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    Morning Sturmanskie 'Gagarin' 2609-3745128 (Cal: 2609)
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    Seiko SARB017 Alpinist today. This dial is amazing.
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    To counter the numerous Rolex/Omega and Ferrari/Bentley combos out there I give to you Vostok and Vauxhall
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    Vostok amphibia on a comfy rubber strap for work today. I may try a bezel swap on this at some point
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    Perhaps it all started here... Discovered on a 2000 year old Greek shipwreck. The Antikythera Mechanism... Giovanni Dondi's Astarium, made between 1348-64 ... Prague's ORLOJ, installed in the Old Town Hall in 1410... Englishman John Harrison built H1 Marine Chronometer, between 1730-35... Around 1764 Englishman John Arnold created a repeater ring watch For George III... 1899 Leroy super complication... Commonly overlooked, J Player (Coventry), Supercomplication in 18k case, delivered to American banker J. P. Morgan... 1933, the worlds most expensive Supercomplication, Patek Phillipe's Henry Graves... Last sold for $24,000,000. Current record holder with the most complications (57)...
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    I change my watch before I go to bed, saves time choosing in the morning when I should be leaping into action! So taking this new arrival off - Seiko Cal. 9300 8-jewel movement is 1.5mm thick. Mostly used in the Lassalle range, but this is a Connoisseur, which were frequently equipped with the also ultrathin 8j 6020. Bought it to flip, as needed the original strap buckle (somehow lost mine) but quite like it ... A great watch fan has within his collection antitheses strongly marked.* Therefore, putting on ... HAGD (*Apologies to E. Stanley Jones - "Mahatma Ghandi: An Interpretation" p17)
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    eenie meenie, minee, mo No filter used, just the sky reflected off a black glass table outside
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    Probably my vintage Jaquet Droz diver chrono.....but again it is rather beautiful......(both outside and inside...)
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    Over to these Orients.... ORIENT CER1A002W0 cal.46D 21 Jewels & ORIENT CER1A001B0 cal.46D 21 Jewels
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    ...and just to restore a bit of balance again...: We've got to keep up a certain standard on here
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    Wearing this again today, but took the leather strap off and stuck a black nato on it which I had lying around. Have a few more natos of different styles to try on later in the week when they arrive
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    Morning... C1 GRAND MALVERN jump hour. Cal: JJ01 (modified Sellita SW200-1 elabore).
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    Arrived this afternoon...got my own Covid tester now!! Big up for @PC-Magician
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    A pair of 5s... SEIKO SNZF45K1, cal. 7S36C, 23 Jewels & SRP489K1 cal.4R36A, 24 Jewels
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    morning all.. change of strap today.. nice and bright..
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    Home from work and just changed the battery in my mates Pullsar 7T62 X098. I just cleaned the bracelet in the ultrasonic, so would be rude not to try it on. Its cleaned up pretty well given it was dumped in a drawer for 15yrs covered in sawdust and wax
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    Good morning up late again. [emoji849] I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    These follow on from the Seikos rather well imo... TISSOT T-SPORT PRS-516, T91.1.483.31 ETA cal.2836-2 25 Jewels & RETROGRADE T91.1.488.41, ETA cal.G51.261 6 Jewels.
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    Hi, I bought this watch on the weekend. There isn’t a lot of stuff I can find, image wise, for reference regarding what the correct bezel insert should be. There is an old thread from this parish that shows a whole host of Squale watches, unfortunately the images have expired. I had a spare insert which I’ve fitted, with a little help from a file. I think it looks great, but if it’s supposed to be a different colour/ type face? I’d rather source one similar to the original. Any ideas please.
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    Obviously, if you work on the Hadron Collider you may need a watch with it's own soft-iron Faraday cage, but by and large, I just need two hands on a contrasting background, and don't even know if a quartz can get magnetised. But changing over directly between this pair I started to feel one of them was a bit over-engineered ... Dare I say it, fashionably over engineered - maybe they both are? Do you have a really over-engineered watch?
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    Behind me the house is warm and dry, and the chicken curry is nearly done, meanwhile I'm on the side porch 3 inches from a monsoon in a thunderstorm, eating a whole Kalamata Olive Sourdough loaf and drinking a pint of chilled Italian beer. Roman Emperor's never had it so good! A) They couldn't tell the time once the sun went in, and B) They didn't have Goretex lined sandals! Must go see my mother, she cut out an advert for a flame-thrower for the weeds in the joints. Which reminds me, when I went to Hadrian's Wall there was something about a flag seller, from Rome, buried there. And I thought, poor old donkeys, carrying all those lumps of 3 X 2 dressed stone pavers all the way from Italy! I was only about 8 yrs old ...
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    Went on the first snake hunt of the year today...on the grassland just behind my house. Turned over a section of plank lying in the grass and lo and behold, our old friend Natrix helvetica, the Barred Grass snake. Up until a few years ago, British Grass snakes had been identified as Natrix natrix, the European Grass snake, but in 2017 were re-identified as as a separate subspecies. A few pics had to be taken of course, after which it was released unharmed. This wasn't a very big one, probably only a couple of years old. It was around the 15" mark...they can get to over 4 feet, especially the females. Easily identified by the yellow 'collar' behind the head, and the olive green colour. They are great swimmers and frequently found near water. They are completely harmless, but do put on a show of hissing and false striking to deter predators. Their second line of defence is to emit a foul smelling white fluid from their vent which is said to smell the same as a skunk...it is pretty grim...Their final defence if all else fails is to fein death. They roll over onto their back and the tongue lolls from the mouth. No matter how many times you turn them the right way up, they'll turn upside down again as though they are determined to make you believe the sham... Grass snakes are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside act, 1981 and it is illegal to deliberately kill, harm or sell them. However, it is legal to capture and handle them for photography or to keep in captivity...though why you would do the latter, I don't know, as they are magnificent creatures and should be roaming free. @Cassie-O will like this...she told me she likes snakes... A bit of tongue flicking... ...and a short vid of it on the grass...
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    Kewl trio & photo, Scott & people think I`m weird for double wristing So what is on the other wrist?
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    Probably this Bulova, with it's totally pointless 1/1000th sec chrono function...: It is bloody gorgeous though
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    I am still playing with these. Copper plated 420 020 Big Triangle 120 Black Field 120 150 Copper plated bezel 710 Steve.
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    Bought this new year's ago, haven't worn it much more than a couple of times or so and I have never operated the chrono function.
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    My last swaps... ALPHA VINTAGE 1926, SEAGULL Cal.2706, 21 JEWELS
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    Arrived today thanks to @Jet Jetski a pleasure dealing with you and as for the watch it is great to have one back in my collection
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