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    1948 Jaeger Lecoultre - 'bumper' automatic. Hope I'm in this good condition when I'm 72... Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Absolutely bucketing outside and really windy, and I've just realised I've left the bacon that was to be this morning's breakfast at my mum's house.
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    And my birthyearish watch, 64/65 Poljot Cal 3017 'Strela'. People can go on about the Speedy but the centre seconds hand on this alone wins it for me
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    1968 Everite. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    I collected this vintage Zenith Defy yesterday thanks @scottswatches i am very happy
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    Some old gold for starters... TISSOT SEASTAR, cal.2451 17 Jewels (1970s) & ServiceS SWISS MADE, 17 Jewels (circa late 1950s).
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    Going for the vintage smiths today.
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    For today it’ll be this 1950s Renov with an 18j date version of the Parrenin 90 and antichoc 102. Never yet found anything about Renov watches other than a registration in 1971 by the Swiss Mondaine-owned Constructa Watch Co, producers of (mainly) pin-lever movements. This one clearly isn’t one of these, so who knows, perhaps Mondaine/Constructa had merely resurrected a dormant brand name. Almost certainly French-made, but just another little mystery joining those awaiting a solution maybe sometime, maybe not. Regards.
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    I don’t have any vintage pieces, so I’m starting the day with my definitely newer Casio. Great for a night-time time check!
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    Still this, from 1970s I assume. Needs a better strap. Any suggestions?
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    Morning Roamer R-Matic VI (Cal: ETA 2836)
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    Afternoon change from a modern Roamer to an older Roamer elegant.
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    West End Watch Co. 'Sowar' today:
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    Just had small breakfast and have my Sumo on
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    Good morning all, I hope the weather is good wherever you are A couple from the 1950s for me.... ORATOR, Landeron cal.248 17 Jewels & NEWMARK (made by Louis Newmark, Croydon England (un-jeweled pin-pallet movement).
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    Im thinking of joining the new team introduced by Dominic Cummings. Sarb.
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    Seiko BFK with faded bezel this morning
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    I rather like this pairing... ROLEX Air-king 14000, cal.3000 27 Jewels (1991) BULOVA SUPER SEVILLE, ETA 2834-2 25 Jewels 1984.
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    Been wearing this Tallis electronic on and off for the last week, hails from around 1968....(apologies for the old picture) This one is on my desk every day And this one on the wall in the 'office'......... Both date from the late 1970's.....
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    Clearly a day of indecision for me today.
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    CWC 1980 today, first picture from when I was going to post. Second picture from when I actually remembered what I had been doing earlier. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Square G for me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A quick switch on to the Braun.
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    As far as accuracy goes, my Casio is top of the pile - but it’s a Wave Ceptor so it would be. I’m currently after a new one of these; bluetooth linked and a nifty load of rotation when switching time zones, all via an iPhone app. Cool! Gus Jones have some in stock, just gathering up the spare pennies
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    Old pic, because I couldn't be ar_ed, lazy Sundays Seiko JDM SBDC051J1 Just add nine days on and forget where the hands are. It's a 6r15 movement, it's never going to be accurate! Enjoy your Sunday guys, stay out of the wind and rain.
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    Strela TR40CY manual winding column wheel chronograph today:
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    Over to these for the evening... SMITHS EMPIRE, 5 JEWELS (TY movement?) MADE IN GT. BRITAIN. (at The Gurnos Works, Ystradgynlais Wales, circa mid 1950s) TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE, 26 Jewels (?) 1979
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    Ventus Northstar Brass with green dial on horween....
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    You lot are nuts. I'm off to the Sunday Antiques thread, where they take watches SERIOUSLY.
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    I have a story about Spynie... I once spent 3 hours trying to persuade a young fawn to go between a gap in a fence as it had been stuck in a fenced field for over a week. It was bitterly cold and snowing, it was my good deed for Christmas, but I was quite ill with Lyme Disease at the time so I spent a week in bed after saving Bambi. But Spynie is a nice place to spend a couple of hours, just don't try deer herding.
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    I have lots of watches that are very accurate, several are 3133 chronos, but, irritatingly, they drop those few seconds per day rather than gain them - big difference between arriving a minute early and a minute late! So my Citizen AT does get an airing on busy days ... meanwhile I am going radio controlled for a different reason, I have a fence to fix! G-shock is go.
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    What's the range? And can you go sausage hunting at Spynie ?
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    Hurry up then. He'll take your phone off you and ban you from all forms of social media.
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    youre welcome ive had hirsch off them before all good and a good saving. looks great martin and im looking forward to seeing my old zeniths when you wear them. The gold one will always be a fav of mine...also off scott.
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    if anyone finds an old omega in this its mine or was. @wrenny1969 i remembered now! that airking is cool
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    whats the lug size i just got a nice hirsch for 19 quid off this supplier on the bay ive used before they are fine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-HIRSCH-FOREST-BLACK-LEATHER-WATCH-STRAP/183492400601?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=690873269142&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Ive got it just in case my SARB drops off my wrist @BondandBigM in fact i might superglue the pins in like i had to on a mid 90s Omega Semaster prebond i had...i cleaned the bracelet and the pins had only been held in with muck. They had worn thin and were about as secure as a wet paper bag...i could have got new ones but i couldnt be bothered, in the end it got lost. Im sure i left it in the glove compartment when i sold my old 928s2. Which was also a bit tired.
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    Stand well back, I have some bacon and black pudding in the fridge and I'm not afraid to use it! Just out of interest...the is such a thing as a sausage gun...honest!!!
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    Greetings watch fans, new to me vintage Zenith Defy, sorry poor indoor picture. I can blame storm Denis...
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