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    Breakfast with a 1920's Middlesbrough signed Doxa pocket watch!
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    Morning, Remember the good old days in Primary School when the teacher provided blobs of mercury and challenged you to chase them all over your desk trying to pin them down with a finger? No? Oh well, I do, and attempting to definitively establish the maker of today’s watch has been equally unsuccessful. Driven by a 17j FHF/ST 96-4, It’s an Old England which would make one think of the original Accurist company whose Richard Loftus introduced an Old England brand in the mid-60s. However, those were unisex “fashion” watches, usually with a 1j EB 8800, designed to capture the zeitgeist of the “Swinging Sixties” and, unlike mine, had the dial wordmark in a mediaeval-style typeface. Elsewhere, I’ve also seen what is probably a gent’s watch, with my style of typeface on the dial but signed Old England Watches Ltd 1968 in “ye olde” version on the case back and driven by an ETA-derived Benrus movement. The presence of “Shockmaster” on today’s dial, although also associated with Gunzinger Bros, still points me towards the old Accurist concern, but I haven’t stumbled across another example quite like this one and what may be an import code of TXb on the bridge has led me nowhere. Regards.
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    Good morning another Tudor. [emoji41] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    New delivery today Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Morning all, I do like this straps
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    Vintage Zenith automatic cal 2552 PC circa 1969
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    There are two sorts of watch people: those who get excited by kanji dates wheels and those who don't. I do. I'm not proud of that but I can't help it.
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    This chunky pair for me... TUDOR HYDRONAUT II, 20030-93570 B3, ETA cal.2824-2 25 Jewels & TAG HEUER SUPER PROFESSIONAL 1000M. ETA 2892 A2 25 Jewels, circa 1990s
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    Morning all , gym day today
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    Still wearing the Seiko BFK .
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    Every day I check in to see all the beautiful watches that are new, old, or vintage, and today I am going to post a picture of a watch I am wearing (which is what the thread is about), but I am pretty sure I might (if I'm lucky) get one or two likes. I bought this watch purely because I wanted the original 1960's Seiko box it was in. BUT...it keeps great time, it looks terrible, lets call it 'rustic' or 'rust-tick', but I now love this little old watch, it's greater than the sum of it's parts. Seiko 6205-8940 Made August 1965
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    Morning Roamer Saturn (Cal: ETA 2836.2) on a frosty start to the day.
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    Now wearing my Junghans Attache automatic .
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    Trying new forsner JB Champion strap out on my Omega PO
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    Same Bulova Precisionist for me today... and tomorrow...:
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    Developing a tendency ... HAGD It just happens sometimes, there's no saying which thread people will click on first but most likely the new one higher up the page. It takes me well over a minute to start a thread so I could be composing it thinking I'm first, meanwhile you submit yours, then I submit mine and it goes above yours. To avoid this and shorten the time we could be simultaneously composing threads, I post my thread very quickly with just the photo - so it's there - then edit the thread for a few minutes to add my text in a less panicky way without having to wonder if someone else is in the middle of starting what they think is the first WRUW too.
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    Since, personally, I'm not a big fan of dive watches - I find they look too chunky on my small wrist - and owning almost exclusively vintage timepieces, rainy days limit my choice of watches quite severly. I might be too cautious there, but better safe than sorry. So time and again I find myself wearing this 40mm MVMT on those days. Simple design, simple quartz movement, doesn't really care about the water, and the purple-ish blue sunburst dial makes me smile.
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    Like @ong i can understand you just wearing one watch even owning just one watch forever and ever.... You need a rolex to stand out andy or a parnis. I would very much like to see an SOTC of all the Zeniths when you get chance Martin! Cheers nigel Thats one weird strap it looks to slim but im guessing its very comfortable, must have torque tubes like a porsche 928 to keep the watch head square? It looks superb its gen.
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    I've been wearing my Steinhart Ocean GMT 39 for a couple of weeks now and find it hard to take off and change. It never used to be like this and now the other watches cower in their plush box wondering what's going to happen next.. Could this be the dreaded one watch syndrome, possibly more dangerous than the current virus going round (Cue dramatic music)
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    And posting pictures of cars!
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    I think this thread title should be changed to "First World Problems"...... Reminds me of our recent ski holiday, we were all sat around the dinner table and my mate's little girl (aged around 8 I think) suddenly announces "I need a new iPhone, the battery life on this one is no good!"
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    I try and rotate mine but the quartz ones are getting ignored and the Air King too. SMP gets the most wrist time probably
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    Twice now I've started a WRUW thread to have someone else start one a minute later which becomes the thread. It's there a new rule I'm missing or something? Feeling invisible...
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    Similar issues with this, once it goes on it can stay on for days, if I'm going away for a few days it comes, if in in a rush it goes on... It's not a bad thing, all my watches get worn in rotation but this does it all so sees the most light of day. Once I've prized it off my wrist though, my others feel sooooo different, more special, vulnerable but I notice the differences more so all are ultimately enjoyable; I enjoy the others more for wearing them less frequently if that makes sense. Force yourself to rotate!!!
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    I was looking very long for this model, i got very lucky and found a seller that had a huge bag full of old watches that he sold for 5$ each, then i saw that Seiko Olympic in there between those old watches and i immediatly bought it. Best purchase i ever made
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    Over to an odd couple now... Laco Model 862014, ETA F06.111, MADE IN GERMANY CITIZEN Blue Eagle,NH6600-54FB, 21J Miyota cal.8200 Series
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    Im off cars theyre a pain in the neck. I promise no more pictures of cars.
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    Why don't we have 2 threads one for watches and one for Parnis. One can be called wruw and feature thinks like seiko and rolex and casio etc. And one can be called what are you stroking. Which can feature people stroking cats dogs and their Parnis.
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    I read the history of these and their use on Apollo missions, but personally not a fan. It just looks wrong on a large lugged modern watch.
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    This Seiko 7T32-7F70 was £25 on ebay way back. The sellers pics were terrible, only 3 out of focus examples, but I took a punt. I won it, and when it arrived, it was filthy, but once cleaned, it was a mint example... no scratches on the crystal or case, and the bracelet just needed a light touch with a Scotchbrite pad to restore it to pristine condition. It's the only 7T32 I've kept, as I love it. I've had the other colours, blue and black, but this one stays.
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    My last swaps... ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels, 1997
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    Precista today. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Just fitted a new battery into this stunner. [emoji12] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    cool watch, is that the one that Brucie fixed the logo on? It would look good on a watch gecko winchester.
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    Higuchi Inc - great guy - I have bought Japan only models from him, good service, he even sourced extra bracelet links as Japan only models tend to have short bracelets Seiya Japan - also another great seller Downside is 20% VAT plus handling charge which is about another £15
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    And that is exactly what happened , thanks JJ Apologies badgersdad
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    Then the magic merging starts. Thanks Mods.
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    I think it must be catching! I’ve been going through a similar period with this: It is the first time I haven’t felt the need to rotate watches, I have been trying to force myself, but keep picking this up first!! I can see why, it’s a stunning looking watch!
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    @ong I go through phases where I wear the same watch for a few weeks, then it starts to worry me ....... and I change over! Sounds like the change might be imminent
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    It's a Body Heat watch I picked up on holiday 20 odd years ago, last time I posted it up someone commented on the rather Phallic looking hands the lumed one especially. I had never noticed until then but once it was pointed out to me it can not be unseen. It's pretty useless for telling the time unless you use the digital, it is a bit of an odd bod.
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    I absolutely love trawling through certain well-known online retailers looking at cheap brand-new bargains, and it is amazing what you can pick up. Interestingly, I spotted that yellow dial Sekonda diver model on Amazon a few days ago, also for £25; there were two available that had been "renewed" by Amazon and they were snapped up almost instantly. You can still get that model new from Amazon but the price is now £50, I believe. When I think back over my watch collecting generally, I reckon that the majority of watches I have acquired - taking new and pre-owned examples collectively - have cost less than £25 apiece. Collecting on a tight budget has its particular attractions and its own logistics, and sometimes only a "wad of cash" will do the job - when the motto has to be, "Don't lose the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar."
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    Keep them coming in the interests section, I do enjoy your insights and pains!
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