was overflowing like a leaking gutter. O & W for the night.
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    it could be a black friday for some of the lads on here when their wives find out the fifty quid seiko turned into a 2 grand omega after 2 pints tonight.
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    I do like the balance of the two line non date subs , very nice
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    L is for Lorus, the watch I bought broken for £14 and sold fixed for £7.50. Not my favourite brand.
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    id want a newish Bentley for that not a watch.
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    Oooooh 24 Grand for a steel Daytona ...... Thats a huge anti-saving of £15000 off RRP
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    Sorry for the rubbish photo but Cyma:
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    mine keeps going down too mate. when i was about 8 i painted my dads 1974 BMW 3.0CSI with paint those colours out of tins of dulux...he was not happy...it had been silver, but your strap looks great. not the one his was a bit rusty...but similar. @BlueKnight it did not go down well at all i was in a bit of bother all weekend. And threatened with spending all summer in school boarding.
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    This is the only one I have. Keeps good time and comfortable to wear . Has light BUT a buxxer to set
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    I like that. Very apt for the weather that we are having.
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    Hi all, got Davey P giver-away on and its FAB Cheers Dave ... top man ... <a href="https://imgur.com/24ZA0RK"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/24ZA0RK.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    I'd planned on retiring at xmas when the factory shuts down on the 20th of December. I've been on the sick for the last 3 weeks and while I was off redundancies were announced. I hadn't made it official that I was retiring so I volunteered
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