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    Postman's just dropped this 1979 Seiko Snowflake dialed King Quartz off. It looks much better in the flesh than the pictures. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Vintage Zenith automatic cal 2552PC circa 1969
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    Postie just dropped this off so a quick change over. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Good morning. Explorer today. Closely guarded by Scrooby. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning all... 1969 BULOVA ACCUTRON 704-1. Cal: 2180F.
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    Morning, Dated for 1960, today it’s this 35mm Doxa and driven by their 17j 11.5’’’ Cal. 140, based on the FEF 380. Regards.
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Collection DGB00127/02
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    Still got the Aqua Terra on
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    This today Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Been wearing this a bit more to test it prior to selling it, but now I don't wanna! When I first wound it after a long time in the box it lost like mad off the wrist, so I lost a potential buyer. Now I haven't needed to reset it for several days and it's keeping great time off and on the wrist. But of course my buyer has gone elsewhere. They know. And of course now I love it again. HAGD
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    Just amazing to find a PR516 with an electronic movement still on the original strap from the early 1970s! Cool AF
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    My wearable collection has now grown so much I'm starting to suffer from choice paralysis in the mornings. usually under these circumstances it would come down to my Smiths PRS-25 or todays watch but now I have too much choice damnit so decided to amortize the cost of this a bit more also I bloody love it.
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    Last wear today,it’s going to my eldest son,he’s getting quite a collection of my cast offs.
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    Good morning all ... too cold for a bracelet today so back on with the elasticated strap ... keep warm <a href="https://imgur.com/EhILTnz"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> That is lush
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    This "old favourite" today . . . . .
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    "Rifle" bezel Pobeda today.
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    Me I’m on with the work beater ready to take on the challenges airside at the airport g shock mudman G-9300
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    It's so hard to snap this with all the reflections
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    Another one that's had a new battery fitted this week, so a good enough reason to wear it. One of the many Fat Face watches in my collection:
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    It's the Pioneer "Centre Seconds", which HMC thinks of as their "sports watch" -- screw down crown and 120m WR, so it comes on rubber. And, I have to admit it's the highest quality rubber strap I've ever set paws on. And, anyway -- don't want to repeat the GO colour scheme . . .
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    To celebrate the start of Sir David's new documentary series tonight!
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    Thought I would update.... I went for a brand new Airman DC-4 24 hour dial and it is excellent!! Again thanks for all the input it was very helpful!! And I am enjoying the forum
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    Newmark 6BB for me. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Starting with some "gold" to brighten up a grey day... NEWGATE SHIP WATCHES (MIYOTA Quartz movements)
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    Still can’t get over how beautifully made this is....
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    Nice to have the correct time everyday.....Rob
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    A lot depends on what the watch is. If it is a Seiko 5, then it's not going to be a problem, if it is a a JLC, as mentioned above then it might, although it may not affect the price if it were sold where Portuguese is the native tongue. Here's a translation, ARABIC الأحد or يوم الأحد - Sunday الإثنين or يوم الإثنين - Monday الثُّلَاثاء or يوم الثُّلَاثاء -Tuesday الأَرْبعاء or يوم الأَرْبعاء - Wednesday الخَمِيس or يوم الخَمِيس - Thursday الجُمْعَة or يوم الجُمْعَة - Friday السَّبْت or يوم السَّبْت - Saturday CHINESE 日 or 星期日 or 礼拜日 or 周日 or 星期天 or 礼拜天 - Sunday 一 or 星期一 or 礼拜一 or 周一 - Monday 二 or 星期二 or 礼拜二 or 周二 - Tuesday 三 or 星期三 or 礼拜三 or 周三 - Wednesday 四 or 星期四 or 礼拜四 or 周四 - Thursday 五 or 星期五 or 礼拜五 or 周五 - Friday 六 or 星期六 or 礼拜六 or 周六 - Saturday DUTCH MA or Maandag - Monday DI or Dinsdag - Tuesday WO or Woensdag - Wednesday DO or Donderdag - Thursday VR or Vrijdag - Friday ZA or Zaterdag - Saturday ZO or Zondag - Sunday FINNISH SUN or Sunnuntai - Sunday MAA or Maanantai - Monday TII or Tiistai - Tuesday KES or Keskiviikko - Wednesday TOR or Torstai - Thursday PER or Perjantai - Friday LAU or Lauantai - Saturday FRENCH DIM or Dimanche - Sunday LUN or Lundi - Monday MAR or Mardi - Tuesday MER or Mercredi - Wednesday JEU or Jeudi - Thursday VEN or Vendredi - Friday SAM or Samedi - Saturday GERMAN SON or Sonntag - Sunday MON or Montag - Monday DIE or Dienstag- Tuesday MIT or Mittwoch - Wednesday DON or Donnerstag - Thursday FRE or Freitag - Friday SAM or Samstag - Saturday HINDI रवि or रविवार - Sunday सोम or सोमवार - Monday मंगल or मंगलवार - Tuesday बुध or बुधवार - Wednesday गुरू or गुरुवार - ThursDay शुक्र or शुक्रवार - Friday शनि or शनिवार - Saturday ITALIAN DOM or Domenica - Sunday LUN or Lunedì - Monday MAR or Martedì - Tuesday MER or Mercoledì - Wednesday GIO or Giovedì - Thursday VEN or Venerdì - Friday SAB or Sabato - Saturday JAPANESE 日 or 日曜日 or にちようび - Sunday 月 or 月曜日 or げつようび - Monday 火 or 火曜日 or かようび - Tuesday 水 or 水曜日 or すいようび - Wednesday 木 or 木曜日 or もくようび - Thursday 金 or 金曜日 or きんようび - Friday 土 or 土曜日 or どようび - Saturday PORTUGUESE DOM or Domingo - Sunday SEG or Segunda-feira - Monday TER or Terça-feira - Tuesday QUA or Quarta-feira - Wednesday QUI or Quinta-feira - Thursday SEX or Sexta-feira - Friday SAB or Sábado - Saturday ROMAN NUMERAL I - Monday II - Tuesday III - Wednesday IV - Thursday V - Friday VI - Saturday VII or Red Square - Sunday RUSSIAN ВСК or Воскресенье - Sunday ПНД or Понедельник - Monday ВТР or Вторник - Tuesday СРД or Среда- Wednesday ЧТВ or Четверг - Thursday ПТН or Пятница - Friday СБТ or Суббота - Saturday SPANISH DOM or Domingo - Sunday LUN or Lunes - Monday MAR or Martes - Tuesday MIE or Miércoles - Wednesday JUE or Jueves - Thursday VIE or Viernes - Friday SAB or Sábado - Saturday THAI อา or วันอาทิตย์ - Sunday จั or วันจันทร์ - Monday อั or วันอังคาร - Tuesday พุ or วันพุธ - Wednesday พฤ or วันพฤหัสบดี - Thursday ศุ or วันศุกร์ - Friday ส or วันเสาร์ - Saturday
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    Whoa mate! Are you saying my Rolex isn’t real???
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    I know how you feel, it's a pest getting the angle and light just right for a photo, but you did a great job there. Mine is still on a black strap, but that brown/tan strap goes really well, maybe time for a change.
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    SSDD week 2 of this one. best Seiko bracelet ever imho (certainly better than the MM) and almost as good timekeeping. dealing with joiners and plumbers quotes as a fresh batch of work on the new place ensues... also job hunting again - so that means a haircut I suppose, have already shaved off the 6 week beard
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    Over to another pair from Jim & Chloe Read.... NEWGATE SHIP WATCH (Miyota Quartz movement & NEWGATE LIBERTY Watch (Miyota Quartz movement)
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    niiiice , but ... do you usually wear it on rubber ? what about a nice dark blue or purple alligator ?
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    Harmful thread and I don't think I've seen similar.... How often do you take the plunge on a new addition? Think I had about 4 (half decent) newbies in 2019 but that was quite prolific for me.... Rekon I get myself an new one once every 4-6 months. Only purchase of 2020 this far is quite extravagant for me* so will be a good few months before the next... Cheaper watches can come & go more frequently. * (3rd Oris that I now own) Be interesting to see @GASHEAD response 
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    I’ve been considering one for a while. Very impressed, very large, very light and very comfortable.
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    Must admit I’ve admire these for a while cracking watch mate
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    Last swap for me.... Shenzhen 9684 (Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory) Shenhua 9581, Jewels ( Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory)
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    Hahahaha maybe a double-double misunderstanding I thought you thought I was peed off over something and I wasn't. I'm ripe for being ripped off which is why I won't buy off Ebay ever again, the truth is I'm just not that clued up on fakes and unless a Rolox was quartz and had Mickey Moose on the dial I wouldn't be able to tell
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    Always set it to Friday
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    I have lots of watches with foreign date wheels, I really enjoy them; I have several German, Spanish and couple of Italian and even some English ones It does not bother me, in fact I quite like the charm, I cant see any of them, so no matter... Cheers Martin If it is not a double date wheel you could have it changed to English, but it will obviously cost. Or you could learn the days of the week in another language... All good i think. Welcome to TWF btw!
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    Not sure about 'the rules' but there are quite a few who do, or who have sub companies that do. It must be frustrating to be an AD and having 'streams' of people clamoring for a product that they do not have stock of. In this situation it makes perfect commercial sense to look after your high rollers and whales, people who will come in and drop 30,40, 50, 100 grand on your products just because they need a bit of retail therapy, rather than the 'true fan' who's saved his pennies for years for his grail or the one off guy who just wants a Rolex to show off down the pub or office and wants 0% finance over 5 years. It stinks, but it is what it is.
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    Its also possible to buy the genuine article, new and used, from an authorised dealer. I still maintain the majority of this junk is bought intentionally by cheapskates who are as fake as the product. Of course there is a criminal element who will pass of this rubbish to the unwary, but as mentioned, the amount of forums dedicated to fakes, and the traffic that is on them would indicate where the real market is. And before "waiting list" is mentioned, do you think that someone who wants, and afford the real thing would touch this sh!t with a barge pole rather than wait a couple of years ?
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    great dial,stunning..
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    He wore a 7548 (JDM) for some years .
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    Don't beat yourself up because you got caught on Ebay...you are just buying a picture of what you hoped to receive and probably a picture of the genuine article..
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    My daughter worked for Newgate in Oswestry for four years. We have a couple of their wall clocks.
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