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    Precimax for me today.
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    Strela TR40CY today:
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    Morning Vostok Amphibia 'Neptun' (960762) (Cal: Vostok 2426.02) today, changed the original bracelet with the attachment and silicone strap from Meranom.
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    Allaine with Felsa 692
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    Seems to be stuck on the wrist at the moment and just to annoy a few lol bezel about one click out seiko orange monster gen 1
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    Good morning, Sea-Gull 19 jewel hand wound..
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    Hagd Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    I have three watches at the moment, all from the 1950's from the first year of the model production. I might have to set up an arty instagram shot later! This is the middle one, 1955 Zenith Pilot
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    Greetings watch fans, i am wearing my Seiko Quartz Moonphase circa March 1991
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    The only "diver" in my collection is on the wrist today. Sport Evolution Panoramadatum. 42mm steel. GO Kaliber 39-42 automatic.
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    Morning all... the C Cube is off !! Seiko Urchin on for todays wet weather .. have a good one <a href="https://imgur.com/ufKGxsp"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    New addition to my Sir David collection to model today's watch.
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    Morning, Bulova not had a run out for a while
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    Old photo but this today
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    Just fitted a Nick Manky strap to my colt,first impression it’s very comfy.
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    TW Steel CEO Canteen for me today: I keep saying I'll put a few of these up for sale because I've got too many duplicates, but it's proving remarkably difficult to go ahead and do it...
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    Morning, This Cort will see some daylight today. It was a sub-brand of Tuesday’s Cortébert but runs with a 17j ST 1686 as opposed to one of their in-house movements. The name was first registered in 1959 and this one doesn’t appear to be too much later than that. Regards.
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    Oops, I had a senior moment there & posted in the wrong thread Oh, well, I have removed the errant post & here it is where it should have been.. Seagull DF, Chinese Airforce 1963 & Model 0437, cal. ST-19 20 Jewels You`ll no doubt remember Jonathon Livingstone
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    Going to be playing with the regulator today on this it was gaining like the local bookies before i knocked a bit off. The balance was going like the clappers. About half hour in 2 hours. Well after going right over to minus at 2 o clock yesterday its lost 5 minutes at 9 this morning. So it needs a gentle nudge. It amazing how our perceptions change after wearing 40 plus mm vintage 70s seikos i had to measure this to confirm it really is 37mm (which it is) ! As it feels small. Sportsmatic 5 weekdater its a 67 so its the first year the 5 logo was used and still does not appear on the dial. Next 007 is going to be a bloke so its still omega not rolex mate. Just seen it on bbc news his name is bigm How did you manage to jump the waiting lists are you a mate of a mate of jonnyoldboys mates mum?
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    Chinese auto today, keeps surprisingly good time
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    Good morning Sporting this one today. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Better late than never. We're all a bit weary ... Me, the watch, and the jacket! HAGD
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    Was wearing the MM for almost 6 weeks but swapped to this a couple of days ago ... https://flic.kr/p/2ifJqYS
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    Harmful thread and I don't think I've seen similar.... How often do you take the plunge on a new addition? Think I had about 4 (half decent) newbies in 2019 but that was quite prolific for me.... Rekon I get myself an new one once every 4-6 months. Only purchase of 2020 this far is quite extravagant for me* so will be a good few months before the next... Cheaper watches can come & go more frequently. * (3rd Oris that I now own) Be interesting to see @GASHEAD response 
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    Time for a swap to another pair of Chinese Chronos.... PARNIS Militare 51 & 60 Chronographs (Japanese [Miyota] quartz movements)
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    Over to these for the rest of the evening... ALMIRANTE Navegante (Crepas/Tactico Group, Spain) Seiko Cal. NH38A, 24 Jewels
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    Every morning without fail!
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    In 1978 Sigmund Jähn became the first German "astronaut". On his mission he carried four Ruhla watches. Three of them were presents for his Russian colleagues. These Ruhla watches then became the first German watches in space. The watches were special souvenirs for the Kosmonauts, they were Quartz and used the new Ruhla quartz watch calibre 28-40. For the more serious work you will notice as well as the Ruhla watches worn on their wrists, the two Kosmonauts are wearing Poljot chronographs On top of their space suits. On August 26, 1978, Sigmund Jähn and the Russian cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky left Earth aboard the Soyuz 31 and spent seven days, 20 hours and 49 minutes in space, most of it aboard the Salyut 6 space station. Their mission was to dock and re-supply the Salyut 6 and run biological and medical experiments alongside the station’s long-duration crew, Vladimir Kovalyonok and Aleksandr Ivanchenkov. Jähn and Bykovsky returned to Earth on the Soyuz 29, the spacecraft the other crew had come up on. When asked about the watch he wore on the mission, Sigmund Jahn answered; “At the start, I was wearing my “normal” watch. However, in my luggage were four watches which had been produced as a special souvenir by the Ruhla watch works. There was one for each of the three Russian Cosmonauts on board the space station Salut -6 (the fourth was for me). How many of these watches were made is beyond me. They have been awarded in any case, even after the space flight as a souvenir. I assume that the dial was added to an existing watch ." Sigmund Jähn died in September 2019 at the age of 82, he returned from his flight to a hero's welcome, and in the Cold War propaganda battle, East Germany had beaten West Germany into space by five years.
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    I have just bought one like that from the Wan Key watch Corparation
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    Our postie is female, but she is indeed built like Arnie, so no problems there
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    I feel for the poor postman if they all sell at once. Hope hes built like arnie
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    That's real pretty looking thing
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    bet you could have a bit of fun with this in wruw...see how many like clicks you get probably at least 10 shock proof? you'd need to be.
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    So we have hit the 20's again !! just for fun looked up some rather special 20's watches.. seen some of the below repeat in fashion .. I hope the 2020's carrys one the same <a href="https://imgur.com/scv66rL"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="https://imgur.com/ZDUXjIq"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="https://imgur.com/Jv7SDSE"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    Ok I'm an addict. I've probably been averaging around 20 per year but now down to only 3 in the last four months. I like to give everything a try, very few brands that I haven't owned, but I tend to get bored easily and almost everything ends up getting sold. The collection is only in the forties.
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    I came across this watch whilst doing some research on a non watch related subject; The Nairn Transport Company. This company was set up around 1923 By brothers Gerald and Norman Nairn from New Zealand. Initially they used cars, Buicks and Cadillacs, when the 650-mile (1047 km) desert route from Beirut to Baghdad was opened, and to begin with was an overland mail service which replaced what was described as a "fast camel service" which often got robbed by bandits. In 1926 the cars were replaced by 16 seater busses, which were replaced in 1932 by double decker trailed (articulated) busses. In 1937, the brothers commissioned two stainless steel Pullmans from Budd of Philadephia, which were air-conditioned, articulated and fast. These were used until the late 1950's when the company closed. The later busses were diesel powered, capable of sustaining speeds in excess of 70mph, and could return 9mpg, a big improvement over their petrol engined predecessors which made just over 2mpg. The coaches were kitted out for luxury travel with inflatable rubber seats to soak up the worst of the rough unmade desert routes, and they also had a sleeping compartment. During WW2, the busses were used to transport RAF personnel. A watch with an interesting history, and looking around at some of the sales sites can be picked up for not much money.
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    £2250 more than the spectre 300m when that was released which included both ss & nato straps. To me it is Swatch group just plucking numbers out of the skyfall! Time to live & let die... They can shove it up there goldeneye
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    With a mechanical watch I would wonder if there was a slight friction / colliding between any part of the sweep second and minute hand. The hands may not be loose but just slightly out of alignment. With the crown in the setting position you could try slowly advancing the time for 12 / 24 hours and if you see the sweep second move at any point then check the position of the hands to see if any contact is being made. If there isn’t it may still help to identify if this is happening at specific times or randomly. My only other thought would be if there is an online manual for this model which may have troubleshooting pages for any issues that may arise. It’s a lovely watch & hopefully there will be a straightforward remedy to give you peace of mind.
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    I s'pose I better roll mine out again.... Apeks 1000m. Citizen 'Ecozilla'. Citizen 'Orca'. Omega SMP. RLT 25. Rolex GMT. Seiko 'Caesar'. Seiko 'Frankenmonster'. Seiko 7T32. Seiko 'Sawtooth'. Another 'Sawtooth'. Seiko 'Spork'.
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    I hope it’s third time lucky with this strap,couldn’t seem to get it to sit comfy for more than a couple of hours.
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    No but It comes supplied on a Wright Manky strap.
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    I have two from the 20s
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    Already hit my buying quota for today (and it is a bit of a grail for me!), and the postman has dropped off another one for me to play with. This 'job' is ace!
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    Launched in 1920's.
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    On average, daily! Okay, so I have to replace sold watches but the thrill of buying new ones hasn't left me yet. Buying is still more exciting than selling, which isn't the ideal situation for a business!
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    and then whispered .... 'Are not available'
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