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    Morning Tissot Heritage Visodate (Cal: ETA 2836-2) I know what you mean, have that one and it's one of those that it's really hard to get a good picture on the wrist of just how great looking the dial is.
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    Good morning chap's Up late again. [emoji849] and I'm off exploring. I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    Happy Monday everyone, this watch always puts a smile on my face.
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    This was my evening change earlier ready for Monday. Good job it's waterproof. Ish. Gallet Clam-shell case, Fortis hand-winding bumper auto, blued hands and the dial patination is ok I think. Raindrop 'cyclops' courtesy of god.
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    Medical Theme Monday.
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    Took the bracelet off this and I am trying it on this nato strap. Had the same bracelet on another watch being the reason for the change.
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    Morning, Today it’ll need to be this 36mm Bermi with a 15j EB 1197 whose annual outing has come round again. Finding nothing really worthwhile on this brand apart from it having been registered in 1954 by Francesco Bernasconi who was based just over on the Swiss side of the Italian border. Also responsible for the “Seawatch” brand, again using Bettlach pin levers. And that’s the sum total of what I know about Signore Bernasconi, other than he’s not to be confused with that similar-sounding old “Bunga-Bunga” sleazeball. (Damned auto-correct - “sleazeball” should, of course, have read “respected politician”. Sorry about that). Regards.
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    It's the sixth again; time to break out the Bulova...
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    Mido GMT this morning .
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    Hard to capture the beauty of this dial
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    Hand wandwinder, not enough action to keep an auto going all day.
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    4th yellow watch in a row. Casio Rangeman.
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    For the next fortnight it’s the Lufbery Dragoon Automatic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice walk around Falkland Palace Pints to follow ...
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    First time wearing this Steinhart Ocean one
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    New in this morning!! Thanks Andy/Dimi swapped it for my c cube so keeping the g shock thing going.. Not to bling imho as not too “gold” although wouldn’t say no to a full metal gold one lol have a good day all
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    Good morning all TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100 & TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000
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    Day inside on videoconferencing today. Got the vintage Seiko 7009-3181. I don't have the specific model number for this one, and doubt I'll manage to find one.
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    Most recent incoming Casio Edifice for me today:
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    Apparently it’s Monday again !!
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    My last change... GLYCINE INCURSORE 3762 (100 meters), UNITAS Cal.6497 17 Jewels & 3804 (200 meters) UNITAS Cal. 6497 17 Jewels
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    CWC - T20 today. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Old Casio Edifice quartz. Bezel worn in places and I did think about trying to repaint it, but knowing my luck I'd just get white paint everywhere except where I want it. On Geckota canvas and leather strap.
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    Super cheap vintage digital today. Bought 2 of them off ebay for £12.50 shipped for both 2020-07-06_06-37-55 by mcridland, on Flickr Mark
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    Afternoon all, the Sun has come out Штурманские Гагарины (260937016 & 2609370124), производства Россия, Poljot cal. 2609 17 камней (Sturmanskie Gagarin [260937016 & 2609370124], MADE IN RUSSIA, Poljot cal. 2609, 17 Jewels)
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    No need to ask...... Hands moved out of the way to see the date window.... and reset to tell the time.... So cool.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    a another change .. hang on it’s the same watch lol love this conversion kit such fun and this negative dial is fab in the sunlight oh my
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    It came perfect , try chucking it against the wall might shake it straight
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    Did you re-align the chapter ring yourself? or did you get lucky? I've got an Urchin that looks like it's a Friday afternoon job after they've come back from a few luchtime pints!
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    Only one for me, "The Raketa Polar watch is inspired by the iconic Raketa model that was specially made in 1970 for Soviet polar explorers working in the extreme Antarctic conditions. The dial was specially divided into 24 hours so that the wearer could always tell the exact time even beyond the polar circle, where there is no distinction between day and night."
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    I have to admit that I have been slow to the Casio Party, but I bought a pool beater for a holiday a couple of years back, and I was totally blown away by the value for money. That first Casio was the MRW-200H-1B which I still consider to be the best watch you can buy for £9.99, it's the 'perfect' pool beater in my opinion. While being on the watch forum I have had a chance to see some amazing Casio G-Shocks that members post on WRUW and I have liked them, but I was never sure that I could wear something as big as something like a Mudmaster as much as I liked the look of them. Then I saw the Casio GA-2100-1AER, the 'CasiOak' and I thought "yes that's the one" Covid-19 arrived, and they were not available anywhere other than on Flebay for well over the odds, like £250 Just received an email tonight and placed order with a minute of the email arriving. So on it's way to me is my very first G-Shock, and I am hoping that I am surprised by the GA-2100-1AER the way I was surprised by the MRW-200H-1B. p.s. I decided not to go for the 'full blackout' version, the triple black version, my eyesight is terrible so I didn't see the point of buying a watch where I struggle to make out what time it is.
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    That’s what did to mine !!
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    Whilst having a browse on ebay to see if any Casio's had appeared I've came across this delight, I guess a kid has probably done it out of boredom but surely it can't get a bid.
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    I don't know why they don't sell them in the UK, mine came from America via Jamaica, cost well over the US price, but still a good watch for the money. You can still get them, and they come in a black and gold version, and a really stunning blue version. Casio are difficult to beat when it comes to bang for buck.
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    I like any dial that makes by screen go funny because of interference patterns in the guilloche! 10/10 (Is that how you spell it?) Well thank heavens for my hovel - the heating bills for that must be hoorrendous! A few tarps wouldn't go amiss. Oooops - nearly forgot - I like the watch, especially the lume on the balance of the second hand.
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    Seiko 5 is a call -- lots for your (very little indeed) money. But, the best that's happened to me: used Dornblüth 99.1 (on my wrist as I type) -- huge quality and exclusivity per pound spent (IMVHO).
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    One I did earlier Strapcode Jubilee Bracelet Low Dome Mineral Glass (Crystal) Polished Stainless Steel Chapter Ring Triple sealed signed crown Ghost Bezel insert Stuck with the 7S26c movement as they are tough as old boots and accurate if regulated properly. Tested to six bar thats as far as my tester will go.
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    I would ask the jeweller or maybe ask a Watchmaker. Will it be pressure tested before and after? Pay peanuts you will get a monkey.
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    Seiko is a good call
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    Yup Casio for me too, solar radio sync in a robust package. The rest is just bling But thankfully horology isn't only about bang for buck.
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    Morning all! It has been a long time since I posted (I have looked in occasionally). All is well, though I went through a period when I felt I was done with watches. I was just getting used to the idea of running down to retirement when YKW turned the world upside down, and I found myself thrown off the glide path, so to speak, and battling turbulence in a fight to adapt to very new ways of working. Anyway, nearly there. I retire next week, though I will be doing some VERY part-time work next year with two classes of exam students. Might as well, since I've put the travel plans on hold. My attempt to launch a second career as a travel-writer is still in the sights, but I have postponed the field trips until things are a little clearer. I shall concentrate instead on the research - normally my Achilles' Heel. I abandoned the idea of going for an Explorer as a retirement present to self/exit watch, and went instead for this lovely MeisterSinger Metris. Perfect little travel watch, doesn't mind getting wet, and I decided I don't need GMT as long as I have an iPhone and a semi-functional brain. Anyway, I hope all are well. I shall have a bit more time (and inclination) now, so I hope to post a bit more if I'm still welcome.
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    I love the 1 handed meistersingers but they are a tad too dressy for me personally but that one is lovely. I think every watch fan goes through an 'explorer want' stage in their journey. I certainly did and came very close to buying one but for me they are a tad too small and are very expensive for what they are. In the end I scratched the itch with a Smiths Everest 40mm and haven't looked back.
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