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    New arrival,my final grail watch
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    Unforgettable style of the 1970s. Technos Cougar V, cal ETA 2789.
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    Time to celebrate the seniors... CITIZEN, cal.020117 17 JEWELS, circa 1960s & SERVICES, SWISS MADE, EB cal.8021 17 JEWELS, circa late 1960s
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    "Hello pretty pretty. Do you want to come and play with me"
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    Morning Sunny morning here, off for a walk to ASDA for a few supplies, thankfully won't be anywhere near the hand sanitizer or loo roll aisles, only medicinal items on my list are in the alcohol section. Vostok Europe 'Expedition Everest Underground' (Cal: Seiko YN84)
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    Vostok Precision. Also found a display back for it. Enjoy your Sunday.
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    SD4000 today: Final day in Khon Kaen showing my friend around Thailand.
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    Out to lunch today, so I might actually wear a watch for the second time this year and copy Pete with my SMP. This version is all titanium with the electric blue dial. (2231.80)
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    A new love in my life, a 1967 Breitling Chronomat 37mm case, cool slide rule calculator bezel (i'll never use it!) and a venus 175 column wheel movement inside
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    This Swiss Emperor onGP Fixo Flex strap
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    Good morning, Roga 17 jewel manual wind today...
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    Ollech Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph this morning.
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    Cleaned up ETA 2472 Compared to how I received it.
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    Morning, Today this 1950s steel-cased Wirz with its 17j Felsa 465. Regards.
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    Bit of vintage tuna Untitled by biglewie, on Flickr
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    1976 Omega Genève today - love the grey sunburst dial.
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    Seiko Sunday, and off for breakfast,
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This today from January 96. I'm coming more and more to appreciate the reassuring tick tick tick of a nice quartz.
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    A couple of real oldies, both nearly 90 years old & still going strong INGERSOLL CROWN SWISS MADE circa late 1920s early1930s "ServiceS" "airman" Swiss Made (by the Fleurier Watch Company), 15 Jewel 13 ligne movement, (silver case), circa 1926/7. A wrist shot of the airman to give a sense of size...
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    Sorry about the inner bezel misalignment
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    Has been a long time due to health and serious downsizing but I'm hopefully back
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    Does this count as modern, even though it has “1963” in it’s name? Sunday evening is my time to change a few straps. Wondering if the grey “Pepsi” velour might fit the Seagull’s hands.
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    Seiko 5 Sunday - until I collect my OP 39mm... The dial is much more green than the photo suggests!
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    Time for me to change... ServiceS Navigator, Jewelled, MADE IN GT.BRITAIN,circa 1950s/60s & Урал ЧН-201К, ЧЧэ 16 камнях, СДЕЛАНО В СССР(Челябинский часовой завод, около 1957-1964) (Ural CHN-201K, Chche 16 jewels, Made in USSR [ by the Chelyabinsk Watch Factory, circa 1957-1964])
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    Switched to a 'modern' qualifier. Seiko 'Italian'...
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    Mido GMT on this sunny morning .
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    Welcome back Kev! Glad to hear you are on the mend! Cheers Martin I am wearing this vintage Omega MegaQuartz now!
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    The search goes on for a watch that will look good on this bit of rubber. This one is French, so it should suit an old Michelin cross-ply! Compressor case, inner diving bezel and outer world time bezel, in case you need to call your Aunt in Sidnay to help you identify a fish, and want to be sure she's not in bed. Carpe Sunday J
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    I’ve had my eye on one of these for quite some time now and you know what happens on eBay after a few too many! Initially released for the Japanese domestic market in a number of colour combinations (001,003,005,007,009) the SBEP has been designed by Yuki Kajiwara of LOWERCASE design and is a bit of an oddity but one that I really quite like. It’s fully digital and has every function you could realistically want including 44 world time locations , a touch screen activated back light and a perpetual calendar for about 60 years. Oh and it’s solar powered and apparently as tough as a GShock which means it gets the Prospex X logo. At 49.5mm and 14mm thick it’s a big old piece of kit but the short lug length and 80g lightness makes it very wearable. Without the resin shroud it comes in at 43mm. I said it was a bit of an oddity and it is.... at first glance you’d say it’s a diver but the bezel moves both ways and it’s actually part of the Fieldmaster range which seems a bit strange. That said, we’re still good for 200m which in reality is plenty. On to the bezel, which again is unusual / unheard of on a digital watch but works just fine. Each minute that passes another marker is lit up on the outer ring so to measure elapsed time you just line the pip up with the newest digi dot and off you go! All in all it seems to be a typical mid range Seiko which can go anywhere and do anything and at 30,000 Yen or roughly 200 quid I’d say it’s not bad on price either. I’d certainly pick it in a zombie / corona virus apocalypse situation that’s for sure
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    A last swap for me, over to these for the rest of the evening.... SMITHS EMPIRE, 5 JEWELS (TY movement?) MADE IN GT. BRITAIN. (at The Gurnos Works, Ystradgynlais Wales, circa mid 1950s) TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE, 26 Jewels (?) 1979
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    Old pic but this today...................
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    Cheers Mac. 1920s but I've no idea about the manufacturer. It was lightly restored by Steve Burrage a few years ago & running well ever since - one of the LOUDEST ticks! Here's a shot of the movement:
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    Just in. Some people aspire to grail watches worth thousands and here's me like a dog with two tails over a chrome plated Allaine with a black shield over the wordmark. 1950s hand winding 21J Felsa 465N, "cased and timed by precision Swiss watchmakers". Who wouldn't want one? Respectable 32mm case with unexpected 16mm lugs, which meant robbing a strap off a smaller watch. Off to find something nicer.
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    And a beauty it is to
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    Fantastic! Just noticed that the Cyclops is tilted fractionally anti-clockwise ... Pass the acetone! p.s. I thought about flipping this but I need to complete my experiment - the bezel used to be all black, but I read it was brass so I polished the pvd off the indices, and my experiment is to rub the bezel with my thumb a few times each occasion that I wear it, for the next forty years.
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    Hi all I was on facebook and found this PVD limited edition Sturmanskie a week ago at £150 boxed, It dropped to £100 yesterday, I went and bought it for £90 tonight!, Whilst I was there I bought an AVI-8 Hurricane chrono for £40 too!, It needed a battery, The chap said that if it didn't fire up he would give me my wonga back!! I fitted a 920 battery and away it went, Had to short the +ve to the AC, No idea why that has to be done as in every one i've replaced batteries, They always start up straight away! The Sturmanskie is boxed with manual and warranty card which I presume is useless as it was never filled in!, The AVI-8 came just as it was, No boxes or anything else! There's no constant seconds on this Seiko movement! The AVI-8 had a Japanese movement but I didn't take notice what it was, Didn't notice Seiko so probably a Miyota! I should have polished the smears off the crystal and put the date correct!! I'm quite happy with the new additions although i'm running out of storage spaces for them!! Cheers, John
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    The best version of the SMP in my opinion, congratulations
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    We genuinely needed some bog roll, not one to be seen! I have found out that kitchen roll is quite scratchy still, it is better than Izal (only those of a certain age will know)
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