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    HAGF watch fans, my Vintage Zenith Defy A3642 circa 1969 this cold, bright frosty morning!
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    Morning Roamer Superior (Cal ETA 955.132)
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    I dress down every day but.. lately I've been wearing some vintage wrist wear. Trying some new straps for a new lease of life. Today, ERC, German, little else known. Long live the golden oldies!
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    Velcro! 31659 : hacking version of the 3133. Bit of corrosion on the blued hands but c'mon, it's dress down Friday! So, fast-wrap strap for when I change into my 3rd-best spacesuit later, for a little extra-vehicular activity. What are you breaking out? (Watch related please, there's an off-topic forum for advice on your friend's rash ...)
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    So this is my beloved SARB033. I have quite a few watches (I made the rookie mistake of buying loads of cheap watches when I first got into this hobby earlier last year). Some are nicer than others. However, for some reason I am totally drawn to this one. I think it's absolutely beautiful. I wear it much more than the others. I only wear the rest in order to get some wrist time out of them. This is a new brown strap I bought yday. What do you guys think? Ultimately I want to buy a Grand Seiko or two, but even then I don't think I want to neglect my SARB033! Maybe I'll just stick with this for the foreseeable future! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    SMP and Polo Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
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    Just testing this indoors this morning, before hopefully DHL deliver a special one
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    Will need this if it keeps on raining like it’s doing today
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    Good morning TC-9 Bronze today. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning, For today it’s this 1960s UNO made by Dimier Frères. Runs on a 17j FHF 73. Regards.
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    This monstrosity today Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Certainly not a dressy pair for me... APEKS AP040s-5, 1000m SEIKO-Epson, cal.VX42E APEKS AP0406, 500m,SEIKO-Epson, cal. VX42E
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    Morning all .. have a fab weekend .. this one last night and still on <a href="https://imgur.com/3mxpdaO"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    Afternoon change over to this vintage Zenith Respirator 28800 circa 1972. Unfortunately the gasket failed over time and caused dial damage, it is a shame but I still like it. More infor here
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    Still the platinum blonde weekdater...ordered her a stelux nos from the 60s last next. Shes so pretty.... The plots battons call them what you will are actually clear as crystal and reflect back silver off the blond dial head on.
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    Another rarely worn TW Steel for me today:
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    Rotary Presaux 320 after swap to thinner grey strap, which suits it better I think.
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    Time for a quick swap... SAN MARTIN MM, SEIKO cal. NH36, 24 Jewels & PROXIMA SM, SBBN017 SEIKO cal.NH35A, 24 Jewels
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    Well, despite the fact that I've been considering slimming down my collection this year, I just couldn't resist this lovely Fat Face watch, picked up on ebay this week for a bargain £15.90: Condition was better than expected, and I just needed to take off the strap and clean it with Glyptone leather cleaner, followed by a wipe over with Glyptone conditioner. The watch head was in better condition than I'd expected, and only needed a quick rub with AutoSol to clean it up: As is pretty normal for these cheapies, it needed a battery (which is no problem, obviously) and with the separate digital display I was expecting 2 batteries to be inside. However, it only needed one 399 battery to power both analogue and digital. As expected, it fired up straight away, and works fine: The strap was a tricky bugger to get back on. It's curved to fit into the lugs, which looks nice, but was a very tight fit and difficult to get the pins properly located. Anyway, it's sorted now, and this is the finished result: The digital display has a choice of date, alarm, stopwatch, or time. As it's quite small and hard to read without my glasses, I'm not really bothered which display is showing Very pleased with this one, any comments welcome as always
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    Last up for me today.... SEIKO-5 Sports SNZH57, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels SEIKO SRP775K1 Cal.4R36 25-jewels
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    Do like Guilloche watch/clock dials! Couple of personal favourites of mine... Circa 1950 ONYX. 1932 Silver cased (Stolkace), Swiss movement. Early 1930's 9ct JB ROLLS. 1929 Silver cased 'HARWOOD'
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    I bought this ol Venus of that well known auction site. As you can see it needs fixing. I bought it mainly due to the machine turned dial, which rather caught my eye. So let's see those elaborate faces.
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    OK, I'll join you with this 38mm Aidix from the 1940s. Difficult to see, but the light coloured radial beams are ridged rather than painted. Regards..
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    Thanks @Nigelp Number one undervalued classic! Cool. It is a 1969 Elan +2 that has had the roof chopped off. There are about 70 of these Christopher Neal convertibles about, so I get a rare 4 seater soft top sports car rather than a GT. All the strength in a Lotus is in the backbone chassis, so loosing the roof doesn't massively alter the rigidity (they are not that rigid to start with!). I intend on replacing the radiator and fuel tank with alloy ones, reinstating the glovebox for those raybans, and then a possible list of upgrades to make it more 21st century whilst keeping the 60's feel (such as driveshaft CV conversion, remote central locking, and anything else I think Colin Chapman would do)
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    ive owned a couple of unos from the 60's really well made and under appreciated with some interesting swiss movements. I can see where IWC got their numerals from for the Portuguese now
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    It has never been so important to buy the dealer rather than the watch... and get yourself a jewellers loupe...be careful out there.
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    and it shows how SEL's should be done as above and lovely
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    Oris.... Chronoris will be my next. Already own a big crown pointer, sixty five and Aquis; love them all!
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    There was an Asian lass at my junior/infant school called that....or was it Rabina, anyway i think its safe to say she wasnt this watch companies founder!
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    Thanks bro, I will do. Where could I find grand seikos from the 50s and 60s? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I found a pic of a weekdater on the stelux
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    Bracelet looks cool too. I managed to get an old stelux off the bay with the curved ends 19mm to fit the case on my 6619 to complete the 60s look. There were only 2 for sale on the bay. Been on display in a jewellers shop for years apparantly.
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    I was quite surprised by the whole range and it's diversity. Obviously some are of course absolutely bleeding fugly, but to be fair the rest are even ruddy worse! At least no bugger will ever steal one of these travisties from your wrist.
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