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    Ti square and PloProf for today: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Morning... C60 TRIDENT Pro 600 GMT. Cal: eta 2893-2.
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    The PRS-29 is my choice today. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Good grief it's early [emoji849] Jungens Mega Solor Ceramic today. The ceramic braclet expired for the second time ages ago. I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    One of my newborn twins!
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    L.L.D. for me on this wet Sunday. When I bought it, i bought, a couple of weeks later, the mesh bracelet its now on. I did buy an Uncle Seiko beads of rice bracelet for it ..........(specially made to "fit" the L.L.D.)...........I thought it looked ,OK on the uncle seiko bracelet...but I didnt wear it much after that......I then put it back on the mesh bracelet.....now Im wearing it more again!..I think it was because, to me at least, the Uncle Seiko bracelet, felt "cheap and rattly/tinny?!"
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    Grandad's Garrard PW. He was presented with this watch for faithful service in 1954, by which time the watch was already over 100 years old, being dated 1845-1846 (Capital Old English K) from the hallmarks on the 18ct case. It is key wound and set.
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    A bit of Omega SMP today. This is the 2231-80 with Ti case and bracelet. Cal 1120.
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    Morning Luch 'One-Hand' 77471760 (Cal: Luch 1801.1)
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    Beautiful day today, so gardening -- and my only quartz piece has run out of puff during lockdown -- so, no watch until now . . . MG-000703 .
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    Imho the best sixty five varient out there (though I live them all)...
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    Greetings vintage watch fans, I am starting out with my LordMatic circa 1977
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    Hi all About fifteen years ago when I owned a National Electric watch cleaner, I stripped and cleaned this Glycine then reassembled lubricating as I went along, The watch wouldn't go when i'd finished so it was put in a drawer, There was no power to the balance whatsoever!, I just found it with a few more oldies, Without thinking I gave it a slight tap on the desk and blow me- It's started running strongly!! I have a feeling it will stop at some stage though!!, I think a bit of crud may have been trapped that was overlooked as I just put it back together withough inspecting the parts for cleanliness!! It's been running and keeping time for over three hours now though!!, It has an ST964 ebauche within, Found it on Rolands site, I couldn't make out the first digit and thought it was a 3, Ranftts site put me wise though!! The watch is quite an ugly old thing, The GP is worn through and it doesn't have a second hand, It has a shaft for one but it was missing when I acquired the watch!, May have to got through my old parts watches!! A couple of the others that seem to be running fine too! This is a Chateau and is powered by an ETA2783 which runs at 21,600 bph although it has damage to the dioal so the crystal was most likely broken at some point, I can't even recall buying this!! The 'Limit of Switzerland' has a damaged dial, I think the crystal must have broken for this damage to happen!, Like the Glycine it has a manual wind ST964, The second hand again, Is missing!! A few more that are running well, Didn't remove the caseback on these though! I also found this Cimier cheapo that won't start up, Couldn't be bothered to open it up but it has a nice Kiefer Xpandro sprung bracelet attached, Had to remove it and scrub the inside with fairy washing liquid and toothbrush as it was full of crud when I pulled it! I feel a deeper delve in to various drawers and boxes coming on!! John
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    A rare outing when I'm not working. Feels like a treat when I wear this.
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    Circa 1970 RECORD de luxe. Cal: 651 (Longines 701), 17 jewel.
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    Starting off with some old silver... ServiceS INDIAN (hall-marked sterling silver case) FOREIGN (Swiss Made) 15 jewel Swiss movement, circa 1937 & ServiceS CONTINENTAL (hall-marked sterling silver case) FOREIGN (Swiss Made) 15 Jewel Swiss Lever movement, circa mid/late 1930s
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    It's not even the most Mickey Mouse watch in my collection ... HAGD! OK, I'll give them that one.
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    A couple from the east... SEIKO 6602-7040-P, 17 Jewels, (made in October 1967) & SEKONDA Alarm, (Poljot Signal) USSR cal.2612 18 Jewels 1980s
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    Old pic but wore this today for our first meeting with people outside our household – the father in law for his birthday
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    Really couldn’t be bothered to think about which one this morning so went for the G-Shock
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    Going further back in time now... "Services" airman, SWISS Made (by the Fleurier Watch Company),15 Jewel 13 ligne movement, silver case, circa 1926/7 & INGERSOLL CROWN SWISS MADE circa late 1920s early1930s A wrist shot to give a sense of size...
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    The twins have arrived!
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    My third & last swap... ORIENT STAR, WZ0311PF cal.597 21 Jewels & TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE 26 Jewels 1979.
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    This arrived this morning from The Ukraine, (Luch 3055 electronic) needed a bit of TLC, day/date changed at 6 instead of 12 and it was running SERIOUSLY slow (in excess of -900secs/day!) A quick strip down and repositioning of the hands solved the first problem and a session on the Timegrapher has greatly improved the second one, now running at about-10/15 secs/day but will wear it for a few hours and see if it settles down....
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    Divex and Vodka Red Bulls today
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    Dog walking with the lil in and some gardening/fence painting, so the old gshock glide today. Old pic, but it still suffers the abuse.
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    Both depending on the light and angle, but it is actually blue Cheers Martin Now this Defy Spaceman
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    Nice pair of Giugiaros, Cassie! (I know you have an orange one as well) Yours look like the later 7T62s...I had the 'Burnt Sienna' orange one, but it was a 7T32 with 3 pushers and two crowns...
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    Yuri Gagarin was a splendid chap by all accounts - a capable engineer and scientist, pilot and cosmonaut, brave and strong, and, most importantly, a watch fan! He had more watches than my mum, who seems to have an inexhaustible supply needing new batteries. Zim 'chapaev' - 1950's It's shiny HAGD!
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    Another one I’ve not worn in a while - Festina retrograde quartz
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    Saturday is clearly Seiko day
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    2 days off in a row , oh the luxury
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    Morning, Bombay calling! (with apologies to the quite wonderful It’s a Beautiful Day). Every once in a while I look at this shocker, trying to find some justification for my newbie self ever having bought it. I never do. So, 35mm of stainless steel housing a shabby 21j 7019A, a Seiko-signed bracelet clasp and a dial in a rather fetching (or retching) shade of bilious green imaginatively teamed with a sweep seconds in purple. The movement bears the letters SIN, possibly an Import Code, but certainly an indisputable fact. I still remember the day years ago when I took my new arrival for a service. It was the day when I discovered that my normally grumpy watchmaker was actually capable of genuine laughter, the sounds of mirth ringing in my ears long after I had left clutching my “treasure” still un-serviced, as it remains to this day. Regards.
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    It’s a beauty, Roger. The case maker was Louis Comtesse gold worker, 10 East St, Red Lion Square, London.
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    The Ploprof is so ludicrously chunkily over-engineered. I love it
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    Gone back to the Victorinox Swiss Army chrono now! It's one the fifth strap now, The brown Hirsch didn't suit it!! EDIT- Been looking on fleabay for a thicker 21mm strap as this one is very skinny! John
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    original bracelet was broken and half of it missing. Think it suits the new rubber strap though
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    WOWSER!!! Some fab watches today!! I'm afraid I can't have new spotless stuff as i'm a clumsy sod and always fear the inevitable!! I much prefer beat up old bangers as someone else has already applied the wabi!! I found this old 6309 divers languishing in a drawer, The hand setting doesn't work but when I picked it up it was only a couple of mins from being the correct time so I waited then started shaking it!! The day and date don't work either but I don't use it as I struggle to see them!! John
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    Thats a real beauty for sure. Late to the party today as I’ve been cleaning the pond,thought this one deserved to see the sun for a bit.
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    Morning, This one for today, a Benrus Technipower running on the 13j ESA 9154. Regards.
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