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    Seiko Sunday here too 2018 SRP775 , or Turtle. Must be in contention for best new watch under £500
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    Morning Seiko Sunday for me, Presage SSA303J1 (Cal: 4R57A)
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    Received this newbie on Friday, just been a bit busy to post!
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    An airing for this today. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Sea-Gull 1963 Re-issue with sapphire crystal:
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    Cheap and cheerful, but I do rather like it. an Eterna handwound from an unknown date, I'm guessing early seventies.
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    Gravitymaster for the daytime: Apologies if it’s not a Parnis fitted with watch parts shared with fake watches but it’s all I can afford right now. Off to look for watches fitted with conflict diamonds now...
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    Have a good day Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    A vintage Omega Dynamic mk1 Bullseye dial, circa 1969
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    An hours peace and quiet out of the house
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    Khaki on black leather for most of the day. Speedie this evening though.
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    No change here, been wearing this right through for 2 weeks now. It's just a really great watch in fit , accuracy and overall looks and finish.
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    Certina for me since yesterday IMG_20191229_090115448[14517] by David Wren, on Flickr
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    Good morning all. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Tick tock with a Lancashire Watch Co pocket watch
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    Morning, A prezzie from a friend a few years ago, it’ll be this Poljot today with its 17j 2614.2H. The crown isn’t right and we were never totally convinced by its seconds hand, but it has a few cheery touches which warrant a bit of a wearing during each Festive Season. Regards.
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    Good morning oldies fans & welcome to the last seniors thread of the year... ROLEX Air-King 14000, cal.3000 27 jewels & BULOVA SUPER SAVILLE, ETA 2834-2 25 Jewels
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    Testing this Seiko Bellmatic out for a bit today
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    1974 6139, roulette sunday. What movement is it? Is it a 6319A im guessing it is with the 21j. If so its an old work horse likely to go on forever. Is it an arabic date wheel? If so im guessing its 80s in decade and the first number for year. My old seiko autos have been the same. Slightest movement and they start. The movements for the 5s in the late 70s 80s were mostly off shoots of the 6309 17j that came in the divers. Old donkeys that keep going like a w123 taxi in morocco.
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    "ServiceS" AERISTs (Plain Dial), FOREIGN (made by Thiel Brothers,Thuringia, Germany. Unjeweled pin-pallet movements, circa early/mid 1930s.)
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    Bulova Tonneau. Ref. 96G46 Seiko Epson VX89
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    Not unknown on the forum......Now back from extended holiday but it’s ready to go again!
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    I have no idea how old this is, but the movement looks quite old and the power reserve not up to much, but that doesn't matter on the wrist as the slightest movement is enough to put the absent energy back in and keep it ticking along. Doesn't hack or wind but it has a lovely golden glow (warmer IRL than it looks here) and, since I attacked it with a pair of blunt tweezers, the hands even line up properly, on 12 at the o'clock. Win win! The Super-engineer bracelet, from Watch Gecko, is currently doing the rounds of my 20mm-lug watches, but has settled for quite a while on this one. Apologies if it is more recent than I think, but posting it here saved me reading the young-un's rant on the junior thread. #firstworldproblems. HAGD! Bulova looks great, there are lots like it but this is one of the better interpretations.
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    I would say not that many know much about watches... they know you cant go wrong with a Rolex, its safe, everybody knows they are decent. A small minority of Rolex owners know the ins and outs of a ducks arse... of all watch fanboys the Rolex ones seem to be the most thorough in knowing every model number and detail of these watches... but on the whole I would say they are a pretty clueless bunch who just believe the hype and create this bullet proof market which self perpetuates the value of the brand. When I was the one watch guy it was the AP royal oak classic. Very few comments on that one...in ten years I think only three comments were made. I had that many comments on the Rolex in the first week. On this forum the adulation is not strong, we are all watch guys...I would like to think we appreciate watches for less shallow reasons. Go into the world though...its all aspirations of German cars and Rolex watches.
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    No not really, but I like the brand and several of their watches particularly the Datejust and Daytona. I just can't afford one. I don't understand why the brand gets so much hatred. They are obviously doing something right, and they have an excellent heritage. Cheers Martin
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    If I had the money and they had stock, I'd buy one, why not? I like watches
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    You have no idea how near the truth that conjecture is
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    all apart from the sapphire crystal are present in my seiko helmet, though round i expect it would be the exception that proves the rules above as i dont think there have been many helmet shape watches for years perhaps not that popular since the seiko helmet and mk III speedy? I guess the speedy fulfills all their criteria? And probably isnt that common in case shape, but on the face of it it has them all.
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    Week 52 hanging on by a thread. Change for the afternoon. HAGD No need to apologise, no-one takes that much notice of either your expensive baubles, or your snot!
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    I think hatred is a bit strong, certainly for me, I think most people just find the adulation a little irritating!
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    I am now wearing this Zenith Quartz from the 1970's
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    If I bought a Rolex it would be the 42mm Explorer 2 polar but I would be put off if I had to go on a waiting list for a year or two. Is this a UK issue or is it the same around the world? Any members from outside the UK able to comment. Are prices pretty similar around the world? The UK rrp is just over £5200 before adding our 20% VAT - what is the price like elsewhere?
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    its a bit special to have something that not only looks the same as it did evoking a past era, but also brings with it a sound of the past, adds another dimension. The ring on mine and vibration is quiet long and tails off as it winds down, very reminiscent of by gone times. its like the chimes of an old grandfather clock a bit spooky!
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    when i saw that at first i thought id put a pic of mine one, then saw the coffin link, great aren't they.
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    Rolex, Bremont and Tag should make a collaboration watch just to wind people up. Watch forums would go into meltdown. A&E up and down the country would be full of middle aged mid life crisis men having heart attacks.
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    If you have the need, yes . . . i have two but normally use only one. The fact is that any mechanical watch which has spent a couple of weeks on a winder is going to need adjustment by a minute or so when you come to wear it, so a normal automatic can just as easily be set from a standstill when needed. Winders come into their own with complications like moon-phase and calendar which can be a pain to reset. So, my advice would be: buy only if you have complicated watches, or you simply like the look of them. Winders, of course, don't run all day. You set the number and direction of turns (see here) you need, and the winder does the rest. .
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    You all know my stance on this.... OP it might be wise to do a search on the forums. The topic has been done to death over the years and nothing has changed since.
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    ok for day dates i guess to avoid the faffing but you might end up with a room full of the blooming things and start feeling like the bloke off 'The Wall' (one of my turns)
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    Not so much never had the calling, more never had the cash. Would I have one if funds allowed? Yes I probably would or a Tudor perhaps. Edited because it would never happen. My missus would chop my danglies off.
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